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Atomizer for electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette

The invention relates to an atomizer for an electronic cigarette. The atomizer for the electronic cigarette comprises a suction mouth, a suction mouth fixing seat, an electrode fixing sear and an atomization assembly, wherein the atomization assembly is connected between the suction mouth fixing seat and the electrode fixing seat. Two immobilization through holes are formed in one end, close to the atomization assembly, of the suction mouth fixing seat, the two immobilization through holes are communicated with the suction mouth, gas is led into the suction mouth through the two immobilization through holes, the atomization assembly comprises two vent pipes through which atomizing gas of nicotine liquid passes, one ends of the two vent pipes are communicated with the two immobilization through holes respectively in a pluggable mode, the electrode fixing seat comprises an electrode through hole which is communicated with the outside, gas is led in the electrode through hole from the outside, only one of the two vent pipes is electrically connected with and is communicated with the electrode through hole in one time, and gas is led in the electrode through hole through one of the two vent pipes. The invention further provides the electronic cigarette which is applied to the atomizer.

Motion capture glove for gesture recognition and calibration method thereof

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The invention belongs to the technical field of human machine interaction, and discloses a motion capture glove for gesture recognition. Finger parts at the two ends of each joint of a glove body are each provided with an attitude sensing module. Each attitude sensing module at least integrates a three-axis MEMS gyroscope, a three-axis MEMS accelerometer, a three-axis magnetic sensor and a sensing microprocessor; each attitude sensing module is connected with the glove body through a special pin chip packaging socket, the special pin chip packaging sockets are attached to a flat cable arranged inside the glove body, and the attitude sensing modules are connected with a concentrator through the flat cable. According to the motion capture glove, the hardware scheme of the attitude sensing modules convenient to replace is adopted, when an attitude detection result is wrong due to the fact that a certain attitude sensing module fails, a user can conveniently replace the failure attitude sensing module, and due to the fact that no complex operation such as welding is needed, the maintenance difficulty and maintenance cost of the motion glove are lowered. The invention further provides a corresponding calibration method.

Multi-air-channel constant-humidity fresh air ventilator with joint control over temperature and CO2 and working method thereof

The invention discloses a multi-air-channel constant-humidity fresh air ventilator with joint control over temperature and CO2 and a working method thereof. The fresh air ventilator is provided with a fresh air port, an air return port, an air supply port and an air outlet, wherein double-layer air channels, a total heat exchanger, an air treatment module, an exhaust treatment module and a fan are arranged in the fresh air ventilator. According to the outdoor gas phase condition and the indoor air data measured by a temperature sensor and a CO2 concentration sensor, the fresh air ventilator has five working modes, namely a full fresh air mode in winter, a full fresh air mode in summer, a return air internal circulation mode in summer, a natural ventilation mode and a standby mode during full-year running time. According to the fresh air ventilator, the design of an upper air channel and a lower air channel is adopted, the fresh air entering the room and the return air are subjected to full heat exchange on the upper air channel just in the fresh air mode in summer and in the fresh air mode in winter, heat recovery is not needed in the other modes, and therefore the lower air channel bypasses the total heat exchanger, the system resistance is reduced, and the energy consumption of the fan is reduced.

Microgravity experiment system and experiment method for verifying fluid transmission performance of plate type storage box

The invention provides a microgravity experiment system and an experiment method for verifying the fluid transmission performance of a plate type storage box. The microgravity experiment system for verifying the fluid transmission performance of the plate type storage box comprises a filling liquid storage box model, a filled liquid storage box model, a self-locking valve, a self-locking valve controller, an image acquisition device, a deflation valve, a nitrogen bottle, an inflation valve, an air passage control desk, a liquid injection valve, a simulation liquid tank, a pipeline three-way valve and other components, wherein a drop tower double-chamber experiment module is used for measuring and verifying the transmission action of fluid in the plate type storage box and controlling the fluid transmission time; a ground filling and control module fills nitrogen gas into the filling liquid storage box model before a drop tower experiment and fills propellant simulation liquid; and after the experiment starts, the ground filling and control module and the tower double-chamber experiment module are disconnected. The experiment system and the experiment method have the advantages that the structure is compact, the self-locking valve is adopted for automatic control, the time coordination and matching with microgravity is strong, the occupied area is small, the leak tightness of a loop is good, the models are replaced easily, camera shooting and observation are convenient, and the like.

Instrument for detecting flat-plate television failure and detection method thereof

The invention relates to television technology, solves the problems that the fault detection and the positioning of the prior panel television are complicated, and provides a panel television fault detector and a detection method thereof. The technical proposal can be summarized as follows: the panel television fault detector comprises a power supply module, a digital signal input interface, an analog signal input interface, a multi-way analog switch, an analysis processing control module, a key control module, a liquid crystal display module, a video signal generation module, an audio signal generation module, a remote control signal generation module, a signal output interface and a memory module, wherein each functional module is used to generate each signal of an analog panel television input, and the fault detection for the panel television is performed through detecting the voltage of each detection point of the panel television. The panel television fault detector has the advantages that fault components of the panel television can be determined conveniently and quickly, the fault components are convenient to replace, and the maintenance time of the whole panel television is greatly shortened, thus the panel television fault detector is suitable for the maintenance of the panel television.
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