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Method for loading a pistol and a holster

The present invention relates to devices for carrying small arms. The inventive method provides for use of a holster having a slot for a pistol grip. When a pistol is straightwardly pushed in the holster, the safety-stop thereof is switched in armed position. The pistol is removable by the opposite displacement thereof. The body of the inventive holster comprises guides for a breechblock, a spring loaded lock thereof, and a unit for switching said breechbloc which is arranged on the sidewall of said body on the side of the safety-stop of the pistol and embodied in the form of a spring loaded fork. The lock is embodied in the form of a cantilever plate provided with an arrester which is mounted in such a way that it interacts with the breechblock and the indicator of the safety-stop when it is switched on. In the second variant, the switching means is embodied in the form of a shaped window which has a simple trapezium shape and is arranged on the sidewall of the body. The fixing means of the pistol is embodied in the form of a plate-like sprig-loaded lock arranged in such a way that it is divertable by the pistol when it is introduced into the holster, and can interact with the safety-stop indicator. A stop lug for the pistol receiver whose length is higher the maximum size of the shaped window, is embodied on the other wall of the body in the base thereof in such a way that it is symmetrical with respect to said shaped window.
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