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Media delivery platform

An improved method for delivery and play back of sound and image files is provided. This new method includes the use of sound and/or image clips, which can be snippets or full files, as alerts for a variety of electronic devices or for playing on a handheld device, and for use as a promotion to sell items associated with the files. A collection or library of uniquely selected and/or edited clips may also be provided to the consumer in a manner far more conveniently on conventional telephone equipment than previously available. Algorithms are provided for the delivery, storage and playback of the sound files, including a delivery method algorithm (500), a parametric optimization and compression algorithm (1500), and an error correction algorithm. In contrast to the conventional ring tones or musical chimes used to ring cellular phones currently on the market, the current invention provides a method for ringing cellular phones and landline telephones with real sound recordings including real music, which may be songs lifted from copyright registered CD tracks, and may comprise human voice, various instrument sounds, and other sound effects of a high quality. A software based system for encoding the hardware of existing cellular phones at the time of manufacturing with delivery, storage, and playback capabilities in accordance with the present invention is provided, such that additional hardware is not required.

Interference Control, SINR Optimization and Signaling Enhancements to Improve the Performance of OTDOA Measurements

A wireless terminal receives signaling information, pertaining to a reference signal transmission in at least one specifically designated sub frame, the signaling information including a list, the list including base station identities. The terminal determines, from at least one of the base station identities in the list, the time-frequency resources associated with a reference signal transmission intended for observed time difference of arrival (OTDOA) measurements from a transmitting base station associated with said one base station identity. The time of arrival of a transmission from the transmitting base station, relative to reference timing, is measured. The wireless terminal can receive a command from a serving cell to start performing inter-frequency OTDOA measurement on a frequency layer containing reference signals, the frequency layer distinct from the serving frequency layer, the serving frequency layer not containing positioning reference signals. The wireless terminal can perform OTDOA measurements subsequent to the reception of the command on a carrier frequency different from the serving cell carrier frequency. A base station transmitter can jointly schedule a reference signal transmission from a plurality of base station transmitters for the purpose of OTD estimation enhancement, and transmit identical reference signals from the plurality of base station transmitters, the reference signals being identical both in the signal sequence and time-frequency resources used for transmission.
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