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System and method for detecting high voltage transmission line faults

The invention relates to a system and a method for detecting high voltage transmission line faults. The system is provided with a fault analysis server and a detection device arranged on a three-phase high voltage transmission line, wherein the detection device consists of a first detection point device and two second detection point devices, the first detection point device is arranged on a B phase line, the second detection point devices are respectively arranged on an A phase line and a C phase line and transmit the detected data to the first detection point device, and the first detection point device transmits all of the detected data and the data transmitted by the second detection point devices to the fault analysis server. The method comprises the following steps of: arranging N detection points on one line, installing the detection device and synchronizing the time of each monitoring point; receiving monitored data of current, field intensity and temperature at any time transmitted by each detection device by the fault analysis server and carrying out statistic analysis. The invention can confirm the fault point of the high voltage transmission line in time, greatly improves the labor efficiency, and shortens the fault-checking time.
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