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Battery pack and cordless power tool using the same as power source

To prevent a battery from being over-discharged and to thus improve a cycle life of the battery, a microcomputer electrically interrupts connection between the battery and a cordless power tool to compulsorily stop driving the tool when the battery voltage has become equal to or fallen below a first predetermined value. Also, to enable an operator to know that the battery is in a near over-discharge condition, the microcomputer performs a switching control of a load current when the battery voltage is above the first predetermined voltage but has become equal to or falls below the second predetermined voltage. As a result, the rotation of the motor of the tool goes abruptly slow down or the motor rotates in an irregular fashion, whereby the operator recognizes that the battery is in a charge-need condition.

Combined steam and gas turbine engine with magnetic transmission

In a combined steam and gas turbine engine cycle, a combustion chamber is made durable against high pressure and enlarged in length to increase the operation pressure ratio, without exceeding the heat durability temperature of the system while increasing the fuel combustion gas mass flow four times as much as the conventional turbine system and simultaneously for greatly raising the thermal efficiency of the system and specific power of the combined steam and gas turbine engine.Water pipes and steam pipes are arranged inside the combustion chamber so that the combustion chamber can function as a heat exchanger and thereby convert most of the combustion thermal energy into super-critical steam energy for driving a steam turbine and subsequently raising the operation pressure ratio and the thermal efficiencies of the steam turbine cycle and gas turbine cycle. The combustion gas mass flow can be also increased by four times as much as the conventional turbine system (up to the theoretical air to fuel ratio) and the thermal efficiency and the specific power of the gas turbine cycle are considerably increased.Further, the thermal efficiency of the combined system is improved by installing a magnetic friction power transmission system to transmit the power of the system to outer loads.

Wafer holder for wafer prober and wafer prober equipped with same

It is an object of the present invention to provide a wafer prober wafer holder that is highly rigid and increases the heat insulating effect, thereby improving positional accuracy, thermal uniformity, and chip temperature ramp-up and cooling rates, as well as a wafer prober device equipped therewith.A wafer holder of the present invention includes a chuck top that mounts a wafer, and a support member that supports the chuck top, wherein, a restricting member is provided that covers an interface between the chuck top and the support member. By covering the gap between the chuck top and the support member with the restricting member, the heat insulating effect can be increased by preventing the flow of outside air through the gap into the support member, and the cooling rate can be particularly improved if cooling to a temperature below room temperature.

Robot arm

The robot arm of the present application is a robot arm that transports semiconductor wafers. The robot arm includes a hand, a lower arm link, and an upper arm link. The hand is connected to the lower arm link via a first joint. The upper arm link is connected to the lower arm link via a second joint. In the robot arm of the present application, the lower arm link is capable of being separated at a location between the first joint and the second joint.

Honeycomb filter for exhaust gas decontamination, adhesive, coating material and process for producing honeycomb filter for exhaust gas decontamination

An object of the present invention is to provide a honeycomb filter for purifying exhaust gases which makes it possible to alleviate a thermal stress generated due to occurrence of a local temperature change and which is less likely to generate cracks and superior in strength and durability, an adhesive that has a low thermal capacity and is capable of alleviating the thermal stress, a coating material that has a low thermal capacity with a superior heat insulating property and is capable of alleviating the thermal stress, and a manufacturing method of the honeycomb filter for purifying exhaust gases that can improve precision in the outside dimension, and reduce damages in the manufacturing processes.
The present invention relates to a honeycomb filter for purifying exhaust gases, having a structure in that a plurality of column-shaped porous ceramic members, each having a number of through holes that are placed side by side in the length direction with partition wall interposed therebetween, are combined with one another through adhesive layers so that the partition wall that separate the through holes are allowed to function as a filter for collecting particulates, and in this structure, the thermal expansion coefficient αL of the adhesive layer and the thermal expansion coefficient αF of the porous ceramic member are designed to have the following relationship:

Irrigated ablation catheter having magnetic tip for magnetic field control and guidance

Embodiments of the present invention provide an irrigated ablation electrode assembly for use with an irrigated catheter device comprises at least one passageway for a fluid with an outlet disposed at an external surface of the electrode assembly; a permanent magnet; a shield separating the permanent magnet from the at least one passageway and from an exterior, the shield being substantially less oxidizable than the permanent magnet; and an electrode having an external electrode surface. A catheter guidance control and imaging system drives the permanent magnet to guide and control the catheter tip. In specific embodiments, the irrigation fluid flow paths through the electrode assembly are thermally insulated from the electrode and temperature sensor. The irrigation fluid is directed at target areas where coagulation is more likely to occur. One or more monitoring electrodes are provided for mapping or other monitoring functions.

Bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane dicarboxylate salts as polyolefin nucleators

InactiveUS6465551B1Exceptional nucleation efficacyExcellent calcium stearate compatibilityOrganic chemistryOrganic compound preparationChemistryPolyolefin
Compounds and compositions comprising specific metal salts of bicyclo[2.2.1 ]heptane dicarboxylate salts in order to provide highly desirable properties within polyolefin articles are provided. The inventive salts and derivatives thereof are useful as nucleating and / or clarifying agents for such polyolefin, provide excellent crystallization temperatures, stiffness, and calcium stearate compatibility within target polyolefin. Also, such compounds exhibit very low hygroscopicity and therefore excellent shelf stability as powdered or granular formulations. Polyolefin additive compositions and methods of producing polyolefin with such compounds are also contemplated within this invention.

Ultrasonic surgical instrument incorporating fluid management

Disclosed is an ultrasonic surgical device having a distally / proximally movable fluid management system consisting of single lumen or multiple lumens. The invention provides for the delivery of irrigation fluid or the removal of fluid, debris or vapor from the tissue-effecting portion of the blade while minimizing the loading on the blade. The blades of the surgical device, when excited at a natural blade system frequency, will have modal shapes characterized by longitudinal, transverse and / or torsional motion and will have nodal locations for these motions at positions along the tissue effecting length of the blade. The instrument is designed to allow for the fluid management system to be positioned at one or more motion nodes to facilitate efficient removal of tissue or fluid, which tends to accumulate at such nodes of the ultrasonic surgical blades.
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