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Method for preparing high-concentration biological deodorant

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The invention relates to a method for preparing a high-concentration biological deodorant. The method uses natural plants and extracts thereof with deodorizing function, a carbon source, a nitrogen source, trace elements and the like as raw materials, screens special beneficial microbial strains, and ferments the strains to obtain the high-concentration deodorant containing active components of the plants, beneficial microbe and metabolic products by adopting modern bioengineering technology. After being diluted by clear water which is 2,000 times of the deodorant, the deodorant is directly sprayed; and by decomposing smelly substances such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, trimethylamine and the like, the growth of harmful microbe generating bad smell in rubbish and smell sources is suppressed so as to achieve the purposes of removing bad smell, repelling flies and reducing disease spreading risk. The deodorant is used for deodorizing in rubbish transfer stations, landfill sites, breeding farms, public toilets, toilets and other rotten places. The deodorant breaks through the defect of low dilution factor of the conventional deodorant, and implements the diluting use of 2,000 times. The cost is reduced while achieving the first level of deodorizing effect, and the acute oral toxicity test shows that the deodorant belongs to a practical non-toxic deodorant product.

Plaster for promoting muscles and bones, and preparation and application thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese medicine plaster for treating diseases in muscles and bones, in particular to a plaster for promoting muscles and bones, and preparation and application thereof. The plaster is prepared by mixing pastes and powders; wherein the raw materials of the pastes by weight comprise: 25-60g of clematis root, 25-60g of heracleum, 25-60g of incised notopterygium rhizome, 25-60g of erycibe obtusifolia, 25-60g of garden balsam stem, 25-60g of gentiana macrophylla, 25-60g of prepared common monkshood daughter root, 25-60g of dried ginger, 25-60g of cinnamon, 25-60g of harlequin glorybower leaf and twig, 25-60g of rhizoma corydalis, 25-60g of ligusticum wallichii, 25-60g of frankincense, 25-60g of cowherb seed, 25-60g of lingzhi mushroom, 25-60g of gastrodia elata and 25-60g of astragalus, 25-60g of one or more of honeycomb, radix aconiti brachypodi and nux vomica, 0.1-3kg of minium and 0.5-5kg of vegetable oil; and the raw materials of the powders by weight comprise: 15-45g of clematis root, 15-45g of heracleum, 15-45g of incised notopterygium rhizome, 15-45g of phellodendron amurense, 15-45g of dragon's blood, 15-45g of gastrodia elata, 15-45g of nux vomica, 15-45g of rhizoma corydalis, 15-45g of borneol, 15-45g of harlequin glorybower leaf and twig and 15-45g of common monkshood mother root. The plaster for promoting muscles and bones has balanced effect, high medicine utilization ratio and good treatment effect.

Preparation method for culturing ecological convenient bacteria

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The invention relates to a convenient preparation method for culturing ecological bacteria. The product comprises a composite microbial freeze-drying strain, a special culture medium, a flora coordination and growth promotion factor and the like. After the freeze-drying microbial strains and nutrients are mixed according to the weight ratio of 1:100-1:100000, finished products are obtained by sealing and encapsulating. When in use, the product is added with water with the quantity of 20 times, the mixture is stirred evenly, the environmental temperature is controlled between 15 DEG C and 40 DEG C, and the mixture is covered by a cover, sealed at a dry position and then can be fed after being naturally activated for 2-3 days. The added water is required to be drinking water and does not contain a disinfector, a bactericide, an antibiotic and a synthetic antibacterial agent, and the temperature of the water can not exceed 45 DEG C, warm water with the temperature of 25-37 DEG C is preferred; a used container must be washed and cleaned, is provided with a cover for sealing and can be recycled by disinfection after being used. At present, most of the active bacterium products sold in the market are packaged and delivered to the market after a microbial agent and the products are fermented in a factory, which is a sale-after-growth mode; the defects of unstable effect, unreasonable performance-price ratio and the like generally exist in the active bacterium products produced by this mode. The invention adopts a growth-after-sale mode and hands the production priority of a microbial preparation to a user, and the user can prepare and culture the required ecological bacteria under a simple condition by carrying out water addition, temperature control and natural fermentation on the product. The convenient bacteria do not contain chemical medicaments and toxin and are ecological and environment-friendly.
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