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Noninvasive genetic immunization, expression products therefrom and uses thereof

Disclosed and claimed are methods of non-invasive genetic immunization in an animal and/or methods of inducing a systemic immune or therapeutic response in an animal, products therefrom and uses for the methods and products therefrom. The methods can include contacting skin of the animal with a vector in an amount effective to induce the systemic immune or therapeutic response in the animal. The vector can include and express an exogenous nucleic acid molecule encoding an epitope or gene product of interest. The systemic immune response can be to or from the epitope or gene product. The nucleic acid molecule can encode an epitope of interest and/or an antigen of interest and/or a nucleic acid molecule that stimulates and/or modulates an immunological response and/or stimulates and/or modulates expression, e.g., transcription and/or translation, such as transcription and/or translation of an endogenous and/or exogenous nucleic acid molecule; e.g., one or more of influenza hemagglutinin, influenza nuclear protein, tetanus toxin C-fragment, anthrax protective antigen, HIV gp 120, human carcinoembryonic antigen, and/or a therapeutic, an immunomodulatory gene, such as co-stimulatory gene and/or a cytokine gene. The immune response can be induced by the vector expressing the nucleic acid molecule in the animal's cells. The immune response can be against a pathogen or a neoplasm. A prophylactic vaccine or a therapeutic vaccine or an immunological composition can include the vector.

Self-heat-preservation building block and self-heat-preservation wall body consisting of self-heat-preservation building blocks

ActiveCN103243857AMeet heat preservation and energy saving requirementsPlay a role in heat preservationConstruction materialWallsWhole bodySlurry
The invention relates to the field of building materials, and in particular relates to a self-heat-preservation building block and a self-heat-preservation wall body consisting of self-heat-preservation building blocks, which aim to solve the technical problem that conventional building wall body materials cannot have the functions of bearing, heat preservation and fire prevention simultaneously. According to the technical scheme, the self-heat-preservation building block comprises a building block body which is made of foamed cement; transverse through slots are formed in the upper surface of the building block; vertical through holes are formed in the building block; one or several of concrete slurry, cement mortar, plaster and heat preservation plaster is/are filled into the transverse through slots to form core columns; concrete slurry or cement mortar is filled into the vertical through holes to form core columns; and the core columns and the building block body are combined to form a whole body. The self-heat-preservation wall body consists of the self-heat-preservation building blocks. The self-heat-preservation building block and the self-heat-preservation wall body have functions of heat preservation and fire prevention as well as bearing.

Noninvasive measurement of chemical substances

Utilization of a contact device placed on the eye in order to detect physical and chemical parameters of the body as well as the non-invasive delivery of compounds according to these physical and chemical parameters, with signals being transmitted continuously as electromagnetic waves, radio waves, infrared and the like. One of the parameters to be detected includes non-invasive blood analysis utilizing chemical changes and chemical products that are found in the conjunctiva and in the tear film. A transensor mounted in the contact device laying on the cornea or the surface of the eye is capable of evaluating and measuring physical and chemical parameters in the eye including non-invasive blood analysis. The system utilizes eye lid motion and/or closure of the eye lid to activate a microminiature radio frequency sensitive transensor mounted in the contact device. The signal can be communicated by wires or radio telemetered to an externally placed receiver. The signal can then be processed, analyzed and stored. Several parameters can be detected including a complete non-invasive analysis of blood components, measurement of systemic and ocular blood flow, measurement of heart rate and respiratory rate, tracking operations, detection of ovulation, detection of radiation and drug effects, diagnosis of ocular and systemic disorders and the like.
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