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Polyformaldehyde dimethyl ether synthesis method

The invention relates to a polyformaldehyde dimethyl ether synthesis method which mainly solves the problems of difficult catalyst separation, low raw material conversion rate and poor product selectivity in the prior art. The technical scheme of the polyformaldehyde dimethyl ether synthesis method comprises the following steps: by taking methanol, methylal and polyformaldehyde as raw materials, under the conditions that the reaction temperature is 70-200 DEG C and the reaction pressure is 0.2-6 MPa, enabling the raw materials to be in contact with a catalyst, and reacting to generate polyformaldehyde dimethyl ether, wherein the weight ratio of the methanol, the methylal and the polyformaldehyde is (0-10):(0-10):1, and the amounts of the methanol and the methylal can not be 0 at the same time; the amount of the catalyst accounts for 0.1-5.0% of the weight of the raw materials; and the used catalyst comprises the following components in parts by weight: a) 30-80 parts of carrier, which is at least one selected from SBA-15, MCM-41 or MCM-22 molecular sieve, and b) 20-70 parts of solid super-strong acid carried thereon, which is at least one selected from SO4<2->/ZrO2, SO4<2->/Fe2O3, Cl<->/TiO2 or Cl<->/Fe2O3. Thus, the problems are well solved; and the polyformaldehyde dimethyl ether synthesis method can be used for industrial production of polyformaldehyde dimethyl ether.

Feed additive by mixedly fermenting shrimp heads and vegetable feed proteins and processing method thereof

The invention discloses a feed additive by mixedly fermenting shrimp heads and vegetable feed proteins and a processing method thereof. The method comprises the following steps of: performing squeezing and crushing, pulping with water, and filtration and separation on the shrimp heads to separate out shrimp shells so as to obtain a shrimp paste raw material; mixing the shrimp paste and the vegetable feed proteins according to a proportion, adding bacteria for solid fermentation, and drying and crushing to prepare fermented feed protein powder; and drying the separated shrimp shells to prepare raw materials of chitosan and shrimp shell powder. The method has the advantages of simple process, small equipment investment and low cost; and the feed additive has the advantages of full aroma of the fermented feed protein powder, good palatability, high utilization rate of proteins, rich beneficial functional nutrients such as astaxanthin, small peptide, probiotics and the like, wide application to aquatic and livestock and poultry feeds, improvement of survival rate, good animal growth effect, good feed attraction to aquatic animals, capacity of replacing fish meal in the livestock and poultry feeds, capacity of greatly replacing fish meal in high-grade aquatic feeds, remarkable reduction of feed cost, contribution to environmental protection, power saving, efficiency improvement, and remarkable social and economic benefits.

Method for cultivating coprinus comatua by utilizing fungus dregs

InactiveCN101663961Areduce manufacturing costImprove cultivation efficiency
The invention relates to a method for cultivating coprinus comatua by utilizing fungus dregs in the edible fungus production field, which is characterized by utilizing the leftovers, namely fungus dregs, of the edible fungi instead of cottonseed hulls to cultivate the coprinus comatua, utilizing the method of biological fermentation to treat the fungus dregs and adding bran and other nutrients toform culture media, and effectively realizing cultivation of the coprinus comatua through the process flows of bagging, sterilizing, inoculating, hypha fermenting, cultivating, bag removing, soil covering, fruiting and harvesting, etc., wherein, the leftovers of the edible fungi are used for cultivating oyster mushrooms and needle mushrooms, etc. The method not only realizes resource of the organic wastes and reduces pollution of the organic wastes on the environment by developing and utilizing the leftovers of the edible fungi and conforms to the requirement on striving to develop circular economy encouraged by the state, but also greatly reduces the usage amount of the cottonseed hulls and other substances for cultivation, effectively lowers the production cost of the coprinus comatua, increases the cultivation benefits and ensures the biological conversion ratio to be more than 80%. The method utilizes the wastes and attains two objectives, thus being suitable for popularization andapplication in the rural areas.

Smelting method of low-carbon aluminium killed steel with low silicon content

The invention relates to a smelting method of the low-carbon aluminium killed steel with a low silicon content, belonging to the steelmaking technical field of the metallurgy industry. The technical scheme in the invention is as follows: before blast furnace vanadium-containing molten iron enters the steelmaking process, the processes of vanadium extraction and silicon removal are performed, the steelmaking process adopts the semi-steel smelting process, low-silicon pre-melted composite refining slag is added in molten iron during the slag-stopping tapping process, the deoxidizing process andthe alloying process for pre-deoxidation; after molten iron enters the ladle furnace (LF) refining process, the conventional mode for preparing white slag through electrode heating is not adopted, white slag is rapidly prepared by covering a cover for heat preservation and using aluminum powder as a deoxidizer in the reducing atmosphere of argon stirring; then calcium treatment and argon soft blowing are performed, the thermodynamic and dynamical conditions of the silicon kickback of molten steel are inhibited under the premise of ensuring the refining quality; and after the argon soft blowing of molten steel is completed, molten steel enters the continuous casting process. By adopting the method, the Si element qualification rate of the low-silicon and low-carbon aluminium killed steel is up to more than 98%; and as the refining electrode heating process is not adopted, the method is characterized by low energy consumption, environmental protection and low production cost.

Comprehensive method for processing laterite nickel ore to produce electrolytic nickel through full wet method

InactiveCN102329955Areduce manufacturing cost
The invention provides a comprehensive method for processing laterite nickel ore to produce electrolytic nickel through the full wet process. The invention relates to a method for leaching low-grade laterite nickel ore at atmospheric pressure through sulfuric acid, belonging to the technical field of wet-process metallurgy. The comprehensive method comprises the following steps of: grinding the laterite nickel ore, leaching the laterite nickel ore by using sulfuric acid with acidity of 150-350 g/L under the acid-ore mass ratio of 0.3-1.2:1 at atmospheric pressure, adding a neutralizing agent to adjust the pH value to 3.0 and neutralize the precipitate to remove iron, adding the neutralizing agent into the mother liquid to adjust the pH value to 6.0 and neutralize and remove aluminum and silicon, continuing adding the neutralizing agent into the filtered nickel sulfate solution to adjust the pH value to 9.0 and precipitate nickel hydroxide, redissolving, purifying and electrolyzing the intermediate product of nickel hydroxide to produce the electrolytic nickel product, adding calcium hydroxide into the nickel-precipitated magnesium sulfate solution to neutralize the precipitate, and carbonizing and separating magnesium and calcium to obtain magnesium carbonate. The invention overcomes the defects of long flow, great magniferous sewage amount and difficult treatment in the prior art, magnesium is developed into a product, the production sewage can be directly discharged or recycled, and meanwhile, part of recovered magnesium can be circularly returned to the flow as the neutralizing agent.

Power-interrupting-free shifting speed changing box of electric vehicle and shifting control method of power-interrupting-free shifting speed changing box

The invention discloses a power-interrupting-free shifting speed changing box of an electric vehicle and a shifting control method of the power-interrupting-free shifting speed changing box. The speed changing box comprises a first gear pair mechanism, a second gear pair mechanism, a disc clutch and a shifting control mechanism, in the shifting control mechanism, a first gear overrunning clutch and a control overrunning clutch are mounted in corresponding gears, a control friction plate is fixed on a roller retainer and a roller shifting fork of the first gear overrunning clutch, a wave spring is mounted in an annular groove in an end surface of a second control gear, and a control pressure plate is axially pre-tightened through the wave spring, is clamped in the annular groove in the end surface of the second control gear and rotates along with the second control gear. By the shifting control method of the speed changing box, first gear engaging, second gear engaging and gear reversing actions can be realized and do not intervene. By the power-interrupting-free shifting speed changing box of the electric vehicle, the problem of interrupting of shifting power of the traditional AMT is solved, and a smooth speed ratio switching process can be realized. In addition, by the structure, a shifting fork and a shifting fork shaft are further omitted, the system structure is greatly simplified, and the total weight of a transmission is reduced.
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