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Pipelined packet switching and queuing architecture

InactiveUS6977930B1High throughputRapid implementationData switching by path configurationData bufferSwitched fabric
A pipelined linecard architecture for receiving, modifying, switching, buffering, queuing and dequeuing packets for transmission in a communications network. The linecard has two paths: the receive path, which carries packets into the switch device from the network, and the transmit path, which carries packets from the switch to the network. In the receive path, received packets are processed and switched in an asynchronous, multi-stage pipeline utilizing programmable data structures for fast table lookup and linked list traversal. The pipelined switch operates on several packets in parallel while determining each packet's routing destination. Once that determination is made, each packet is modified to contain new routing information as well as additional header data to help speed it through the switch. Each packet is then buffered and enqueued for transmission over the switching fabric to the linecard attached to the proper destination port. The destination linecard may be the same physical linecard as that receiving the inbound packet or a different physical linecard. The transmit path consists of a buffer/queuing circuit similar to that used in the receive path. Both enqueuing and dequeuing of packets is accomplished using CoS-based decision making apparatus and congestion avoidance and dequeue management hardware. The architecture of the present invention has the advantages of high throughput and the ability to rapidly implement new features and capabilities.

Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

InactiveUS6048709AHigh throughputReadily contactFungiBacteriaClinical evaluationPercent Diameter Stenosis
The present invention relates to methods and compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, including, but not limited to, atherosclerosis, ischemia/reperfusion, hypertension, restenosis, and arterial inflammation. Specifically, the present invention identifies and describes genes which are differentially expressed in cardiovascular disease states, relative to their expression in normal, or non-cardiovascular disease states, and/or in response to manipulations relevant to cardiovascular disease. Further, the present invention identifies and describes genes via the ability of their gene products to interact with gene products involved in cardiovascular disease. Still further, the present invention provides methods for the identification and therapeutic use of compounds as treatments of cardiovascular disease moreover, the present invention provides methods for the diagnostic monitoring of patients undergoing clinical evaluation for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and for monitoring the efficacy of compounds in clinical trials. Additionally, the present invention describes methods for the diagnostic evaluation and prognosis of various cardiovascular diseases, and for the identification of subjects exhibiting a predisposition to such conditions.
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