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Selection methods or screening devices include application blanks, employment interviews, aptitude tests, and personality test.

Content-aware application switch and methods thereof

A content-aware application switch and methods thereof intelligently switch client packets to one server among a group of servers in a server farm. The switch uses Layer 7 or application content parsed from a packet to help select the server and to schedule the transmitting of the packet to the server. This enables refined load-balancing and Quality-of-Service control tailored to the application being switched. In another aspect of the invention, a slow-start server selection method assigned an initially boosted server load metric to a server newly added to the group of servers under load balancing. This alleviates the problem of the new server being swamped initially due to a very low load metric compared to that of others. In yet another aspect of the invention, a switching method dependent on Layer 7 content avoids delayed binding in a new TCP session. Layer 7 content is not available during the initial handshaking phase of a new TCP session. The method uses the Layer 7 content from a previous session as an estimate to help select the server and uses a default priority to scheduling the transmitting of the handshaking packets. Updated Layer 7 content available after the handshaking phase is then used to reset the priority for the transmit schedule and becomes available for use in load balancing of the next TCP session.

Methods of making bioprosthetic heart valves with strain matched leaflets

Heart valve leaflet selection methods and apparatuses which subject individual leaflets to loads and measure the resulting deflection to more reliably group leaflets of similar physical characteristics for later assembly in prosthetic heart valves. The deflection testing may be accomplished using a variety of test set ups which are designed to impart a load on the leaflet which simulates the actual loading within a heart valve. The results from a number of deflection tests are used to categorize individual leaflets, which data can be combined with other data regarding the characteristics of the leaflet to better select leaflets for assembly into a multi-leaflet heart valve. In one embodiment, the deflection test is combined with an intrinsic load test, and leaflets having similar deflection and intrinsic load values used in the same heart valve. One apparatus for testing the leaflets includes a frame for securing the arcuate cusp of the leaflet while the straight coapting edge remains free, to simulate the actual leaflet mounting configuration within the heart valve prosthesis. The frame may include a lower portion having a recess for the leaflet and plurality of receptor holes around the peripheral edge of the recess, and an upper portion having a plurality of needles which extend downward through the leaflet and into the receptor holes and secure the edges of the leaflet.
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