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Digital data, in information theory and information systems, is the discrete, discontinuous representation of information or works. Numbers and letters are commonly used representations. Digital data can be contrasted with analog signals which behave in a continuous manner, and with continuous functions such as sounds, images, and other measurements.

System for rebuilding dispersed data

A digital data file storage system is disclosed in which original data files to be stored are dispersed using some form of information dispersal algorithm into a number of file “slices” or subsets in such a manner that the data in each file share is less usable or less recognizable or completely unusable or completely unrecognizable by itself except when combined with some or all of the other file shares. These file shares are stored on separate digital data storage devices as a way of increasing privacy and security. As dispersed file shares are being transferred to or stored on a grid of distributed storage locations, various grid resources may become non-operational or may operate below at a less than optimal level. When dispersed file shares are being written to a dispersed storage grid which not available, the grid clients designates the dispersed data shares that could not be written at that time on a Rebuild List. In addition when grid resources already storing dispersed data become non-available, a process within the dispersed storage grid designates the dispersed data shares that need to be recreated on the Rebuild List. At other points in time a separate process reads the set of Rebuild Lists used to create the corresponding dispersed data and stores that data on available grid resources.

Methods for use in dental articulation

A computer implemented method of creating a dental model for use in dental articulation includes providing a first set of digital data corresponding to an upper arch image of at least a portion of an upper dental arch of a patient, providing a second set of digital data corresponding to a lower arch image of at least a portion of a lower dental arch of the patient, and providing hinge axis data representative of the spatial orientation of at least one of the upper and lower dental arches relative to a condylar axis of the patient. A reference hinge axis is created relative to the upper and lower arch images based on the hinge axis data. Further, the method may include bite alignment data for use in aligning the lower and upper arch images. Yet further, the method may include providing data associated with condyle geometry of the patient, so as to provide limitations on the movement of at least the lower arch image when the arch images are displayed. Further, a wobbling technique may be used to determine an occlusal position of the lower and upper dental arches. Various computer implemented methods of dental articulation are also described. For example, such dental articulation methods may include moving at least one of the upper and lower arch images to simulate relative movement of one of the upper and lower dental arches of the patient, may include displaying another image with the upper and lower dental arches of the dental articulation model, and/or may include playing back recorded motion of a patient's mandible using the dental articulation model.

Secure interactive electronic account statement delivery system

The present invention consists of a secure interactive electronic account statement delivery system suitable for use over open networks such as the Internet. The invention utilizes a certification hierarchy to insure that electronic bills, invoices, and other account statements can be securely sent over open networks. The participants in the system are a certification authority, certificated banks, billers, and customers. The certification authority grants digital certificates to the certificated banks, which in turn grant digital certificates to billers and customers. Digital certificates form the basis for encryption and authentication of network communications, using public and private keys. The certificates associate a customer and biller with a certificated bank and with the electronic billing system, much like payment cards associate a customer with a payment card issuer and a particular payment card system. Digital signatures are used for authentication and non-repudiation. The certificates may be stored as digital data on storage media of a customer's or biller's computer system, or may be contained in integrated circuit or chip cards physically issued to billers and customers. The electronic bill itself may be a simple text message containing the equivalent of summary information for the bill, or may be more elaborate. In one embodiment of the invention, the electronic bill contains a number of embedded links, for example an embedded URL of a biller's world wide web server that allows the customer to interactively bring up detailed billing information by activating the link. The e-mail message may also include links to third party websites.

Nomadic translator or router

A nomadic router or translator enables a laptop computer or other portable terminal which is configured to be connected to a home network to be connected to any location on the internet or other digital data communication system. The router automatically and transparently re-configures the terminal to its new location and processes outgoing and incoming data. The router includes a processor which appears as the home network to the terminal, and appears as the terminal to the communication system. The terminal has a permanent address, the router has a router or translator address, and the terminal transmits outgoing data to the system including the permanent address as a source address. The processor translates the outgoing data by replacing the permanent address with the router address as the source address. The terminal receives incoming data from the system including the router address as a destination address, and the processor translates the incoming data by replacing the router address with the permanent address as the destination address. Alternatively, the terminal can be directly connected to a point on a local network, and the router connected to another point on the network. The router can be employed to implement numerous applications including nomadic e-mail, network file synchronizer, database synchronizer, instant network, nomadic internet and trade show router and can also be utilized as a fixed nomadic router.

Electronic data gathering for emergency medical services

An apparatus for capturing and storing medical emergency information under the adverse circumstances of the emergency scene, without relying on multiple computers and remote communications for support during use. To accomplish data capture and storage, use of a single ruggedized hand held computer with a graphical user interface employing a touch sensitive display screen, and pen stylus for simplifying documentation of patient demographic, history and medications data, focal patient complaints and problems, vital signs, physical exam findings, medication administration, routes and quantities, motorized vehicle crash history, case disposition, emergency crew, and case review and notes. Collection of focal patient complaints and problems is simplified through a body graphical user interface. Easily accessed reference databases for drugs and protocols support the emergency medical technician. Handwriting recognition, signature capture and numerical data entry enable obtaining of necessary crew and patient signatures and other data, including patient refusal of care. Through the use of a variety of secure communication interfaces, printing or transfer of all data collected is provided to other systems. Full compliance with NHTSA and Utstein minimal data reporting set requirements.
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