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Digital control is a branch of control theory that uses digital computers to act as system controllers. Depending on the requirements, a digital control system can take the form of a microcontroller to an ASIC to a standard desktop computer. Since a digital computer is a discrete system, the Laplace transform is replaced with the Z-transform. Also since a digital computer has finite precision (See quantization), extra care is needed to ensure the error in coefficients, A/D conversion, D/A conversion, etc. are not producing undesired or unplanned effects.

Ultrasonic surgical system

An ultrasonic surgical system utilizes a digital control system to generate ultrasonic drive current for transducers that are located in a hand piece and are attached to a surgical scalpel or blade in the hand piece so as to vibrate the blade in response to the current. The digital control includes a digital signal processor (DSP) or microprocessor; a direct digital synthesis (DDS) device; a phase detection logic scheme, a control algorithm for seeking and maintaining resonance frequency; and design scheme that allows to regulate current, voltage, and power delivered to an ultrasonic thereby a device. Such system allows the power versus load output curve to be tailored to a specific hand piece, which improves efficiency and reduces heat. Further, the components of the digital system are much less sensitive to temperature variations, thereby allowing it to operate with narrow as needed frequency range around the desired resonance in order to avoid excitation of other resonances. Also, the digital system provides increased flexibility in locating the resonance frequency of the blade and running diagnostic tests. The start of a user initiated diagnostic test that requires movement of the blade is caused by operating two of the system switches, which guards against accidental operation of the blade which could be harmful if in contact with tissue and also generate false diagnostic results. In addition, the system has interlock with an Electrosurgical unit so that it is not effected by the electromagnetic interference generated by that unit.

Multi-degree-of-freedom controllable mechanism type stacking robot

The invention discloses a multi-degree-of-freedom controllable mechanism type stacking robot, which comprises a pedestal, a rotary rack, an arm lifting mechanism, an end effector translation retaining mechanism and a flange, wherein the rotary rack is connected to the pedestal through a rotary pair; the arm lifting mechanism comprises a large arm, a small arm, a first driving rod, a first connecting rod, a second driving rod and a second connecting rod; all the rods are connected through hinges; the end effector translation retaining mechanism comprises a parallelogram mechanism consisting of the large arm, a first auxiliary connecting rod, a triangular auxiliary rack and the rotary rack and a parallelogram mechanism consisting of the small arm, a second auxiliary connecting rod, a triangular auxiliary rack and an end effector translation retainer; all the rods are connected through hinges; the flange is connected to the end effector translation retainer through the rotary pair; and different end effectors can be arranged according to actual requirements. The multi-degree-of-freedom controllable mechanism type stacking robot has the advantages of simple structure, high bearing capacity, large working space, flexibility in operation, capabilities of driving through a servo motor for control, realizing intelligence and digital control and meeting handling and stacking requirements of high speed, heavy load, precision and the like and extremely broad application prospect.

Five-shaft linkage numerical control machining center

The invention discloses a five-axle linkage digital-control processing centre which comprises a lathe bed (10) and a portal frame (30), wherein the portal frame (30) comprises a left portal upright post (32), a right portal upright post (32) and a fixing portal crossbeam (35), and the front part of each portal upright post (32) is provided with a direct driving type double-shaft precise rotating table (20) which enables a working table (26) to simultaneously rotate round an A shaft and a C shaft. Furthermore, the portal frame (30) is provided with a crossbeam (40) which can move along the Y direction, the front part of the crossbeam (40) is provided with a slide carriage (50) which can move along the X direction, the front part of the slide carriage (50) is provided with a main shaft box (60) which can move along the Z direction, the main shaft box (60) is provided with a main shaft installing hole (66) used for installing a main shaft (70), and a tool magazine (80) is arranged in a cavity positioned between the lathe bed (10) and the portal frame (30). The invention has novel structure, small occupied area, space saving, low cost and stable operation and property. Besides, a motion shaft of a machine tool has high dynamic property, regulating property, positioning precision and repeated positioning precision.
Owner:三六零安全科技股份有限公司 +2

Method and device for strengthening surface modification by combination of laser cladding and laser peening

InactiveCN101392382AQuality improvementResidual stress distribution state changesMetallic material coating processesCoated surfaceSurface roughness
The invention provides a method for modifying a composite surface based on laser cladding and combining laser shock peening, and a device thereof. The method provided by the invention is characterized in that a coaxial and powder feeding type fast axial flow CO2 laser cladding unit clads a layer of coating on the surface of a substrate; then a neophane glass impulse laser shock peening unit is used for the shock peening on the surface of the cladded coating; a measurement feedback system is utilized to detect the surface roughness and the distribution state of residual stress of the cladded coating; the precise control over the surface roughness and the residual stress of the coating is realized by a central control and processing system so as to obtain a high quality surface-cladded coating with good performance. The device comprises the coaxial and powder feeding type laser cladding unit, the laser shock peening unit, a digital control working system, the measurement feedback system and the central control and processing system, and is under integrated control by a computer. The method and the device of the invention can reduce residual tensile stress and improve the quality of the cladded coating and prolong the service life thereof.

Three-phase wireless charging system and charging method for electric automobile

The invention discloses a three-phase wireless charging system and a three-phase wireless charging method for an electric automobile, and belongs to a wireless power transmission system and a wireless power transmission method. The wireless charging system consists of a primary power supply device, a secondary charging device and a digital control unit, wherein the primary power supply device is arranged under the ground, the output end of the digital control unit is connected with the primary power supply device, and the secondary charging device is arranged on the automobile; a magnetic energy emitting array type coil in the primary power supply device is connected in series with a coil current detecting unit; and the output end of the coil current detecting unit is connected with the input end of the digital control unit. The system has the advantages that a primary magnetic energy emitting mechanism consists of the matrix array type coil, so that reliable charging of the electric automobile is ensured in a large range; by setting the winding direction of the primary array type coil, a zero point of secondary coil pickup voltage is avoided; and only one power supply group consisting of three adjacent primary coils closest to a secondary pickup coil supplies power is available for supplying power each time, so that other coils are prevented from running in an idle mode, and the efficiency of the whole system is improved.
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