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Dispenser and cosmetic or dermatological preparation comprising an auxiliary for use with dispenser

InactiveUS20050189377A1Improves haptic propertyCosmetic preparationsPower operated devicesPolyolSURFACTANT BLEND
The present invention is a cosmetic or dermatological preparation for use with a dispenser that includes an auxiliary to keep the dispenser operating smoothly. The auxiliary is selected from the group consisting of (i) polyols having 2 to 6 carbon atoms and 2 to 6 hydroxyl or alkoxy groups and (ii) surfactants that reduce the surface tension of the preparation to less than 30 mN/m. The preparation is particularly suitable with a dispenser comprising a container and an inner container wall for housing a cosmetic or dermatological preparation; a follow-up plunger on a base side of the dispenser, which is capable of being slidably displaced on the inner container wall under the pressure of the ambient atmosphere; a head section on a top end of the dispenser that can be slidably displaced in relation to the container and that comprises a dispensing channel, the dispensing channel capable of being connected in a communicating manner to the container; a manually actuable delivery device comprising a variable-volume delivery chamber, a delivery element that can be displaced longitudinally in relation to the container and the head section, comprising a delivery plunger that can be slidably displaced within the delivery chamber and a delivery stem connected to the delivery plunger, and a delivery channel circumferentially enclosed by the delivery stem and comprising a delivery-channel inlet opening communicating with the delivery chamber and a delivery-channel outlet opening. The delivery channel outlet opening is capable of being moved into an open position relative to the dispensing channel by displacing the delivery element.

Methods and Apparatus for Personal Care

InactiveUS20100217357A1Effectively cleanseEffectively rejuvenateCosmetic preparationsToilet preparationsEtiologyWrinkle skin
Methods, apparatus and systems for personal care, such as treatment of a skin or hair treatment surface, are disclosed. In some embodiments, a base device is configured to thermally modify (heat or cool) an applicator on a hand piece that can then be used to cleanse, treat and/or otherwise rejuvenate the treatment surface. The applicator can be formulated with a smooth or abrasive material that can absorb, be coated with or otherwise take up a variety of materials, such as liquids, lotions, gels or creams, which are suitable for application to the treatment surface. The base device may thermally modify the material that is then coupled to the applicator and applied to the treatment surface during treatment. Application of the applicator at the desired temperature to the treatment surface may, for example, stimulate deeper blood circulation, clear pores, diminishes or removes deep and fine wrinkles, accelerate acne clearing, treat blemished skin, decrease edema and erythema of the skin, and/or reduce puritis of various etiologies. The hand piece may comprise one or more secondary treatment elements, such as LEDs for photoactivation, electrodes for delivery of micro-currents or vibrating elements for rubbing or abraiding, in order to achieve additional activation of the treatment surface and/or of the thermally modified material coupled to the applicator, which may enhance or improve treatment.

Laterally-actuated dispenser with one-way valve for storing and dispensing metered amounts of substances

A dispenser for dispensing a substance, such as a pharmaceutical, ophthalmic, dermatological, cosmeceutical, cosmetic or other product, has a body defining a variable-volume storage chamber for storing the product. A dispensing portion of the dispenser is connected with the body and defines a bore coupled in fluid communication with the storage chamber for receiving substance therefrom, and an outlet aperture coupled in fluid communication with the bore. A one-way valve of the dispenser includes an axially-extending valve seat and an axially-extending flexible valve cover seated on the valve seat and defining a normally-closed, axially-extending seam therebetween forming a fluid-tight seal between the valve cover and valve seat. The flexible valve cover is movable relative to the valve seat and the seam is connectable in fluid communication with the outlet aperture to allow the passage of substance through the seam and out of the dispenser. The dispenser further comprises an actuator and piston assembly including a piston receivable within the bore, a manually-engageable actuator connected to the piston for moving the piston between first and second positions relative to the bore to dispense substance within the bore through the outlet aperture, and an integral, dome-shaped spring coupled to at least one of the piston and the actuator for biasing the piston in a direction from one of the first and second positions toward the other.
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