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Fabrication of biocompatible polymeric composites

Composite materials formed from biocompatible polymer fibers and biodegradable polymers are disclosed. The heat treatment conditions for the reinforcing fibers are described so that the mechanical properties of the fibers can be retained during composite consolidation process. The processing conditions and set-ups to consolidations are constrained to the temperatures lower than fiber heat treatment temperatures. The reinforcing fibers are restrained under tension so that the minimum relaxation occurs during consolidation process.

Dermatological compositions

A dermatological composition comprising a salt of a cation and an anion. The cation is derived from a monomeric or polymeric molecule that will generate an amidine moieity, a guanidine moieity or a biguanide moieity. The anion is derived from a monomeric or polymeric molecule that will generate a carboxylic acid moieity. The composition may be prepared by a metathesis or acid-base reaction.
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