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Analyte sensors and methods of manufacturing same

Analyte sensors and methods of manufacturing same are provided, including analyte sensors comprising multi-axis flexibility. For example, a multi-electrode sensor system 800 comprising two working electrodes and at least one reference / counter electrode is provided. The sensor system 800 comprises first and second elongated bodies E1, E2, each formed of a conductive core or of a core with a conductive layer deposited thereon, insulating layer 810 that separates the conductive layer 820 from the elongated body, a membrane layer deposited on top of the elongated bodies E1, E2, and working electrodes 802′, 802″ formed by removing portions of the conductive layer 820 and the insulating layer 810, thereby exposing electroactive surface of the elongated bodies E1, E2.

Methods and compositions for culturing a biological tooth

InactiveUS6899915B2Impression capsPretreated surfacesDeveloping toothProthoracic gland
Tooth tissues include the pulp mesenchyme that forms the dentin and an epithelium that is responsible for enamel formation. Cells from these tissues were obtained from porcine third molars and were seeded onto a biodegradable scaffold composed of a polyglycolic acid—polylactic acid copolymer. Cell polymer constructs were then surgically implanted into the omentum of athymic nude rats so that the constructs would have a blood supply and these tissues were allowed to develop inside the rats. Infrequently, columnar epithelial cells were observed as a single layer on the outside of the dentin-like matrix similar to the actual arrangement of ameloblasts over dentin during early tooth development. Developing tooth tissues derived from such cell polymer constructs could eventually be surgically implanted into the gum of an edentulous recipient where the construct would receive a blood supply and develop to maturity, providing the recipient with a biological tooth replacement.

Analyte sensor

Devices and methods are provided for continuous measurement of an analyte concentration. The device can include a sensor having a plurality of sensor elements, each having at least one characteristic that is different from other sensor(s) of the device. In some embodiments, the plurality of sensor elements are each tuned to measure a different range of analyte concentration, thereby providing the device with the capability of achieving a substantially consistent level of measurement accuracy across a physiologically relevant range. In other embodiments, the device includes a plurality of sensor elements each tuned to measure during different time periods after insertion or implantation, thereby providing the sensor with the capability to continuously and accurately measure analyte concentrations across a wide range of time periods. For example, a sensor system 180 is provided having a first working electrode 150 comprising a first sensor element 102 and a second working electrode 160 comprising a second sensor element 104, and a reference electrode 108 for providing a reference value for measuring the working electrode potential of the sensor elements 102, 104.

Method And Apparatus For Making Disposable Absorbent Article With Absorbent Particulate Polymer Material And Article Made Therewith

A method for making a disposable absorbent core comprises depositing absorbent particulate polymer material from a plurality of reservoirs in a printing roll onto a substrate disposed on a grid of a support which includes a plurality of cross bars extending substantially parallel to and spaced from one another so as to form channels extending between the plurality of cross bars. The plurality of reservoirs in the first peripheral surface are arranged in an array comprising rows extending substantially parallel to and spaced from one another. The support and printing roll are arranged such that the plurality of cross bars are substantially parallel to the rows of the plurality of reservoirs and the absorbent particulate polymer material is deposited on the substrate in a pattern such that the absorbent particulate polymer material collects in rows on the first substrate formed between the first plurality of cross bars. A thermoplastic adhesive material is deposited on the absorbent particulate polymer material and the substrate to cover the absorbent particulate polymer material on the substrate and form an absorbent layer. A disposable absorbent article and apparatus for making an absorbent article are also disclosed.

Continuous analyte sensors and methods of making same

Described here are embodiments of processes and systems for the continuous manufacturing of implantable continuous analyte sensors. In some embodiments, a method is provided for sequentially advancing an elongated conductive body through a plurality of stations, each configured to treat the elongated conductive body. In some of these embodiments, one or more of the stations is configured to coat the elongated conductive body using a meniscus coating process, whereby a solution formed of a polymer and a solvent is prepared, the solution is continuously circulated to provide a meniscus on a top portion of a vessel holding the solution, and the elongated conductive body is advanced through the meniscus. The method may also comprise the step of removing excess coating material from the elongated conductive body by advancing the elongated conductive body through a die orifice. For example, a provided elongated conductive body 510 is advanced through a pre-coating treatment station 520, through a coating station 530, through a thickness control station 540, through a drying or curing station 550, through a thickness measurement station 560, and through a post-coating treatment station 570.
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