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Doubled-sided and multi-layered PCD and PCBN abrasive articles

A doubled-sided PCD or PCBN compact as well as a new multi-layered PCD and PCBN can be produced using high pressure high temperature processes allowing for increased effective thickness of abrasive tools. A polycrystalline compact can include a substrate having a first surface and a second surface which are non-contiguous. Additionally, a first polycrystalline layer can be attached to the first surface of the substrate and a second polycrystalline layer attached to the second surface of the substrate. The first and second polycrystalline layers can include superabrasive particles bonded together by sintering or chemical bonding with an additional metal. Such double-sided PCD and PCBN compacts as well as a new multiple layered PCD and PCBN allow for increased effective thickness of a tool without suffering from non-homogenous results typical of standard PCD and PCBN compacts, regardless of superabrasive particle size. Each polycrystalline layer can include superabrasive particles of varying particle sizes such that the final tool is tailored for specific abrading characteristics. Such doubled-sided and / or multiple layered PCD and PCBN compacts can be incorporated into a wide variety of abrasive tools for use in cutting, milling, grinding, polishing, drilling and other similar abrasive applications.
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