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Foamable hot melt adhesive composition and uses thereof

ActiveCN101402834AHigh thermal pressure bonding strengthgood adhesion
The invention discloses a foamable hot melt adhesive compound. According to parts by weight, the prescription of the foamable melt adhesive compound comprises: 10 to 65 portions of polythene, 5 to 20 portions of modified polyvinyl, 5 to 60 portions of EVA, 0.1 to 15 portions of foaming agent, 0.02 to 2 portions of blowing promoter, 0.1 to 0.8 portion of cross linker and 0.5 to 5.0 portions of other accessory ingredients. The foamable melt adhesive compound can be applied to preparing halogen-free and anti-flaming aluminum-plastic composite panels. The product overcomes the defects of the existing pure polythene core materials and halogen core materials and provides a halogen-free and anti-flaming core layer material which has innocuity, harmless and high heat pressing sticking intensity and is used for fire-proof aluminum-plastic composite panels, with anti-flaming performance achieving grade B1; the sticking intensity between the obtained aluminum-plastic composite panels and aluminum panels can achieve more than 135N/25mm, thus reducing the steps of using glue films for compounding; besides, the aluminum-plastic composite panels produced by utilizing the invention have the characteristics of small density, good anti-flaming performance as well as good temperature preservation, sound isolation and heat isolation effects.

Water-based binder for automotive interior parts and preparation method of water-based binder

The invention relates to a water-based binder for automotive interior parts and a preparation method of the water-based binder. The water-based binder is prepared from a soft monomer, a hard monomer, a functional monomer, an emulsifier, a buffer agent, an initiator, a pH modifier and distilled water in a polymerization manner at a certain temperature according to a certain ratio. With water as a medium, the water-based binder is safe and environment-friendly, TVOC of the water-based binder is less than 50mu g C/g, the formaldehyde emission is less than 1mg/kg, and is far lower than that of the national standard; the water-based binder is good in binding power on various interior materials such as non-woven fabrics, and high in peel strength, is a single-component binder, is convenient to use without adding a curing agent, can be directly used, can also be used step by step, is free of stringent requirements on initial drying temperature and secondary activation temperature, and is free of toxicity, safe and sanitary in the use procedure, free of corrosivity on human skin, simple in preparation process, and low in preparation cost due to one-time polymerization; the bonding strength of the decorative fabric and a substrate is 299N/5cm in a delivery condition, is 174N/5cm after resisting heat, is 98N/5cm after resisting moisture, and is 82N/5cm after resisting cold; the total haze value of an adhesive film is 1.7mg; and the odor of the adhesive film is 2.

Photo-cured resin, hydrophilic lubricating coating and preparation method of photo-cured resin

ActiveCN105732848AExcellent biosafety and compatibilitygood adhesion
The invention discloses a photo-cured resin, a hydrophilic lubricating coating and a preparation method of the photo-cured resin. The photo-cured resin can be prepared by adopting a method of carrying out crosslinking copolymerization on polymerizable diphenyl ketone photo-initiator and a vinyl pyrrolidone monomer under the action of an acrylamide cross-linking agent; a photo-cured hydrophilic lubricating coating can be obtained through compounding the resin. The photo-cured resin is capable of overcoming the disadvantages of residue, volatilization and migration of micro-molecular photo-initiators in coatings, has excellent biological safety and compatibility, and is suitable for the medical field. The hydrophilic lubricating coating has a cross-linking structure, so that the hydrophilic lubricating coating not only has good adhesive force on the surfaces of medical catheters, but also has excellent lubricity when wet, thereby reducing the friction coefficients of the surfaces of the medical catheters, decreasing the harm to the human tissues, and decreasing the adhesion of the macro-molecules in the blood. The hydrophilic lubricating coating is applied to medical catheters in a photo-curing manner; compared with the traditional curing manner, the photo-curing manner has the advantage of greatly shortening the curing time so as to greatly improve the production efficiency.

Environment protective polyurethane silk white paint for woodware and metal

InactiveCN101353551Agood adhesiongood flexibility
The invention relates to environmentally-friendly mercerizing polyurethane white paint used for environmentally-friendly woodware and metal, consisting of a component A, a component B and a component C that are mixed evenly by weight ratio that component A: component B: component C is equal to 1: 0.4 to 0.6: 0.5 to 0.6 when in use. The component A is obtained from the following ingredients by weight ratio: coconut oil alkyd resin, 45 to 55 parts; propylene glycol methyl ether propionate, 2 to 5 parts; n-butyl acetate, 3 to 6 parts; dispersing agent, 0.3 to 0.5 part; Tian-shuang brand anion auxiliaries, 1 to 2 parts; titanium dioxide, 30 to 40 parts; extinction powder, 5 to 7 parts; anti-yellow auxiliaries, 1 to 3 parts; Lubrizol 1400SF, 1 to 3 parts; Tian-shuang brand deodorant, 0.2 to 0.5 part; defoamer, 0.2 to 0.5 part; and leveling agent of 0.3 to 0.5 part. The component B is obtained from the following ingredients by weight ratio: n-butyl acetate, 30 to 50 parts; HDI trimer poly isocyanate, 22 to 30 parts; and HDI-TDI trimer, 30 to 40 parts. The component C is obtained from the following ingredients by weight ratio: n-butyl acetate, 75 to 85 parts; and propylene glycol methyl ether propionate, 15 to 25 parts. The environmentally-friendly mercerizing polyurethane white paint used for woodware and metal of the invention has the advantages of: 1. strict selection, ultra-low-free TDI and low odor; 2. good product adhesion, good flexibility and good anti-cracking and anti-shedding performance; 3. high white coating, excellent anti-yellowing performance, good hiding power, good fullness and high delicate touch; 4. good construction performance, fast low-temperature drying, surface drying at room temperature for 25 minutes, brush painting or spray painting, convenient grinding, substrate settlement workload reduction, and production efficiency improvement; and 5. negative ions release.

Foam double-sided tape and preparation method and application thereof

ActiveCN110003814AGood adhesionGood resistance to curved surface and anti-warping
The invention provides a foam double-sided tape and a preparation method and application thereof. The foam double-sided tape comprises a base material and a pressure sensitive adhesive layer compounded at two sides of the base material. The base material is a stretchable foam layer with at least a stretchable film compounded at one side thereof. Elongation at break of the stretchable film is greater than 300%, and tensile strength is greater than 10 MPa; elongation at break of the stretchable foam layer is greater than 300%, and tensile strength is greater than 1 MPa. Elongation at break of the pressure sensitive adhesive layer is 150-3000%, tensile strength is 1MPa-30MPa, and 180-degree peel strength is greater than 5N/25mm. By the adoption of the functional layer with specific performance parameters, good interaction is realized under a specific structure, and the foam double-sided tape has excellent adhesion, excellent resistance to curved surface and warp, good buffer performance and excellent shear resistance, has high adhesion and die cutting performance to various surfaces of glass, PC, stainless steel, ABS, etc., can be removed tracelessly from various surfaces by simply stretching the whole tape, and is applicable to bonding and assembling of components of electronic products.

SiC fiber reinforced polyurethane series skid-resistant coating and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN104710926Auniform appearancegood adhesion
The invention discloses a SiC fiber reinforced polyurethane series skid-resistant coating and a preparation method thereof. The skid-resistant coating is prepared from a component A, a component B, a component C, and other components through mixing, wherein the component A comprises polytetramethylene ether glycol, liquidated MDI, and E44 type epoxy resin; the B component comprises SiC short fiber, Al2O3 and a surface modifier; the component C comprises liquidated MDI, a chain extender, BaSO4, titanium dioxide and talcum powder; other components comprise a diluent, a defoaming agent and a levelling agent. The preparation method comprises the following steps: all components in the component A are mixed, so that the component A is prepared; all components in the component B are mixed, so that the component B is prepared; the component B, which accounts for 3-8% of the component C is mixed with the component C, and other components are added into the mixture so as to obtain a component D; finally, the component A and the component D are mixed according to the mass ratio of 1: (1-1.1), so that the skid-resistant coating is prepared. The skid-resistant coating disclosed by the invention is high in friction coefficient and adhesive force, excellent in comprehensive performance at low temperature and simple in preparation method.
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