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Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens

A method and apparatus for automated cell analysis of biological specimens automatically scans at a low magnification to acquire images (288) which are analyzed to determine candidate cell objects of interest. The low magnification images are converted from a first color space to a second color space (290). The color space converted image is then low pass filtered (292) and compared to a threshold (294) to remove artifacts and background objects from the candidate object of interest pixels of the color converted image. The candidate object of interest pixels are morphologically processed (296) to group candidate object of interest pixels together into groups which are compared to blob parameters (298) to identify candidate objects of interest which correspond to cells or other structures relevant to medical diagnosis of the biological specimen. The location coordinates of the objects of interest are stored and additional images of the candidate cell objects are acquired at high magnification. The high magnification images are analyzed in the same manner as the low magnification images to confirm the candidate objects of interest which are objects of interest. A high magnification image of each confirmed object of interest is stored for later review and evaluation by a pathologist.

Dynamic traffic simulation platform and simulation method thereof

ActiveCN103412975ASolve the problem of quickly matching to the road segmentSolve congestionSpecial data processing applicationsSimulationTraffic simulation
The invention relates to a dynamic traffic simulation platform which comprises a perception layer, a fusion layer, an application layer and a presentation layer. The perception layer is connected with a dynamic traffic data collecting device, multivariate heterogeneous traffic flow data are obtained and transmitted to the fusion layer in real time, and the fusion layer is connected with the application layer. The multivariate heterogeneous traffic flow data and GIS data are received for processing, the application layer obtains road network dynamic traffic flow data, and a traffic simulation model is formed. Through the traffic simulation model and a traffic OD matrix, dynamic traffic simulation is performed, and the presentation layer receives the traffic simulation result of the dynamic traffic simulation in the application layer, and provides service application and presentation to a terminal client. The problem that in the prior art, a large number of real-time dynamic traffic data can not be rapidly matched with a road section well is solved. Therefore, the multifunctional dynamic traffic simulation platform is capable of performing OD back stepping and real-time dynamic traffic early warning on dynamic traffic flows on the basis of a GIS grid rapid matching technology.
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