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But manufacturers have developed some excellent repair materials that include various polymers leading to higher bond strength and durability. Most repair materials today are polymer-modified concrete, meaning that the basic material is a portland cement and aggregate mixture with a polymer (typically latex) added.

Ectopic classification leaching repair complete process of arsenic and heavy metal contaminated soil

ActiveCN104889149ASolve the regeneration problemSolve the recycling problemContaminated soil reclamationCyclonePrill
The invention discloses an ectopic classification leaching repair complete process of arsenic and heavy metal contaminated soil. The repair process comprises the following steps: the contaminated soil is magnetically separated to extract and recover target metals; a nonmagnetic component is divided into three grades by a vibrating screen after being primarily crushed; stones and boulders are flushed by clear water to directly serve as building materials; thick and fine soil particles obtained through screening respectively enter second-grade leaching mixing equipment for washing; the solid-liquid separation is performed for mud generated by washing through a two-stage hydraulic cyclone device; leaching waste liquid is purified and regenerated for recycling; sludge is added with such repair materials as curing/stabilizing agents for safety treatment after being dehydrated; and after the treatment, the soil particles can be backfilled, or can serve as roadbeds, building materials and the like. Based on the characteristic of large difference of arsenic and heavy metal contents in soils with different particle sizes, the soil leaching treatment according to the particle size is performed, so that the process has such advantages as low repair cost, high treatment efficiency and saving of energy consumption, provides a new method for soil heavy metal pollution abatement, and is broad in application prospect.

Functional dressing, and preparation method and application thereof

ActiveCN103520764AThe solution is not easy to fixSolve the problem of not being able to form a filmAbsorbent padsBandagesTherapeutic effectDiabetic foot
The invention relates to an active wound repair material, specifically to a functional dressing and a preparation method and application thereof, belonging to the field of medical materials. To overcome a technical problem, the invention provides the functional dressing, which belongs to biologically active wound repair materials. The functional dressing is prepared from the following raw materials by weight: 2 to 6 parts of biologically active glass, 12 to 20 parts of alginate, 4 to 12 parts of chitosan and 100 to 200 parts of water. Multiple dosage forms can be prepared from the above-mentioned raw materials, mainly comprising a gel, a dressing, etc. The functional dressing provided by the invention has the advantages of bacteriostatic action on a wound, promotion of wound healing and growth, adsorption of a small amount of tissue exudates, good biosecurity, waterproof performance, a bacterium blocking effect, etc. The functional dressing has a wide application scope, is applicable to mechanical trauma and operative incision (wound) and exerts a good therapeutic effect on hard-healing wounds like burns and scalds, diabetic foot, ulcer and pressure sores and a good curative effect on an infectious wound and a delayed union wound.

Preparation method of medical porous titanium and titanium alloy

The invention discloses a preparation method of medical porous titanium and titanium alloy, which comprises the following steps: proportionally preparing titanium powder, alloy element powder and pore forming agent powder according to needs; carrying out ball milling, mixing and mechanical pressing by a powder metallurgy blank making technique to obtain a blank; putting the blank in a thermal insulation barrel, and putting the thermal insulation barrel into a microwave sintering furnace; and after vacuumizing the furnace chamber to a vacuum degree of 0.1Pa, charging argon with the purity of 99.999% to form cyclic protection, controlling the output power of the microwave sintering furnace at 0.5-3kW, heating to the sintering temperature of 800-1200 DEG C at the heating rate of 5-40 DEG C/minute, keeping the temperature for 5-30 minutes, shutting down the microwave source, and carrying out furnace cooling to obtain the medical porous titanium and titanium alloy. The invention has the advantages of simple preparation method, short sintering period, high efficiency, low sintering temperature and low energy consumption; and the sintered porous titanium and titanium alloy have excellent mechanical properties, and can be used as alternate repair material for bones, joints, artificial radix dentis and other hard tissues.

Magnesium calcium RH varnished tube hot spray repair material for smelting silicon steel and formulating method thereof

ActiveCN101367659AAvoid loose structureImprove corrosion resistanceSoft clayUltra fine
The invention relates to a calcium magnesium RH dip pipe hot spray repair material used for high-performance smelting silicon steel and a preparation method, and is characterized in that the invention adopts high-purity magnesium gravel and synthesis magnesium calcium as main components; more than one of organic addition agents of woodiness calcium sulphonate, modified starch ether, and the like are used in composite mode to substitute low-melting harmful plasticizers of soft clay, water glass, and the like used by conventional spray repair material to realize good spray repair adhesiveness and good high-temperature performance of the spray repair material. The invention uses two ultra fine powder of ultra fine MgO micro powder, SiO2 micro powder and calcium hydroxide micro powder in composite mode to act slushing enhancement effect, further improves adhesiveness and agglutinating property of the material, and enhances high temperature strength of the material. Provided spray repair material has high hot strength, good high-residue erosion resistance performance and good molten steel erosion resistance performance; spraying and repairing a dip pipe can make the service life be more than one furnace when a RH device smelts low sulphur special silicon steel, thus satisfying the requirements of the smelting of the special silicon steel.
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