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Nares seal

Apparatus for fitting to the head of a patient for supply of gas to the nose at a positive pressure for treatment of snoring and sleep apnea comprises headgear for fitting to the head of a patient. A mask support forms part of said headgear and is held, in use, by portions of said headgear in a stable position above the nose of the patient. The mask support includes a manifold chamber, a first connector opening above said manifold chamber for attachment of a gas supply line and a second connector depending from said manifold chamber. The above apparatus may be used with a novel nasal mask which is a nares seal that may be removably connected to said second connector by a third connector forming part of said seal and having an air orifice formed therethrough. The seal further comprises first and second laterally spaced delivery tubes connecting with said air orifice and defining between them a generally triangular open space which extends, when in use, downwardly to a point below the nose of a patient. The delivery tubes thence curves inwardly and upwardly to approach the nose of a patient and supports first and second nostril tubes connected with said delivery tubes for insertion into the nares of a patient. Wire support for said laterally spaced tubes extends from the connector to about where said tubes curve inwardly and upwardly.
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