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Integrated software development and porting system for wireless devices

An integrated computer system and a method for developing a source code and for generating executable computer programs to be run on multiple wireless devices are provided. A computer system includes a wireless device selector, a universal and concurrent emulator, a build and porting engine, a resource manager, and a provisioning server. The computer system utilizes a source code, a database including attributes of wireless devices, one or more libraries containing generic libraries and specific libraries relating to the wireless devices, and resources for the wireless devices. After certain wireless devices are selected, the universal and concurrent emulator can automatically emulate the selected devices and automatically and concurrently test the source code on the emulated devices. The build and porting engine can automatically generate executable computer programs for at least some or all of the selected wireless devices. The build and porting engine can also provide the executable computer programs to the provisioning server, which can provide the executable computer programs to their respective wireless devices. After the executable computer programs are tested on the actual wireless devices, the test results and comments can be fed back to the provisioning server. The system uses a single source code, and the source code can be modified based on emulation test results and actual test results. The resource manager can manipulate and optimize the resources. The emulator, build and porting engine, resource manager, and provisioning server can share the same source code, database, libraries, and resources.
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