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Semiconductor chip: A semiconductor device that can achieve certain functions by etching and wiring on a semiconductor chip. Not only silicon chips, but also common semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide (gallium arsenide is poisonous, and some inferior circuit boards should not be curiously decomposed) and germanium.

Package having very thin semiconductor chip, multichip module assembled by the package, and method for manufacturing the same

A semiconductor package of this invention has an insulating substrates, wiring layers disposed on the surface of the insulating substrate, a semiconductor chip disposed in a device hole provided in the insulating substrate, inner-joint-conductors for connecting at least part of the bonding pads on the surface of the semiconductor chip to the corresponding inner-joint-conductors and connection lands connected to the wiring layers. The device hole is provided so that it goes through the center of the insulating substrate. The semiconductor chip is thinner than the insulating substrate. Then, this semiconductor chip is disposed in the device hole such that a bottom thereof is flush with a bottom plane of the insulating substrate. Further, this invention provides a MCM in which plural pieces of the thin semiconductor packages are laminated. In the MCM, the semiconductor packages are laminated such that top and bottom faces of the thin silicon chip are inverted. Predetermined connection lands are electrically connected to each other through a connecting conductor. This MCM has a high mechanical strength in its stacked structure and there is a low possibility that crack may occur in the package due to stress in the bending direction.

Electro-optical device

An electro-optical device is disclosed. The device comprises a pair of substrates and an electro-optical modulating layer (e.g. a liquid crystal layer) having sandwiched therebetween, said pair of substrates consisting of a first substrate having provided thereon a plurality of gate wires, a plurality of source (drain) wires, and a pixel matrix comprising thin film transistors, and a second substrate facing the first substrate, wherein, among the peripheral circuits having established on the first substrate and being connected to the matrix wiring for the X direction and the Y direction, only a part of said peripheral circuits is constructed from thin film semiconductor devices fabricated by the same process utilized for an active device, and the rest of the peripheral circuits are constructed from semiconductor chips. The liquid crystal display device according to the present invention is characterized in that the peripheral circuits are not wholly fabricated into thin film transistors, but only those portions having a simple device structure, or those composed of a small number of devices, or those comprising an IC not easily available commercially, or those comprising an expensive integrated circuit, are fabricated by thin film transistors. According to the present invention, an electro-optical device is provided at an increased production yield with a reduced production cost.
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