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Touch control display panel and touch control display device

The invention provides a touch control display panel. The touch control display panel comprises a substrate, a thin film transistor array, an organic light emitting unit, a thin film packaging layer and a touch sensing electrode, wherein the thin film transistor array, the organic light emitting unit and the thin film packaging layer are sequentially stacked on the substrate, and the touch sensing electrode is arranged on the side, away from the organic light emitting unit, of the thin film packaging layer. The touch control display panel comprises a display area and a non-display area surrounding the display area. The non-display area is provided with a first dam surrounding the display area, and a second dam surrounding the first dam. The non-display area comprises a binding area and frame areas located on the two sides of the binding area, and at least the binding area, the portion between the first dam and the second dam and the side, close to the display area, of the first dam are filled with organic materials. Touch control electrode lead breakage caused when the touch control electrode leads pass through uneven dam areas is avoided. Besides, the organic materials have good elasticity, can relieve and protect stress accumulation of the touch control electrode leads when the display panel is bent. The provided touch control display panel is more applicable to flexible display.

Network system, controller, and network control method

A network system includes appliances provided in a network; a switch provided in the network; and a controller connected to the appliances and the switch. The switch contains a flow table. Entries in the flow table each specify an action to be performed on a packet matching with a matching condition. Upon receiving a packet, the switch refers to the flow table and performs the action specified by matching one of the entries which matches the received packet, on the received packet. A first appliance of the appliances performs a first packet process on a packet belonging to an existing flow, when being selected as an active appliance. When the active appliance is switched from the first appliance to a second appliance of the appliances, the controller performs a switching process after performing a shortcut process. In the shortcut process, the controller instructs the switch to set a first entry into the flow table, the first entry specifying that the first packet process is to be performed on a packet belonging to the existing flow. In the switching process, the controller instructs the switch to set a second entry into the flow table, the second entry specifying that a packet which is addressed to the active appliance and belongs to a new flow other than the existing flow is to be transferred to the second appliance.

Organic electroluminescent display (OLED), manufacturing method thereof and display device

The invention discloses an organic electroluminescent display (OLED), a manufacturing method of the organic electroluminescent display (OLED) and a display device. A pixel defining layer arranged in the organic electroluminescent display (OLED) is provided with opening areas corresponding to pixel areas of the OLED, an opening of each opening area is larger than the bottom face of the opening area, and thus the problem that a cathode may break later can be avoided; because the upper surface of the pixel defining layer is made from lyophobic material, and luminescent material with which the pixel defining layer is coated later cannot remain on the upper surface of the pixel defining layer easily, the problem that colors of the adjacent pixel areas are mixed can be avoided; meanwhile, the inclined faces of the corresponding opening areas of the pixel defining layer are made from lyophilic material so that it can be guaranteed that the opening areas are evenly filled with the luminescent material with which the pixel defining layer is coated later. Therefore, according to the OLED, the uniformity of a film layer formed later on the pixel defining layer can be guaranteed, and the luminescence property of the OLED is improved.
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