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Ceiling loudspeaker system

The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for installing a tile-mounted ceiling speaker that combines the ease of installation of a lay-in speaker system with the visual appearance of a tile-mounted speaker system. In one or more embodiments, the apparatus of the present invention includes a support frame and back box assembly configured for installation on top of a ceiling tile and a loudspeaker cartridge configured to be mounted to the support frame through an appropriately-sized hole in the ceiling tile. In one or more embodiments, the method of the present invention comprises forming an appropriately-sized hole in a ceiling tile, laying an integrated back box and support frame on top of the ceiling tile, connecting wires from an external audio source to terminals provided at the back box, connecting wires provided on the inside of the back box to a loudspeaker cartridge, inserting the loudspeaker cartridge into the hole in the ceiling tile from below, fastening the loudspeaker cartridge to the support frame, and fastening a grille to the loudspeaker cartridge. In one or more embodiments, a variety of interchangeable loudspeaker cartridges having differing loudspeaker configurations are provided. In one or more embodiments, the support frame and back box assembly is configured to allow installation of more than one loudspeaker cartridge. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker cartridges are configured for use both with a back box and without back box.
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