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Device capable of switching between an image display status and a mirror status, and an instrument disposed therewith

There is provided a device capable of switching between a state that displays a high-quality image and a mirror status in which is obtained an easy-to-view reflection image suitable for a person to view his/her own face or figure. An image display portion 1000 that emits image light 3001, reflective polarization selection means 300 that transmits a first linear polarization component emitted from the image display portion 1000 and reflects a second linear polarization component, whose polarization axis is orthogonal to that of the first linear polarization component, a transmission polarization axis variable portion 400 capable of selecting between one of a state that changes the polarization axis of incident linearly polarized light and a state that does not change the polarization axis of incident linearly polarized light, and a polarization selection member 500 which, of the incident light, absorbs the first linear polarization component and transmits the second linear polarization component, whose polarization axis is orthogonal to that of the first linear polarization component, are disposed in this order. In this case, absorbing polarization selection means 208 is disposed at the image display portion 1000, and the first linear polarization is emitted as the image light.

Method and apparatus for facilitating efficient authenticated encryption

A shared-key encryption scheme that uses identically keyed block-cipher calls, low additional overhead, supports the encryption of arbitrary-length strings, produces a minimal-length-ciphertext, and is fully parallelizable. In one embodiment, “OCB”, a key shared between communicating parties is mapped to a key variant using the block cipher. The key variant is mapped into a sequence of basis offsets using shifts and conditional xors. To encrypt a message using a nonce, a nonce-dependent base offset is formed, and then a sequence of offsets is constructed by starting with the base offset and then xoring, for each offset, an appropriate basis offset. The message is partitioned into message blocks of the same length as the block length of the block cipher, along with a message fragment that may be shorter. Each message block is combined with a corresponding offset, enciphered, and then combined again with the offset, yielding a ciphertext block. The message fragment is xored with an appropriately computed pad to give a ciphertext fragment. A checksum is formed using the message blocks, the message fragment, and the pad. The checksum is combined with an offset and enciphered to yield a tag. The encrypted message includes the ciphertext blocks, the ciphertext fragment, and the tag.

Electromagnetic wave blocking material and electromagnetic wave blocking case

This invention provides the electromagnetic waves shield material that has a sufficient effect of shielding the electromagnetic waves by making the electric conductive fibers into mesh. And this invention also provides the electromagnetic waves shield mobile phone case that avoids a harmful effect on the human body without reducing the function of communication of the mobile phone used the said electromagnetic waves shield material.
The fibers with electric conductivity are woven into mesh by a general knitting machine like a machine for tricot. The cost is low even used for the wide area to shield the electromagnetic waves because the consumption of the fibers needed is less. The coarseness of the net is maintained the same by controlling the movement of the length and breadth each other.
To avoid the radiation to the head direction, the electromagnetic waves shield material is used for the front and upper sides of the mobile phone case which are the direction to the head when the mobile phone is in use. The regular material without electromagnetic waves shield effect is used for the both sides of the mobile phone case.
The antenna cap with electromagnetic shield structure is attached to the said upper side of the electromagnetic wave shield case. The electricity with high frequency is conducted between the above antenna cap and the upper side of the electromagnetic wave shield case. The said antenna cap is a conic tube cut it's head obliquely. The opening part is made to face in the opposite side of the head when it is attached to the antenna. A metallic pin is attached to the outside of the antenna cap. This metallic pin conducts high frequent electricity with the wire antenna at the mobile phone body when it is attached. It functions as an additional antenna to the wire antenna at the mobile phone body.
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