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Precise positionable and compensable heavy-load mechanical arm

The invention discloses a precise positionable and compensable heavy-load mechanical arm which comprises a power device, a base, an arm assembly, a wrist assembly, a flexible claw and an automatic control system. The arm assembly comprises a lower arm assembly, a middle arm assembly and an upper arm assembly. The precise positionable and compensable heavy-load mechanical arm can adapt to a heavy-load working environment in a hydraulic drive mode, and on the basis, an external control system sends an instruction to an electric spindle according to information fed back by external and internal sensors and the like, so that a first connecting rod mechanism and a second connecting rod mechanism which are in transmission connection with the electric spindle perform fine adjustment compensation on the aspects of distance, angle and the like of the mechanical arm, and the precise effect can be achieved. When the mechanical arm is used, various sensor and computer control technologies are combined, so that working state monitoring can be achieved in the working process of the mechanical arm, precise mechanical arm operation can be ensured, meanwhile transmission errors of a transmission chain are decreased by using the electric spindle and other matched parts, the transmission accuracy is improved, and precise motion and safety guarantee of the wrist and the flexible claw is achieved.

Coaxial Optical Transceiver Device Automatic Coupling, Soldering and Packaging Mechanical Device

The invention discloses an auto-coupling welding and packaging mechanical device of a coaxial-type optical transceiving device, which comprises a workbench, an aligning unit, a lifting unit, a propelling unit, a manual lower fixture, a welding unit, a swinging unit, an upper fixture, an equipment housing and a control button, wherein an aligning unit base platform, the propelling unit and a welding workbench are installed on an equipment workbench; the propelling unit comprises a left propelling device and a right propelling device which are distributed in an angle of 45 DEG around a rotating shaft of a Theta z r autorotation platform; the manual lower fixture is placed on the left propelling device; the lifting unit is installed on the Theta z rotating platform; the welding unit and a portal-type frame are installed on the welding workbench, and the welding unit comprises three welding devices which are uniformly disturbed in an angle of 120 DEG around the rotating shaft of the Theta z autorotation platform; the swinging unit is installed on the portal-type frame; a Z-axis automatic linear slipway is installed on a swinging plate of the swinging unit; the upper fixture is installed on the Z-axis automatic linear slipway, and can realize pitching actions by depending on the action of the swinging unit; the equipment housing is installed on the equipment workbench; and the control button is installed on the equipment housing. The auto-coupling welding and packaging mechanical device has the advantages of reasonable and ingenious structural design, strong extendibility, space economization, high degree of automation, convenience for control, simpleness in operation and short operation time, therefore the cost of products is low and the quality is stable; and the problems of coupling, aligning and welding of the coaxial-type optical transceiving device are effectively solved, and the requirements of an industrialized production line are satisfied.

Sorting and carrying AGV

PendingCN106064717Aincrease flexibilityImprove logistics handling efficiency
The invention relates to a sorting and carrying AGV comprising an underpan, a jacking mechanism, an infrared photoelectric sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, a control device and a power supply. Each of the front and rear ends of the underpan is provided with two driven wheels, and two sides of the middle part of the underpan are provided with driving wheels respectively and first driving mechanisms driving the driving wheels to rotate; the jacking mechanism comprises a lifting platform and a plurality of pillars supporting the lifting platform, wherein the lifting platform is provided with a tray and a rotating device for driving the tray to reversely rotate relative to the turning direction of the AGV, and the underpan is provided with a second driving mechanism for driving the lifting platform to go up and down; the infrared photoelectric sensor is arranged on the underpan and is used for detecting a pavement tracing line; the ultrasonic sensor is arranged on the underpan and is used for detecting a barrier; the control device is arranged on the underpan and is in communication connection with the first driving mechanisms, the rotating device, the second driving mechanism and the infrared photoelectric sensor and the ultrasonic sensor; and the power supply is used for supplying power to the first driving mechanisms, the rotating device, the second driving mechanism and the control device.

Intention model training method and device, intention identification method and device, equipment and medium

The invention discloses an intention model training method and device, an intention identificationidentification method and device, equipment and a medium, and the method comprises the steps: inputting a training text word vector and an intention label into an intention training model, and obtaining an original intention identification model; inputting the test text word vector and the intention label into an original intention identification model, obtaining an output result corresponding to the original intention identification model, and determining the original intention identification model as a target intention identification model if the output result is greater than a preset accuracy rate; and inputting the target text word vector corresponding to the target text and the corresponding entity label into an entity training model to obtain an entity identification model. The target intention is obtained through the target intention identification model, and the target entity is obtained through the entity identification model, so that the effective speech corresponding to the target intention and the target entity is randomly selected from the speech template to communicate with the client, and the flexibility of the conversation between the robot and the client is improved.
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