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Precision casting and extrusion processing technique of high-carbon chromium bearing steel cycloid wheel

The invention relates to high-carbon chromium bearing steel cycloid wheel precision casting extrusion manufacturing technology. It is the critical component manufacturing technology in the spindle wheel swinging reducer. Its mainly technical features lie in its technological line that the first step, the high-carbon chromium bearing steel is precisely cast to many cycloid wheel blanks, and the remained forging envelope is from 0.3 millimeter to 0.5 millimeter. The second step, isothermal spheroidizing is practiced. The third step, shot blasting is practiced. The forth step, the surface is cleaned out. The fifty step, phosphorization is practiced. The sixth step, cold extrusion is practiced. The seventh step, stree-free annealing is practiced. The eighth step, quench tempering is practiced. The ninth step, the plane, inner hole, shaft pin hole, and curve tooth surface curve of the cycloid wheel are practiced coarse grinding. The tenth step, they are practiced fine grinding. The eleventh step, the cycloid wheel is tested after the fine grinding, and the finished product is put in storage. The technology can economize more than fifty percent of the raw material, sixty percent of the manpower; the economized energy is reached to twenty percent; the improved work efficiency is twice.

Construction method of monolithic road-bed in rail tunnel

The invention discloses a method for constructing an integrated road bed of a track traffic tunnel, which is a supporting frame method for short. Firstly, a finished track panel assembled on a base is hoisted to the constructed tunnel; and the track panel of sleepers with different forms is born through adopting a supporting frame of a lower bearing type track panel; secondly, the track panel in the construction working face is hoisted to the designed elevation; the supporting frame of the track panel is mounted to support the track panel; a transverse supporting lever is utilized to approximately fix the direction of the track panel; and finally, according to fiducial mark, the elevation of track surface, the direction of the track, level and height are adjusted to the designed positions; after the binding and welding of concrete reinforcing bars and the erection of a template of the road bed are sequentially completed, and the integrated road bed is finally subjected to concrete pouring to obtain the integrated road bed; and the steps are sequentially advanced to complete the whole construction. The method reduces control links and material waste, improves construction schedule, ensures construction quality and is mainly used for the structural construction of undergrounds, light rails, tunnels, bridges, large-scale vehicle fields and other integrated road beds.

Jackstone-type rockfill concrete construction method

The present invention discloses a riprap rock-fill concrete construction method, which relates to a construction method for the large volume concrete. The present invention adopts self-compacting concrete having superior anti-segregation performance and good plasticity-retention performance, and firstly the concrete is poured into a bin, and then block stones or pebbles with the particle size smaller than 4 cm are poured into the poured self-compacting concrete in a mechanical way or a manual way, and the self-compacting concrete can fill up and compact the vacancies caused in the block stone settlement path at any time, the high anti-segregation performance ensures that the self-compacting concrete does not segregate and bleed water under the impact of the block stones, and finally the self-compacted rock-fill concrete with high intensity is formed. The method has the advantages that the construction is convenient, and the present invention has significant effects on the aspects of improving the construction efficiency and saving the construction cost, and the rock-fill concrete formed has high degree of compaction, the cement used is less, the hydration temperature rise is low, the volume stability is good, and the comprehensive performance is excellent, meanwhile, the present invention also has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection and being easy for continuous construction.

Changed computer desk

The invention relates to a changeable computer desk which consists of a universal display bracket, a universal keyboard and mouse mounting mechanism, a cross sliding rack, a universal supporting arm and a fixing mechanism; the universal display bracket is arranged above the cross sliding rack; the universal keyboard and mouse mounting mechanism is arranged under the cross sliding rack; the cross sliding rack is arranged on a crossbeam of a rotary tube of the universal supporting arm through a middle sleeve arranged on the cross sliding rack and can slide along the crossbeam left and right; the universal supporting arm is arranged on a base of the fixing mechanism; and the height of the crossbeam and the horizontal rotation using a lifting tube as an axle can be independently adjusted. The changeable computer desk has good human-computer working efficiency, small size and strong functions; besides the function as the compute desk, a printer/a sundries bracket arranged on the computer desk and a small drawer hung on the computer desk to lean against the bed head can be also used as a bedstand; in use, a user only needs to adjust the heights, the relative positions or the angles of the universal supporting arm, the cross sliding rack and the universal mechanism arranged up and down to meet the use requirements of sitting, standing and lying; and a desk body mounted with a computer chassis does not make any movement.
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