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System and method for single-action energy resource scheduling and participation in energy-related securities

A system for single-action energy resource scheduling and participation in energy-related securities, comprising a communications interface executing on a network-connected server and adapted to receive information from a plurality of client user interfaces and a secure action server coupled to the communications interface, wherein the secure action server, on receiving a connection from a client user interface, assigns a unique client identifier to the client user interface and associates the unique identifier with a client account, and wherein the secure action server, on receiving a request from a client user interface, determines whether the client user interface is mapped to an authorized market participant who has enabled single-action scheduling, execution order, or participation confirmation functionality for the client user interface, and passes information to the client user interface pertaining at least to a single action needed to confirm scheduling, execution order, or participation and wherein the secure action server, on receiving indication from the communications interface that a required single action has been taken, at least updates information about the market participant who took the action, is disclosed.

Posting/subscribing system for adding message queue models and working method thereof

The invention provides a posting/subscribing system for adding message queue models and a working method of the posting/subscribing system. The system comprises a distributed message-oriented middleware server-side cluster, a client-side cluster and a distributed coordinate server cluster. Service nodes in the message-oriented middleware server-side cluster are composed of corresponding modules of an original posting/subscribing system, and the function of the message-oriented middleware server-side cluster is the same as the information transferring relation; a client side is simultaneously provided with a calling interface of a posting/subscribing model and a calling interface of a message queue model which are used for achieving the purpose that a user can select and use the two different message transferring models directly without transforming the bottom layer middleware, so that a coordinate service module and a message processing module are additionally arranged on the client side based on an original framework. The system supports the posting/subscribing message transferring model and the message queue message transferring model simultaneously and guarantees that the availability, flexibility and other performance of the two models are all within the acceptable range, and the problem that it is difficult to transform the bottom layer message transferring model for the user is better solved.

High efficiency linearization power amplifier for wireless communication

An embodiment of the invention uses a predistortion correction signal to combination the modulated RF signal by an analog multiplier for linearization of power amplifiers having nonlinear characteristics such as those used in wireless RF transmitters. A predistortion controller comprises a plurality of down converters for retrieving both the ideal non-distorted information and the feedback distorted information, together with pre-stored digitally-indexed predistortion information stored, for example, in a look-up table. The digitally-indexed information models nonlinear characteristics of the high power amplifier, and is stored prior to processing of pre-compensation in the power amplifier. When the predistortion information is combined with the modulated RF signal in the analog multiplier, the result is a substantially linear information transmission from the power amplifier. In an embodiment of the system, the modulated RF input signal and the feedback signal from PA output are down-converted, respectively, by analog devices, such as mixers, after which the analog intermediate frequency (IF) signals are digitized by analog-to-digital converters for digital predistortion correction processing, followed by predistortion processing performed by, for example, a DSP or FPGA chip to generate a digital correction control signal, which is then converted to an analog signal by a digital-to-analog converter, followed by combining the analog correction signal with the RF modulated input signal to yield the input to the power amplifier.

Intelligent substation based on sensor, communication network and expert system

The invention discloses an intelligent substation based on sensors, a communication network and an expert system. The intelligent substation comprises a substation automation system, a primary equipment condition monitoring system and an intelligent auxiliary control system. The intelligent substation is characterized in that the real-time data of equipment operation are acquired by additionally installing various sensors, the IEC61850 standard is utilized to realize information modeling of the sensor data, a communication network is utilized to build a physical channel for information transmission, and advanced application of the substation automation system and intelligent monitoring and linkage of the primary equipment condition monitoring and auxiliary systems are realized by a background expert system, thus realizing intelligent operation and patrol functions of the substation; the sensors include an all-fiber electronic current transformer, a capacitive voltage divider type electronic voltage transformer, a primary equipment condition monitoring sensor and an internet sensor with an auxiliary system things; and the advanced application of the substation automation system includes sequential control, equipment condition visualization, intelligent alarm, distributed condition estimation, substitution function and the like. Intelligent operation and patrol functions of the substation can be realized.

Information transmission system, transmitter, and transmission method as well as information reception system, receiver and reception method

Content data encrypted with a content key, the content key encrypted with an individual key specific to an information sending device, and the individual key encrypted with a distribution key that is updated in a predetermined cycle, and supplied are sent to an information receiving device, and the information receiving device decrypts the individual key with the distribution key, decrypts the content key with the individual key, and decrypts the content data with the content key. Thus, the information sending device does not have the distribution key, and accordingly piracy of content data can be prevented with a simple configuration. Also, the information receiving device sends the content key and a playback command to other apparatuses. Thus, other apparatuses can play back contents using the playback command and the content key. Furthermore, the information sending device decrypts the content key with the distribution key before being updated, and stores the same. Thus, contents purchased by an advance order can be actually purchased regardless of expiration dates of the distribution key. Furthermore, usage right is passed from a first information receiving device to a second information receiving device different in registration information at the tome of using contents. Thus, contents can be used among information receiving devices different from each other in registration information.

Systems and methods for communicating spread spectrum signals using variable signal constellations

According to embodiments of the invention, a communications system includes an error correction encoder that error correction encodes a bitstream according to an error correction code. The system also includes a variable symbol generator that generates a symbol according to a selected one of a plurality of selectable signal constellations from a group of bits of the error correction encoded bitstream. The system further includes a spreader that spreads the symbol according to a spreading code, and a transmitter that transmits the spread symbol in a communications medium. Preferably, the plurality of selectable signal constellations includes at least two signal constellations of different order. In other embodiments, the error correction encoder includes a variable error-correction encoder that encodes the bitstream according to a selected error correction code of a plurality of selectable error correction codes. In still other embodiments, the spreader includes a variable spreader that spreads the symbol according to a selected spreading code of a plurality of selectable orthogonal spreading codes including at least two spreading codes of different lengths. A controller may select the error correction code used by the variable error correction encoder, the signal constellation used by the variable symbol generator, and the spreading code used by the variable spreader to provide a desired information transmission rate for the bitstream. Related methods are also described.
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