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Automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance. Automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention.

Electrically controlled automated devices to operate, slow, guide, stop and secure, equipment and machinery for the purpose of controlling their unsafe, unattended, unauthorized, unlawful hazardous and/or legal use, with remote control and accountability worldwide

This application describes completely in many unique ways and detail all the devices to reduce a vehicle's speed and/or reduce a machines RPM's and/or stop any piece of equipment's as well as guide it if mobile through automated controls. First to slow it down, and guide it and/or control it if necessary (i.e., other pieces of equipment). Secondly it discusses how to stop any piece of equipment completely. And thirdly, the invention secures it in a safe stationary position either entirely or any number of specific moving parts. Many of these systems are initially here described to slow, reduce speed, steer, stop and/or secure equipment functions. However, they also can be used to increase a piece of equipment's functions. In other words their variations are completely capable to serve any remote or automated controls on a vehicle in the future to provide full robotics systems, e.g., for automated transportation systems, automated manufacturing, etc., either through individually isolated remote control systems and/or interfaced with other off-board systems through communication links, gateway computers, computer networks and the world wide web for inexpensive long distance monitoring and remote control. The invention focuses on the automobile industry but as has always been maintained throughout all these applications these devices and systems are designed to control every piece of equipment. The invention includes various accountable protocols and commercial developments to control speed, brake and steering for an automobile shut down to be performed through automation to a safe controlled secured deactivated state to be considered as a basis for a standard in aggressive vehicle remote control and/or to control and guide a vehicle and/or piece of equipment through many different automated systems.

System and method for automating transcription services

A system for substantially automating transcription services for multiple voice users including a manual transcription station, a speech recognition program and a routing program. The system establishes a profile for each of the voice users containing a training status which is selected from the group of enrollment, training, automated and stop automation. When the system receives a voice dictation file from a current voice user based on the training status the system routes the voice dictation file to a manual transcription station and the speech recognition program. A human transcriptionist creates transcribed files for each received voice dictation files. The speech recognition program automatically creates a written text for each received voice dictation file if the training status of the current user is training or automated. A verbatim file is manually established if the training status of the current user is enrollment or training and the speech recognition program is trained with an acoustic model for the current user using the verbatim file and the voice dictation file if the training status of the current user is enrollment or training. The transcribed file is returned to the current user if the training status of the current user is enrollment or training or the written text is returned if the training status of the current user is automated. An apparatus and method is also disclosed for simplifying the manual establishment of the verbatim file. A method for substantially automating transcription services is also disclosed.

Transaction automation and archival system using electronic contract and disclosure units

A transaction automation and archival system is provided for controlling, real-time logging, and archiving complex commercial transactions such as the purchase and financing of an automobile. The heart of the system is an electronic contract disclosure unit, or ECDU. The ECDU includes a digitizing display that includes a video display for imaging to participants the various documents involved in the transaction and a digitizer for allowing participants to sign, indicate choices, and otherwise interact directly on documents and images presented on the display. A computer controls the entire progress of the transaction, and thus controls the collaborative space occupied by the participants to the transaction. The computer, for instance, controls the order of presentation of documents to a vehicle purchaser, receives the purchaser's signature on the displayed documents when required, offers choices of various packages that can be accepted or declined by the purchaser, and insures that the entire transaction is carried out properly. The ECDU further logs the transaction for future review and preferably includes a video camera and microphone for logging images and sounds of the participants during the transaction. One or more fingerprint readers are associated with the digitizing display for allowing participants to select between options by pressing their thumb or finger on the reader, which simultaneously verifies the identity of the individual making the selection through the fingerprint.

Centralized Dynamic Security Control for a Mobile Device Network

An security system for an enterprise network and data automates the revision, deployment, enforcement, auditing and control of security policies on mobile devices connected to said enterprise network, through automated communication between a security policy server and the mobile device. Control of the security system is centralized through administrative control of security policies stored on the security policy server. Automation of deployment of security policies to mobile devices occurs through transparent background communication and transfer of updated policies either triggered by a change in a security policy within the central repository of security policies or upon the expiration of a certain time period during which no policies were downloaded to the mobile device. When the mobile device is not in compliance with a security policy, a software security agent operating thereon limits access to said enterprise network and enterprise data. To aid in preventing the overwhelming of the enterprise network and the security policy server as a result of to many synchronization communications coming from too many mobile devices, a randomized timer is set by the software security agent upon receipt by the mobile device of a synchronization command from the security policy server.

Encapsulated, streaming media automation and distribution system

Disclosed are systems and methods for creating and distributing programming content carried by a digital streaming media to be a plurality of remote nodes located over a large geographic area to create customized broadcast quality programming at the remote nodes. At the remote nodes, a multi-window screen display simultaneously shows different programming including national programming and local programming content. The remote nodes utilize a remote channel origination device to assemble the customized programming at the remote location that can be controlled from a central location. An encapsulated IP and IP encryption system is used to transport the digital streaming media to the appropriate remote nodes. Also disclosed is a graphical user interface (“GUI”) providing a software control interface for creating and editing shows or programs that can be aired or played on a remote display device having a multi-window display. The intuitive GUI Software provides the user the ability to easily manage and assemble a series of images, animations and transitions as a single broadcast quality program to be displayed on a remote display device. Another application software system is capable of automating the production of audio narration reports. The disclosed audio concatenation engine automates the creation of audio narration using prerecorded audio segments to minimize the requirement for live, on-air personnel to record audio narration segments.

Method and apparatus for providing status information from a security and automation system to an emergency responder

An access portal is provided for establishing communication between an environmental management system used on a premises and an authorized responder equipped with an external access device. In some cases a remote host server is provided for obtaining information from the environmental management system, which in turn can transmit the information to the external access device. The access portal includes a first electronic memory segment configured to store access information associated with at least one authorized responder and a second electronic memory segment configured to store information pertaining to the premises and/or at least one occupant residing in the premises. The access portal also includes a processor for identifying a responder as an authorized responder by comparing identifying information received from the responder through the external access device with the access information stored in the first electronic memory segment. A wireless transceiver is provided for (i) receiving the identifying information and requests from the responder and, (ii) in response to a request, transmitting the premises information stored in the second electronic memory segment and status information obtained from at least one sensor in the environmental management system to an authorized responder.
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