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Automation testing is an Automatic technique where the tester writes scripts by own and uses suitable software to test the software. It is basically an automation process of a manual process. Like regression testing, Automation testing also used to test the application from load, performance and stress point of view.

Preparation and characterization of formulations in a high throughput mode

The invention is an automated robotic system for the production and testing of formulations at a very high throughput. It is an integrated system of hardware and software capable of preparing and evaluating hundreds of emulsions per day. The system can formulate aqueous solutions (SL), oil in water emulsions (EW), suspo-emulsions (SE), micro capsule suspensions (CS), micro-emulsions (ME), and suspension concentrates (SC) at the 1 ml to 25 ml scale. The system can process emulsions rapidly in an automated way and enable very flexible formulation recipes to be introduced. The system allows chemists to generate experimental samples of varying recipe and method to be conducted in parallel with projected throughput of up to 1200 formulations processed and characterized per day. Materials and consumables can be distributed from storage storage systems to the work stations where dispensing of ingredients in various states can be performed, including solids, liquids, gels, pastes, suspensions and waxes. The emulsions formed can be characterized using methods including phase diagnosis, turbidity analysis, viscosity and particle sizing using automated test equipment. An integrated module can also perform Tank Mix Compatibility testing in high throughput mode. The modular system allows future processes and tests to be added, either to a station, or as a new station. The software capability includes tracking of processes from start to finish and the integration of analytical data with the as-designed and as-formulated experimental results.

Automatic scanning and reading system and reading method

The invention discloses an automatic scanning examination paper marking system and a corresponding method, belonging to the image processing and mode identifying technique field. The system comprises a paper defining module, an answer sheet manufacturing tool based on VBA, a file scanner, a database server, an answer sheet information automatic identifying module, an answer sheet identified-result revising module and an automatic marking summarizing module. The whole structure of the automatic paper marking system appears as a star and the database server is the center of the system and other modules and apparatuses are respectively connected with the database server by network means and used for information transmission and network sharing. One automatic scanning examination paper marking method includes the following steps: paper defining, paper manufacturing based on VBA, examination, subjective question marking, answer sheet scanning, answer sheet information identifying, identified-result revising and automatic marking and summarizing. The advantage is that the invention can mark the paper including both subjective questions and objective questions; the requirements to the operation technique and apparatus are low; the requirements to the paper-quality of the answer sheet, pens and printing are low and the checking is convenient.

Automatic testing and sorting machine for integrated circuit IC chip

The invention discloses an automatic testing and sorting machine for an integrated circuit IC chip. The machine comprises a charging tray separating and inputting device, a material boat module device, a qualified product sorting and collecting module and an inferior-quality product sorting and collecting module, wherein the charging tray separating and inputting device can separate stacked material trays one by one; the material boat module device comprises a left material boat for holding chips to be tested and a right material boat for holding the tested chips, and the left material boat and the right material boat are controlled by a servo motor to swing left and right; the qualified product sorting and collecting module is used for holding the chips tested to be qualified in the right material boat; and the inferior-quality product sorting and collecting module is used for holding the chips tested to be unqualified. A tray full of chips to be tested and sorted is automatically input to the right position by the tray separating and inputting device, then, the chips are transferred to the boats by a charging gripper platform device one by one; and the chips to be tested in the left material boat are precisely absorbed and moved to a testing position to be tested by a testing gripper combined module device, then, are placed back to the right material boat to be further conveyed to a sorting position, and finally, are sorted and placed in a corresponding finished product tray or inferior-quality product tray by a discharging and sorting gripper platform device according to the test result, and conveyed out of the machine in order after fully filled in the tray.

Automatic test platform server and system applied to cloud storage

InactiveCN102075381APerfect automated deploymentPerfect runnabilityData switching networksGraphical user interfaceStatistical analysis
The invention provides a test platform server applied to cloud storage, which comprises an automatic project management module, a cross-platform automatic deployment module, an unattended automatic operating module, a test result statistical report output module, other test platform integrated module and a Web Graphical User Interface (Web GUI) interactive interface module, wherein the automatic project management module is used for storing automatic test specifications suitable for cloud storage, and the automatic test specifications comprise organization modes and specifications of cases, scripts and data of automatic test projects; the cross-platform automatic deployment module is used for implementing automatic deployment of a test environment under a cross-platform environment; the unattended automatic operating module is used for implementing unattended automatic test operation; the test result statistical report output module is used for providing automatic test result statistical analysis and log query; the other test platform integrated module is used for providing an integrated interface interacted with other test platforms; and the Web GUI interactive interface module is used for providing a graphical interface for accessing, configuring and managing the above five modules. The invention also provides a test platform service system applied to the cloud storage.
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