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Exemplary embodiments of system and method are provided for measuring signal amplitude, phase and/or delay offsets between multiple transmit signals fed through the transmit signal processing chains and wirelessly transmitted over the transceive antennas of separate transceiver modules, wherein transmit signal coupling between the transmit antennas of said transceiver modules' transmit signal processing chains may be used for synchronizing the transmit signals and calibrating their amplitude, phase and/or delay parameters. The exemplary embodiments further provide a front end arrangement of a wireless transceiver device which can comprise at least two independently controllable transceiver modules, each connected to an associated spatial diversity transceive antenna and comprising at least one associated transmit signal processing chain and at least one associated receive signal processing chain coupled to a common baseband processing unit. The exemplary transceiver architecture can be executed on an antenna loop between the transmit signal processing chain of a first transceiver module and the transmit signal processing chain of a second transceiver over the air interface and relies on an adaptive antenna concept which facilitates a wireless transmission of data via a plurality of wireless communication channels utilizing an array of transceive antennas, receiving feedback information via at least one of said communication channels using such antenna loop and modifying a transmission mode based on the received feedback information.

Vector network analyzer applique for adaptive communications in wireless networks

A test signal generator at a transmitter station and a facsimile generator at a receiver station go through an acquisition and tracking process which aligns the two signals so that a logical processor can compute the frequency transfer function of the entire propagation path for use in an adaptive, concurrently sent communication signal. The frequency transfer function is conveyed back to the transmit end via a control channel permitting an adaptivity function at the transmit end to influence subsequent selection of communication parameters, among which are typically transmitted data rate, selection of modulation, selection of forward error correcting coding, and selection of frequency band for transmission. The same measurement is conveyed to an adaptivity function at the receive end for use in the communications receiver to select demodulator variables such as gain control, and equalization of amplitude and phase, versus frequency. The adaptivity function also permits interspersing of reverse-direction communications over the same frequency bands in a time-share mode between forward-direction and reverse-direction communication with the measurement signals having to be transmitted in only one direction. An alternate embodiment invention of this type is described which is additionally useful for mobile communications channels. Another variation embodiment is described for pure propagation measurements only, absent conveyance of end-user information.
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