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Wearable electronic device

A wearable electronic device (10) is disclosed comprising a location determining component (12) enclosed by an elongated housing (14) and a strap (16) operable to secure the housing to a user's forearm for use during exercise or other periods of activity. The housing (14) includes a display (30) and at least one input (44). The display (30) communicates information concerning the device (10) and the input (44) controls the operation of the location determining component (12). In a first preferred embodiment, the location determining component (12) is a GPS receiver operable to determine a geographic location of the device (10). In a second preferred embodiment, the device (110) comprises a location determining component (112) and an exercise performance monitor component (162) operable to compute information relative to the user's exercise. In a third preferred embodiment, the device (212) comprises a location determining component (212) and an entertainment component (264) operable to execute at least one game. In a fourth preferred embodiment, the device (310) comprises a location determining component (312), an exercise performance monitor component (362) and an entertainment component (364).

Air power engine assembly

The invention relates to an air-powered engine assembly, which comprises an air tank, an air valve, an air distributor, an intake pipe, camshafts, an intake duct, an exhaust control device, air cylinders, pistons, crankshafts, couplers, clutches, automatic gearboxes and differentials connected with the outside. The assembly is characterized in that the air valve, a constant pressure chamber and a pressure controller are arranged between the air tank and the air distributor; the air distributor is connected with a plurality of air cylinders on an air cylinder gasket; each air cylinder is connected with an exhaust chamber through an exhaust manifold; the exhaust chamber is provided with a turbine generator which is connected with a storage batter; the air cylinders are provided with the camshafts for controlling the air intake and exhaust of the air cylinders; the air cylinders are provided inside with the pistons for driving the crankshafts to rotate; the camshafts and the crankshafts are connected by chains; and the crankshafts are connected with the differentials through the couplers, the clutches and the gearboxes in turn. Therefore, doing work through air compression rather than fuel, the air-powered engine assembly has the advantages of avoiding waste gas discharge and air pollution, along with reliable operation, convenient operation, economical efficiency, practicality and so on. In addition, due to recycle of the waste gas for power generation, the air-powered engine assembly saves energy and reduces costs.
Owner:周登荣 +1

Vehicle collision prewarning method and apparatus

The invention discloses an early warning method and a device for vehicle collision. The early warning method is characterized in that the method comprises the following steps: after a vehicle is fired, colliding an early warning system to begin initializing each parameter, using an OBD information collection module, a sensor information collection module and a GPS information collection module to collect information of the vehicle, using an inter-vehicle information exchange module to collect peripheral vehicle information, sending the information of the vehicle to the peripheral vehicles, calculating individualized collision probability according to self state of a driver, and warning the driver; and the device consists of the OBD information collection module, the sensor information collection module, the GPS information collection module, the inter-vehicle information exchange module, an information exchange module in the vehicles, a collision detection module and a vehicle collision warning module. Each module exchanges information in the vehicle through a wireless local area network in the vehicle, does not change an electric line of the vehicle and does not increase wire harness inside the vehicle, and can effectively reduce occurrence of traffic accidents, so as to reduce casualties.

Identity authentication method, identity authentication server and identity authentication device

The invention discloses an identity authentication method, an identity authentication server and an identity authentication device. The method comprises the steps that the authentication server receives a biological characteristic authentication request sent by a client, returns challenges generated randomly to the client and receives a dynamic verification password sent by the client, wherein the dynamic verification password is generated by the client time when the challenges are received, the challenges, a biological characteristic of a user and a first seed key prestored in the client; the authentication server generates a dynamic password according to the time of the authentication server when the dynamic verification password is received, the challenges, the biological characteristic of the user and a second seed key; and the authentication server verifies whether the dynamic password is consistent with the dynamic verification password and returns an identity authentication result to the client according to a verification result. With the adoption of the identity authentication method, the identity authentication server and the identity authentication device, the safety of the dynamic password is ensured through the biological characteristic, and the authenticity and reliability of the identity authentication of the user are guaranteed.

Network-based PB level cloud storage system and processing method thereof

InactiveCN102143215ASolve the problem of unbalanced load distributionSolve the problem of difficult expansionData switching networksGeneral purposeDynamic load balancing
The invention relates to a network-based PB level cloud storage system and a processing method thereof. The network-based PB level cloud storage system comprises a main control server, a storage server cluster and a client side which are operated through an internal exchange, wherein the main control server is used for providing the directory information and the meta data information for a cloud storage client side and monitoring the storage server cluster; the storage server cluster comprises a plurality of storage servers used for data storage; the client side is used for providing the virtual disc service for a cloud storage client machine, submitting an operation request of the cloud storage client machine to a virtual disc to the main control server and reading/writing the file data from the storage server, and a client-side module is arranged on the cloud storage client machine. The invention is easy to expanded and is convenient to manage, solves the problem of storage island, can construct a cloud storage file system provided with the dynamic load balancing capability and the online backup and automatic recovery functions and capable of being expanded on demand on a general-purpose low-performance PC (personal computer) cluster.

Industrial control network security protection monitoring system

An industrial control network security protection monitoring system performs real-time prevention and protection on industrial equipment of the industrial control network, and realizes network security protection monitoring through an acquisition layer, an analysis layer, a function layer and a display layer based on an integrated application platform, wherein the display layer mainly displays security trend, system topology and industrial control panorama; the acquisition layer comprises the acquisition of network data traffic and the recording of industrial control network operations; the analysis layer mainly comprises data processing, data association, data aggregation, data modeling, and integrated interfaces of other function modules; and the function layer mainly comprises monitoring audit, intrusion prevention, vulnerability mining, and data isolation. The system provided by the invention protects and protects industrial equipment in real time through the intelligent protectiontechnology of the industrial network control system, monitors and audits the data information of the entire industrial control network through the monitoring and auditing technology to prevent the industrial control network from being attacked externally, and can also have the vulnerability mining function of the industrial control network to escort the entire industrial control network security.

Quick replacement station for battery box of electric vehicle and battery box replacement method

The invention discloses a fast power transformation station of a battery box of an electric automobile and a replacement method of the battery box. The power transformation station at least comprises the following devices: an automobile positioning platform, a battery box lifting and replacing platform, a stacking machine, a battery box storage rack, a logistics transmission port of the battery box and a delivery roller way which are symmetrically arranged relative to the longitudinal movement axis of the stacking machine, the simultaneous working of the two power transformation systems can be achieved, and the space utilization rate and the power transformation efficiency are improved. The fast power transformation station also comprises a power supply system which is arranged on a roof and consists of a solar photovoltaic power generation battery board; and self sufficiency of power can be achieved by virtue of the solar energy, the power supply of the equipment in the station or the charging for the battery box in the station are met. The invention also provides the replacement method of the battery box of the power transformation station. According to the power transformation station, the distribution is reasonable, the space utilization rate is high, the work of the equipment is reliable and simple, and the power transformation process is fast, so that the power transformation time can be shortened, the power transformation fault is reduced, and the compatibility for different vehicles and different battery boxes is also improved.

Firmware upgrading and encapsulating method and device based on digital signing

The invention discloses a firmware upgrading method based on digital signatures, and a device thereof, wherein the upgrading method comprises the following steps: encapsulation is performed according to a predefined encapsulation structure so as to generate an upgrading file based on a digital signature; a product needing firmware upgrading obtains the upgrading file; a digital signature file is extracted from the upgrading file and decrypted, so as to obtain an XML file; the XML file is analyzed so as to screen out upgrading module files needing to be upgraded; the legitimacy and integrity of every upgrading module file needing to be upgraded are verified respectively, so as to generate an upgrading script for upgrading all the upgrading module files which pass verification; and the upgrading script is executed so as to upgrade the firmware. The invention discloses a firmware encapsulating method based on digital signatures, and a device thereof. The invention verifies the integrity and legitimacy of every upgrading module file in the upgrading file through the digital signature file, and generates the upgrading script to finish upgrading firmware, thereby improving the security and convenience of firmware upgrading.

Method and device of device-to-device communication

ActiveCN105451211ASolve the problem of scheduling when communicating directlyGuaranteed reliabilitySignal allocationPayload allocationControl signalData information
The present invention discloses a method and device of device-to-device (D2D) communication. The method provided by the invention comprises: determining a first resource set used for D2D control information transmission according to the configuration parameters of a received D2D control signaling and / or stored radio resource pre-configuration information; determining a second resource used for D2D data transmission; sending D2D control information in the first resource set, and / or sending D2D data in the second resource. According to the invention, the scheduling problem when user equipment (UE) is configured to perform direct communication on a radio resource of a cellular communication system in the prior art is solved, especially in the condition that each configuration has different proportions of uplink subframes and down subframes when the cellular communication system is a TDD (Time Division Duplex) system, therefore when D2D communication only use an uplink resource, the reliability of the transmission of D2D communication control information and data information of different types of business in each D2D configuration and the flexibility of the D2D communication scheduling are ensured.

Multi-platform target tracking and distribution interactive simulation system

The invention relates to a multi-platform target tracking and distributed interactive simulation system in the technical field of simulation. The system comprises a target generation module, an aerial sensing platform, an emergency processing platform, a ground control center platform and an HLA distributed interactive simulation module, wherein, the target generation module generates a system tracking object at random; the aerial sensing platform comprises various detecting devices for performing fusion to the detected information and then transmitting the information to the ground control center platform; the ground control center platform integrates all the field information, evaluates the entire field situation and promptly makes an emergency decision; the emergency processing platform receives the information and the commands and realizes target tracking by using airborne equipment; and the HLA distributed interactive simulation module enables the modules to establish an HLA distributed system structure through a distributed network and realizes the multi-information network interconnection. The invention has the advantages of flexibility and extendability, can improve the tracking effect, enhance the visibility of scene demonstration and be widely applied to the fields such as public safety, disaster relief assistance and the like.

Automatic generation method used for single line diagram of distribution network and based on topological hierarchy

The invention discloses an automatic generation method used for a single line diagram of a distribution network and based on topological hierarchy. The method comprises the following steps: deleting related equipment in a topological structure of the distribution network, and simplifying the topological structure of the distribution network; acquiring key nodes of the topological structure of the distribution network, and generating a main framework of the topological structure of the distribution network; arranging the positions of the key nodes based on a gravitation-repulsion model, and obtaining a skeletal structure based on the gravitation-repulsion; describing the topological structure of the distribution network through an outgoing line-trunk line-T-shaped key node-branch line model of a power station; finishing the arrangement and the automatic mapping of the equipment in the power station on the basis of the topological structure of the equipment in the power station; and performing routing mapping without overlap or intersection on decibels of the trunk line and the branch line respectively. The automatic generation method achieves automatic generation of the single line diagram of the distribution network above a certain scale, and simultaneously, the generated single line diagram is clearer and more attractive through the routing algorithm without overlap or intersection.

Data retention and verification method and device

Embodiments of the invention provide a data retention and verification method and device. The method comprises the following steps of: determining a retention characteristic value uniquely corresponding to retention data by a server according to a preset rule, writing the retention characteristic value into a transaction record of an appointed transaction, and writing the transaction record into a block chain to be stored; when the server verifies verification data, determining a to-be-verified characteristic value uniquely corresponding to the verification data according to the previously adopted manner, and comparing the to-be-verified characteristic value with the retention characteristic value stored in the transaction record of the block chain so as to verify the verification data. Through the method, the data stored in the block chain is unchangeable, and the server can attach the retention characteristic value uniquely corresponding to the retention data into the transaction record to be stored in the block chain, so that the reliability of the retention characteristic value is ensured, and the reliability of carrying out data verification on the verification data by the server through the retention characteristic value is further ensured.

Realtime remote monitoring system for high risk heart disease crowd and integrated control type continuous monitoring method

InactiveCN1943505ARealize centralized continuous monitoringMeet clinical monitoringSurgeryVaccination/ovulation diagnosticsFar distanceCrowds
The invention belongs to supervisory technical field for distance treatment, particularly for applying far distance patient monitor system and centralized continuously monitoring process to high-risk people of heart disease. Said system comprising portable monitor carried by patients, hospital central monitor center, doctors' far distance group consultation terminal, ambulance monitor, communication net system, etc. The monitor process is, through communication network such as mobile , local, wireless and internet communication, making hospital central monitor center and portable monitor in and out of the hospital , ambulance carrying monitor and far distance group consultation real-time connecting, exchanging and transmitting information such as real-time ECG, blood pressure, etc., patient geographical location, doctor group consultation and advice, and far distance equipment remote measurement & program controlled in each terminal, realizing continuously monitor to high-risk people of heart disease, applying central remote measurements and program control of far distance mobile terminal, prior to coming on of heat disease early period proper diagnosis given and applying real-time treatment to serious patient, etc.
Owner:方祖祥 +2

Wind power and photovoltaic power complementary power supply system based on mixed energy accumulation of super capacitor accumulator

Disclosed is a wind and solar hybrid power system based on an ultra-capacitor battery hybrid system, which includes a DC / DC buck converter (20), an AC / DC converter (30), an ultra-capacitor assembly (40), a DC / AC converter (50), a battery assembly (60), a battery charge circuit (700), a photovoltaic array (70), a wind generator (80) and an oil engine / commercial power interface (90). The photovoltaic array (70) is connected with the ultra-capacitor assembly (40) through the DC / DC buck converter (20); the wind generator (80) and the oil engine / commercial power interface (90) are connected with the ultra-capacitor assembly (40) through the AC / DC converter (30); the ultra-capacitor assembly (40) charges the battery assembly (60) through the battery charge circuit (700); the ultra-capacitor assembly and the battery assembly provides a definite power buffering to the system so that to maintain a stable voltage of the power supply. The wind and solar hybrid power system of the invention can provides uninterrupted power to the telecommunication system and resident living in the undeveloped areas where the power distribution network can not reach.

Road boundary detecting and tracking method

The invention discloses a road boundary detecting and tracking method. The road boundary detecting and tracking method comprises acquiringpolar coordinate data of radar scanning points of the surroundings of an unmanned vehicle through radar scanning, and converting the polar coordinate data into rectangular coordinates; mapping radar points into a polar coordinate grid, and according to the height of extending vertexes in the grid, extracting ground points; extracting road boundary points through the radial distance of the scanning points from a road boundary under the same scanning line as well as the height mutation properties of the neighboring scanning points and by combining with a road extending direction; performing filtering through the random sampling consensus algorithm, fitting the filtered road boundary points through the least square method; performing tracking through a Kalman filter. The road boundary detecting and tracking method can effectively extract road boundaries in an actual scenario when obstacles exist on roads, and by means of the Kalman filter, enhances the boundary detecting accuracy and reliability. The road boundary detecting and tracking method involves no complex computation, thereby being high in practicality and applicable to wide application to unmanned navigation modules.

Full-automatic medical examination blood piece pushing and dyeing machine

The invention provides a full-automatic medical examination blood piece pushing and dyeing machine to solve the problems of a medical examination blood piece pushing and dyeing technology in the prior art that the manual operation ratio is high, the labor intensity is great, the confusion is easy to cause, the examination quality is difficult to completely guarantee and the like. The full-automatic medical examination blood piece pushing and dyeing machine comprises a rack, a base plate, a test tube conveying device, a barcode reading device, a glass slide conveying device, a sample coating device, a piece pushing device, a printing device, a glass slide transferring device, a dyeing device, a glass slide collecting device, a control system, a dyeing solution container, a washing solution container and a waste solution container. The full-automatic medical examination blood piece pushing and dyeing machine disclosed by the invention has the beneficial technical effects that a flow line of test tube conveying, barcode reading, glass slide conveying, blood sample coating, barcode information printing, sample dyeing and glass slide collection is formed so that the operations of uniform mixing, coating, piece pushing, dyeing and collection of a blood sample can be automatically finished, samples can be prevented from being confused and the detection reliability is guaranteed.
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