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Quick low altitude remote sensing image automatic matching and airborne triangulation method

The utility model relates to a method of rapid automatic matching for the low altitude remote sensing image and the aerial triangulation, which is characterized in that: capture serial images with the low altitude remote platform; extract the characteristic point from the image with the feature extraction technology; save automatically all extracted characteristic points of the images; match automatically characteristic points with same name of the adjacent images and transmit automatically the matched characteristic points with same names to all superimposed image to obtain a large quantity of characteristic points with three degree or more and same names; the semi-automatic measurement control point and the checkpoint of the image coordinate can combine with other observation values of non-photogrammetry to carry out the high precision aerial triangulation and the precision evaluation of the balancing results. The utility model has the advantages that the stable and reliable matching results and higher precision of the aerial triangulation can be obtained even the low altitude remote sensing images have large rotation deviation angle and the applicative demand of the large scale survey and the high precision three-dimensional reconstruction can be met.

Cloud computing system and cloud computing resource management method

The invention discloses a cloud computing system and a cloud computing resource management method. The cloud computing system comprises at least one cloud computing subsystem; the cloud computing subsystem comprises a physical machine, physical storage equipment and a storage resource management module; at least one virtual machine for bearing application is configured in the physical machine, and each virtual machine utilizes virtual storage resources in the physical storage equipment; a plurality of virtual storage resources corresponding to the virtual machines are configured in the physical storage equipment, and all the virtual storage resources are logically independent of one another; and the storage resource management module comprises a storage resource allocation unit used for allocating corresponding virtual storage resources from the physical storage equipment to the virtual machines according to the requirements of the virtual machines. By adopting the above scheme, not every physical machine has to be equipped with high-reliability storage equipment while the data reliability is guaranteed, so that not only is the system implementation cost lowered, but also the circulation of resources in the system is facilitated, and accordingly, the requirements of the cloud computing system are better conformed.
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Control system of pure water cooling device of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission converter valve

ActiveCN101634866AGuaranteed reliabilityNarrow down the scope of the accidentTemperature control without auxillary powerExchange of informationControl system
The invention discloses a control system of a pure water cooling device of a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission converter valve, comprising two independent subsystems, wherein, each subsystem comprises a programmable logic controller (PLC), an input/output module, a sampling measurement system, a synchronization module, a human-machine interface system and a power supply system; the PLCs of the two subsystems can realize non-disturbance switching between the two PLCs and seamless exchange of information of each sub-control system through synchronous optical connection; the control system can monitor each online physical quantity in real time, and accurately control actions of machinery and electrical equipment of the whole valve cooling system in accordance with specific changes of the physical quantities, maximally ensure the reliability of the HVDC valve cooling system by a stable hot backup control subsystem, a control element and control programs, fully narrow the scope of accident, and prevent thyristor valve groups from being damaged due to the failure of the valve cooling system, thereby maintaining the safe, stable and reliable running of the thyristor valve groups.

Processor fault injection method oriented to BIT software test and simulator thereof

The invention provides a processor fault injection method oriented to a BIT (Built-In Test) software test and a simulator thereof, wherein a hardware circuit board that runs BIT software is taken as a simulation object of the simulator. A normal function simulation module, a fault model parsing module, a fault injection module, a failure behavior simulation module and a peripheral crosslinking environment emulation module are additionally arranged in the processor fault injection method, wherein the normal function simulation module simulates the normal functions of a processor, memorizer and the like; the fault model parsing module parses a fault sequence file; and the fault injection module matches and injects a fault. The processor fault injection method compiles and parses an XML (Extensive Markup Language) fault sequence file to form the fault sequence that can be identified by the simulator by building a fault mode library, searches and injects the corresponding fault when the simulator encounters a fault observation point during the simulation process, and performs the fault simulation when the fault is triggered. The processor fault injection method and the simulator can achieve more complete types of the injected fault modes, can fully cover test cases under each failure occurrence, and can test the circuit board-level BIT software more sufficiently; in addition, only the BIT software that is tested fully can ensure the accuracy and the timeliness of BIT prediction of aeronautical airborne equipment, and further ensures the reliability and the safety of a system.

Vehicle-mounted high-speed road inspection system and data acquisition and processing method

The invention discloses a vehicle-mounted high-speed road inspection system, and a data acquisition and processing method based on the vehicle-mounted high-speed road inspection system. The inspection system aims to the technical disadvantage in an existing high-speed road inspection method, a movable inspection vehicle is adopted as a carrying platform for carrying multiple data collecting equipment, and the time synchronization, state response, data transmission and storage of each piece of data collecting equipment as well as data collecting equipment integration and monitoring technologies are organically adjusted through a high-precision synchronous controller; the operation reliability of the vehicle-mounted high-speed road inspection system is guaranteed, a data fusion technology and the true color valuation are used for achieving a real three-dimensional expression of a space surface feature, the result output and management are finished in a customizing manner, different requirements of clients are met, the quality of inspection on a road is greatly improved and the speed of the inspection on the road is greatly increased, and the in-time effective data reference is provided for road construction maintenance and management of a high-speed road department.

Automatic bearing inside diameter detector

The invention discloses an instrument capable of implementing automatic detection and sorting of bearing inside diameter. A double-path symmetrical structure is adopted, an inlet sorting mechanism is fixed on one side of a conveyor belt, the side of the conveyor belt is provided with a feeding cylinder and a feeding rod, the other side of the conveyor belt is provided with a station, the station is provided with a station clamping plate and a push plate which are fixed on a station clamping cylinder, the station clamping cylinder is fixed on a station push cylinder, one side of the station is provided with an inside diameter detection mechanism, the station is provided with two gaps which are communicated with a reject outlet and a repair outlet respectively, a reject zone baffle plate and a repair zone baffle plate are arranged on the two gaps respectively, an outlet sorting hopper is fixed at one end of the station, an outlet sorting block is arranged below the outlet sorting hopper, the outlet sorting block is fixed on an outlet sorting cylinder, two sides of the outlet sorting block are provided with an outlet push cylinder and a small groove respectively, and two sides of the small groove are provided with a discharge plate and a discharge frame respectively. The instrument can ensure the reliability of detection on the premise that the detection efficiency of the bearing inside diameter is not reduced, and realizes automation of feeding, detection and sorting.

Remote control system and method of wireless terminal equipment

InactiveCN104811478AGuaranteed reliabilityReduce computing and network transmission pressureTransmissionReliable transmissionSymmetric network
The invention discloses a remote control method of wireless terminal equipment. The method comprises that the wireless terminal equipment establishes a long connection channel with a long connection server cluster; the long connection server cluster establishes the mapping relation between an MAC address of the wireless terminal equipment and an identification of the long connection channel; a cloud server transmits the MAC address and the identification contained by a remote control instruction to the long connection server cluster; and the long connection server cluster selects a corresponding long connection channel according to the identification of the long connection channel, and the wireless terminal equipment transmits and receives the remote control instruction via the selected long connection channel. The wireless terminal equipment and the cloud server realize a reliable transmission mechanism of TCP long connection via the long connection server cluster, crossing of different NAT is realized by utilizing an asynchronous non-obstruction communication transmission manner, it is ensured that the service server is actively connected to a wireless intelligent terminal placed behind the different NAT, the wireless intelligent terminal is managed remotely, symmetrical NAT is supported, it is not required to transmit heartbeat packets frequently, and the operation and network transmission pressure is reduced.

Automatic vehicle-following device and method

The invention discloses an automatic vehicle-following device and a method and belongs to the technical field of a vehicle. The device comprises an acquiring device and a control module, wherein the acquiring device is used for acquiring driving states of surrounding vehicles and confirming operations executed by the surrounding vehicles according to the driving states; the surrounding vehicles are arranged as the vehicles in a preset scope surrounding a first vehicle; the running state of each vehicle comprises one or more of driving speed, gear, brake use condition, engine running condition, steering of a steering wheel, distance away from the first vehicle, and a driving track; the operations of each vehicle comprise one or more of shifting D-gear, shifting P-gear, braking, starting an engine and stopping the engine; the control module is used for controlling the first vehicle to execute a first operation after the automatic vehicle-following is started and the first operation is executed by the surrounding vehicles which are greater than or equal to the preset proportion in all the surrounding vehicles; the first operation is one of the operations. According to the invention, the vehicle-following reliability under a traffic jam condition is ensured and the driving fatigue is effectively relieved.

Electronic password lock system and control method thereof

The invention relates to an electronic password lock system and a control method thereof. The system mainly comprises a password lock host, an unlocking handset and an upper computer. An unlocking action is limited and protected by virtue of two authorities, namely dynamic passwords and biological fingerprint features; the operation process of a normal unlocking operation is as follows: transmitting unlocking passwords and operator number to the handset by virtue of the upper computer, granting a using permission to an operator by reading the fingerprint features by virtue of the handset, transmitting the passwords to the password lock host by operating keys on the handset by virtue of the operator through a radio signal so as to realize unlocking, then manually locking, transmitting a return code to the handset by virtue of the password lock host through radio transmission, returning the return code, lock status information and the like to the upper computer by virtue of the handset, and saving work records of the lock in a computer by virtue of the upper computer. The passwords are invisible to the operator during the entire unlocking process. By virtue of the handset and the password lock host, an alarm hint is displayed and the system is locked if errors occur frequently during fingerprint or password recognition process.

Data transmission security encryption method for metering automation system

The invention discloses a data transmission security encryption method for a metering automation system. The data transmission security encryption method includes steps of (1), a host transmits scattering factors and random digit getting command requests to an encryptor; (2) the encryptor generates a random digit L1 of 8 bytes and utilizes the scattering factors and a terminal service main secret key to generate a terminal service sub secret key, generates a session key via the random digit L1 and the terminal service sub secret key, encrypts the random digit by the session key to generate a ciphertext E1; the encryptor feeds the random digit L1 and the ciphertext E1 to the host; (3), the host transmits an identity verification request containing the ciphertext E1 and low 4 bytes of the random digit number L1 to a smart terminal; and (4), after the smart terminal receives the identity verification request, the session key is generated by encrypting the low-4 bytes of the random digit number L1 with the self service sub secret key. By adopting the ciphertext during data transmission, data confidentiality is guaranteed, data reliability is guaranteed by checking in an MAC (media access control) manner, and system safety is guaranteed by generating the session secret key.

Linked network wireless high-speed communication protocol

The invention discloses a linked network wireless high-speed communication protocol. A linked network consists of management nodes and ordinary nodes, wherein the management nodes are used as a starting point, the wireless communication is used as a medium, and the ordinary nodes are sequentially networked and connected; in a real physical linked network, a link data forwarding address is configured in each node in a single-link, double-link and three-link virtual linking way according to the real requirement; the quick forwarding of the data and the backup function of a forwarding route can be carried out by virtue of the link data forwarding address; three types of data transmission orders such as a broadcast order, a direct transmission order and a lengthening order are only defined by the network nodes, and the transmission requirement of all data among the nodes can be completed. The transmission reliability can be improved by adopting the double-link and three-link linking way, so that the response time of the wireless communication can be shortened, the efficiency for storing and forwarding the uplink data and downlink data of the link data can be improved, the high-speed transmission of data among the link nodes can be realized, and the safety and reliability can be improved.

Method and system for dynamic data synchronization

The invention relates to a method for dynamic data synchronization. When the dynamic data of a host computer is changed, the method includes the steps as follows: the host computer builds the synchronous request data of the record according to the record corresponding to the changed dynamic data, and transmits the synchronous request data to the record level synchronous process; the operation information is recorded according to the synchronous request data or the synchronous request data and the buffer zone of the global data, and the synchronous information is built through the synchronous rule and transmitted to a standby unit; the standby unit performs the synchronous operation for the required synchronous record in a synchronous manner according to the synchronous information transmitted by the host computer; after the standby unit achieves the synchronous operation of the record, the synchronized record is deposited and the response information which is synchronously achieved istransmitted to the host computer; after the host computer receives the response information, the changed dynamic data is synchronously achieved, and the synchronous operation is finished; the invention also discloses a system for dynamic data synchronization, and the method and the system of the invention can synchronize the dynamic data between the memory databases of the host computer and the standby unit in real time.

Air conditioning system and air conditioner outdoor unit standby control method and device

The invention discloses an air conditioning system and air conditioner outdoor unit standby control method and device. The air conditioner outdoor unit control method comprises the following steps: acquiring outdoor environment temperature, oil temperature at bottom of a compressor and oil temperature at bottom of an oil separator; acquiring set temperature values, wherein the set temperature values include temperature upper limit value and/or temperature lower limit value; respectively comparing the amplitude relations between the outdoor environment temperature, the oil temperature at bottom of a compressor and the oil temperature at bottom of an oil separator and the set temperature values; and determining whether an electric heating device enters a working state according to the amplitude relations. According to the invention, whether the electric heating device needs to be started to enter a working state in a current working environment is judged according to the relations between the outdoor environment temperature, the oil temperature at bottom of a compressor and the oil temperature at bottom of an oil separator and the set temperature values, so as to ensure the start reliability of the compressor. Therefore, according to the technical scheme, unnecessary electric auxiliary heating time can be avoided, and further standby power consumption of the unit is reduced.
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