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Heat energy recapture and recycle and its new applications

What has been created is a plurality and a variety of processes and a variety of devices correspondingly supportive to each process, wherein, a new partnership between; (1) a heat absorbing radiator compressed air pipes/tubes and (2) a gas turbine engine or a reciprocating piston engine,—is used to recapture and reconvert the, otherwise wasted, heat energies expelled by engines, by factories, by smelting plants, by distillation plants, by chillers/coolers/freezers, by cooking ovens, by lamps/stoves, by trash burners, and the heat energies created by the solar heat on the desert/ocean water,—into electric power and finally into hydrogen-deuterium fuel,—by having the engine's tailpipes submerged in cold compressed air inside the heat absorbing radiator pipes in reverse air flow, to further drive and re-drive the same engine; wherein, in order to capture fusion heat energy the hydrogen bomb is detonated in the deep ocean to catch the flames by the water and the hot water is used to energize the compressed air inside the heat absorbing radiator pipes; wherein, in order to produce fusion energy, an abundant electric arc is passed across liquid deuterium or across gaseous deuterium by the electro-plasma torch and sparkplug in the internal combustion engine, and by detonating a dynamite inside a liquid deuterium; wherein diamond is produced by placing carbon inside the hydrogen bomb; and wherein, deuterium fusion flame is used first in smelting glass to large sizes before running an engine.

Air power engine assembly

The invention relates to an air-powered engine assembly, which comprises an air tank, an air valve, an air distributor, an intake pipe, camshafts, an intake duct, an exhaust control device, air cylinders, pistons, crankshafts, couplers, clutches, automatic gearboxes and differentials connected with the outside. The assembly is characterized in that the air valve, a constant pressure chamber and a pressure controller are arranged between the air tank and the air distributor; the air distributor is connected with a plurality of air cylinders on an air cylinder gasket; each air cylinder is connected with an exhaust chamber through an exhaust manifold; the exhaust chamber is provided with a turbine generator which is connected with a storage batter; the air cylinders are provided with the camshafts for controlling the air intake and exhaust of the air cylinders; the air cylinders are provided inside with the pistons for driving the crankshafts to rotate; the camshafts and the crankshafts are connected by chains; and the crankshafts are connected with the differentials through the couplers, the clutches and the gearboxes in turn. Therefore, doing work through air compression rather than fuel, the air-powered engine assembly has the advantages of avoiding waste gas discharge and air pollution, along with reliable operation, convenient operation, economical efficiency, practicality and so on. In addition, due to recycle of the waste gas for power generation, the air-powered engine assembly saves energy and reduces costs.
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