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Cooled tip laser catheter for sensing and ablation of cardiac arrhythmias

InactiveUS20030023236A1Minimize any post-operative discomfortSurgical instrument detailsCatheterCardiac muscleLaser light
The disclosures made herein relate to methods and equipment adapted for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and for limiting, if not preventing, damage to surface tissue while coagulating tissue within the myocardium. In one embodiment of the disclosures made herein, a cooled tip laser catheter system includes an energy delivery apparatus, a laser apparatus and a cooling medium supply apparatus. The energy delivery apparatus includes a flexible tubular housing, a tip assembly and an optical waveguide. The flexible tubular housing includes a plurality of lumens therein extending between a proximal end and a distal end of the flexible tubular housing. The tip assembly includes a tip body attached at a first end thereof to the distal end of the flexible tubular housing and an optical window mounted at a second end of the tip body. The circulation chamber is defined within the tip body between the distal end of the flexible tubular housing and the optical window. The optical waveguide is mounted within a first of said lumens, wherein a distal end of the optical waveguide is exposed within the circulation chamber. The laser apparatus is attached to the energy delivery apparatus in a manner enabling laser light to be supplied to and transmitted by the optical waveguide. The cooling medium supply apparatus is attached to the energy delivery apparatus in a manner enabling cooling medium to be circulated through the circulation chamber.

Method and apparatus for extruding polymers employing microwave energy

An apparatus and method for molding balloon catheters is disclosed. The balloon may be molded by providing a polymeric tube within a mold having an interior cavity in the shape of the desired balloon. Microwave energy, which may be generated by a gyrotron, may then be directed toward the mold, to heat the polymeric material without heating the mold. Once heated, pressurized fluid may be injected into the tube to blow the polymeric material against the interior cavity whereupon the material can cool to form the balloon or can be further heatset by additional microwave energy and be cooled to form the balloon. In accordance with one embodiment, microwave energy can also be used without a mold to form a medical device. A polymer extrusion apparatus is disclosed utilizing a microwave energy for heating polymer feedstock material within the extruder tip and die unit just prior to formation of the extrudate product. A cooling bath mechanism, which in one embodiment can also include a cooling tube member having a cooling medium forced therethrough, is also disclosed. An apparatus for preparing polymer disk members, to use as the polymer feedstock material for the microwave extrusion apparatus, is also disclosed. Apparatus for interconnecting and rotating the polymer disk members, the die tip, or the die, or any combination thereof, for creating angularity characteristics in the polymer extrudate, is also disclosed.

Power semiconductor module, and power semiconductor device having the module mounted therein

A power semiconductor module according to the present invention includes: a planar base plate having a plurality of insulated substrates soldered on the top surface, the insulated substrates each having power semiconductor elements to be cooled mounted thereon; a plurality of radiation fins projecting from the bottom surface side of the base plate; and a peripheral wall projecting from the bottom surface side of the base plate so as to surround the radiation fins, the projecting length of the radiation fins is less than or equal to that of the peripheral wall, and the peripheral wall has end surfaces present in the same plane. In addition, a power semiconductor device having the power semiconductor module mounted therein includes: at least one reinforcing plate disposed on the top surface side of the base plate via a first buffering member; and a cooling jacket fixed to the bottom surface side of the base plate via a second buffering member with a plurality of tightening fixtures passing through the reinforcing plate and the base plate, the cooling jacket having a flow passage for a cooling medium formed to intervene in a position with respect to the base plate, and the first buffering member and the second buffering member are respectively disposed at least inside and outside with respect to the tightening fixtures.
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