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A nacelle (/nəˈsɛl/ nə-SEL) is a housing, separate from the fuselage, that holds engines, fuel, or equipment on an aircraft. In some cases—for instance in the typical "Farman" type "pusher" aircraft, or the World War II-era P-38 Lightning—an aircraft's cockpit may also be housed in a nacelle, which essentially fills the function of a conventional fuselage. The covering is typically aerodynamically shaped.

High voltage overhead transmission line line-inspection unmanned aerial vehicle photoelectric detection device

The invention relates to a high voltage overhead transmission line line-inspection unmanned aerial vehicle photoelectric detection device belonging to the technical field of power line inspection. The invention aims at solving the problem of single technology of the existing overhead transmission line line-inspection. The high voltage overhead transmission line line-inspection unmanned aerial vehicle photoelectric detection device mainly comprises an unmanned aerial vehicle, a GPS (global position system) inertial integrated attitude azimuth detection device, a damping device, a rotation detection nacelle, a ground data receiving processor and a controller. The high voltage overhead transmission line line-inspection unmanned aerial vehicle photoelectric detection device is characterized in that the GPS inertial integrated attitude azimuth detection device is arranged at the inner part of the unmanned aerial vehicle; the rotation detection nacelle is hung below the unmanned aerial vehicle by the damping device; a photoelectric stabilized platform is installed in the rotation detection nacelle; flexible combination of any two or more of a visible light camera, an ultraviolet ray imager and a full-digital dynamic thermal infrared imager and a laser ranging device are borne on the photoelectric stabilized platform; and the rotation detection nacelle is provided with a visible window. With the adoption of the high voltage overhead transmission line line-inspection unmanned aerial vehicle photoelectric detection device, a high voltage transmission line can be monitored, and a comprehensive and precise high voltage overhead transmission line line-inspection task is realized by combining interchange among a plurality of sensors.

Engine mounting configuration for a turbofan gas turbine engine

ActiveUS20090056343A1Minimizes backbone bendingMinimizes engine case distortionPower plant constructionJet type power plantsNacelleEngine mount
An engine mounting configuration reacts engine thrust at an aft mount. The engine mounting configuration reduces backbone bending of the engine, intermediate case distortion and frees-up space within the core nacelle.

Acoustic nacelle inlet lip having composite construction and an integral electric ice protection heater disposed therein

An engine nacelle inlet lip includes both acoustic treatment and electric heating for ice protection. The inlet lip has a composite outer skin and a composite inner skin, with the composite outer skin having at least one integrated heater element embedded in the composite material. An acoustic cellular core positioned between the outer and inner skin acts to attenuate fan noise from the engine. Covering the outer skin and overlying the acoustic core is a perforated erosion shield having a first set of openings that pass entirely thorough its thickness. The composite outer skin includes a second set of openings such that sound waves can pass from an inner barrel portion of the inlet lip through the erosion shield, outer skin, and heater element to the underlying acoustic cellular core.

Wind turbine ring/shroud drive system

A wind turbine capable of driving multiple electric generators having a ring or shroud structure for reducing blade root bending moments, hub loads, blade fastener loads and pitch bearing loads. The shroud may further incorporate a ring gear for driving an electric generator. In one embodiment, the electric generator may be cantilevered from the nacelle such that the gear on the generator drive shaft is contacted by the ring gear of the shroud. The shroud also provides protection for the gearing and aids in preventing gear lubricant contamination.

Submersible electrical power generating plant

A self-supporting, submersible generating plant for producing electricity from ocean currents, consisting of two counter-rotating, rear-facing turbines with a plurality of rotor blades extending radially outward from two separate horizontal axis that convey the kinetic energy from the two side-by-side, counter-rotating turbine rotors through separate gearboxes to separate generators that are housed in two watertight nacelles that are located sufficiently far apart to provide clearance for the turbine rotors. The two generators and their gearboxes serve as ballast and are located far below a streamlined buoyancy tank that extends fore and aft above and between them. A combination of a leverage system and a pressure-controlled system adjusts the hydrodynamic lifting forces to maintain constant depths. There are systems to purge the ballast water to facilitate the recovery of both individual submersible power plants and a group of many submersible power plants.

Vertically Adjustable Horizontal Axis Type Wind Turbine And Method Of Construction Thereof

The invention relates to methods of constructing and operating a wind turbine, said methods comprising the steps of lifting a wind turbine nacelle and tower sections with the use of an external lifting system, and using a lifting system to propel said nacelle vertically up and down said tower sections. The external lifting mechanism comprises a guide rail and guide car onto which tower sections are loaded for horizontal movement, a foundation structure joined to a tower section hoist mechanism containing clamps, and a nacelle holding mechanism. A nacelle includes a tower penetrating hole through which said tower vertically penetrates. Tower sections are provided with a plethora of guide rails positioned around said tower extending from the lower end to the upper end of said tower sections, said guide rails contain removable toothed racks meshing with said lifting system to propel said nacelle vertically up and down said tower sections.

Tailboom-stabilized VTOL aircraft

A disclosed flying craft includes a suspension structure having a first end and a second end, a lift unit, and a payload unit. The lift unit includes a nacelle and a tailboom, and pivotally couples to the first end of the suspension structure, and a payload unit couples to the structure's second end. Thus the tailboom can pivotally couple with respect to the payload unit, which advantageously permits the tailboom to assume an orientation desirable for a particular mode of flight. During vertical flight or hover, the tailboom can hang from the lift unit in an orientation that is substantially parallel to the suspension structure and that minimizes resistance to downwash from the lift unit. During horizontal flight, the tailboom can be orthogonal to the suspension structure, extending rearward in an orientation where it can develop pitching and yawing moments to control and stabilize horizontal flight. Advantageous variations and methods are also disclosed.

Special photoelectric nacelle of power patrol unmanned helicopter

The invention discloses a special photoelectric nacelle of a power patrol unmanned helicopter, which comprises an airborne part and a ground part, wherein the airborne part comprises a fixed part which is positioned in the upper part, a rotatable part which is positioned in the lower part and a servo control assembly; the rotatable part comprises a gyroscope stable rotating tower; the fixed part comprises an electronic control cabin; cables between the electronic control cabin and the gyroscope stable rotating tower are connected by a conducting slide ring which can support the gyroscope stable rotating tower to rotate by nx360 degrees; and the airborne part of the photoelectric nacelle is suspended on the helicopter by a vibration reducing device and communicated with a flight control system of the helicopter. The special photoelectric nacelle is a photoelectric task load with compact structure and high performance, can meet the requirement for remote power patrol, has self-stabilizing function and self-tracing function, can shoot a target to be traced from an image in real time, transmit the target to a ground control vehicle by a radio transmission system on an aerial carrier and is convenient for a patrol parson to directly master the scene condition to improve the efficiency of power patrol.

Wind turbine with blade pitch control to compensate for wind shear and wind misalignment

InactiveUS20100014969A1Compensation deviationSmoothly and stably returnPropellersWind motor controlNacelleWind force
A wind turbine or rotor load control compensates for moment imbalance in a wind turbine that includes a rotor having at least two variable pitch blades. The apparatus includes a conventional pitch command logic developing a nominal rotor blade pitch command signal and a moment sensor. The moment sensor can be one or more of a nacelle overturning moment sensor, and a turning moment sensor. An output of this is used as a moment signal. Conversion logic is connected to the moment signal with an output of the conversion logic being calculated individual pitch modulation commands for each of the blades. A combining logic is connected to receive the calculated individual blade pitch modulation commands and to receive a nominal pitch command. An output of the combining logic is individual combined blade pitch commands for each of the blades. The individual combined blade pitch commands are generated by modulating the nominal command signal by a respective blade pitch modulation command which includes compensation for instantaneous moment deviations of the wind turbine.

Wind turbine blade deflection control system

A wind turbine with a sensor that measures the out-of-plane deflection of the blades and a controller that uses the signal from the sensor to determine the risk of a tower strike. The controller takes any necessary action to prevent a tower strike when it determines that the risk of a strike is high. The sensor can include strain gages or accelerometers mounted on the blades or it can include a fixed sensor mounted on the side of the tower to measure tower clearance as the blade passes by. The control action taken can include pitching blades, yawing the nacelle, or stopping the turbine. The controller is preferably a fuzzy logic controller.

Aerial transport system

Apparatus (20) for aerial transport includes a cabin (24) for containing a load and one or more cables (30), attached so as to suspend the cabin below a hovering aircraft (22). An elevator mechanism (32) is coupled to raise and lower the cabin on the one or more cables. A control unit (56) is coupled to receive an input from at least one cabin sensor (38, 40, 48, 50, 60, 62) that is indicative of the disposition of the cabin relative to the terrestrial target (26), and to control the elevator mechanism responsively to the input so as to bring the cabin into with a predetermined position relative to the terrestrial target while the aircraft is hovering.

Aeroengine nacelle

A nacelle (55) for a gas turbine engine (10), the engine (10) comprising accessories (34) mounted to a fan casing (28) and a core engine (9), the nacelle (55) substantially surrounds the engine (10) and comprises an intake (12) and a thrust reverser unit (31). The thrust reverser unit (31) is formed by two generally C-shaped portions (31a, 31b). The thrust reverser unit (31) is openable to provide access to the accessories (34) and the core engine (9). The nacelle (55) further comprises a fan containment casing (33) that is integral with the intake (12).
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