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High-efficiency multiple probe imaging system

An imaging system is disclosed which provides means for obtaining images with essentially diffraction-limited spatial resolution, and can distinguish between several species of probes within a sample. It may be used with fluorescent, luminescent, up-converting reporter, quantum dot, and other types of probes. Two or more exposures are taken through a filter which expresses different filter states, one of which is preferably a relatively neutral state with high transmission for all wavelengths of interest, and the others of which provide predetermined variation in transmission that are preferably sloping or periodic in wavelength. The probe species is identified by the ratio of response at the various filter settings.

Distributed storage and parallel mining method for state monitoring data

A distributed storage and parallel mining method for state monitoring data includes the steps: defining function service models of a remote substation state monitoring unit and a state monitoring communication front-end processor by means of Web service description language, and exchanging the state monitoring data of electric power equipment in an electric power wide area network environment by a simple object access protocol; storing large-scale state monitoring data redundancy in a distributed file system, creating an index table for a state monitoring data file, inserting the index table into a large-scale structural data table and querying the state monitoring data according to a query request; and generating basic data and multi-dimensional analytical data by extracting, converting and loading to built a data warehouse, and parallelly executing association rules, classification and clustered data mining algorithm by means of MapReduce task decomposition and result summary. The distributed storage and parallel mining method can be used for effectively realizing distributed data exchange, redundant storage and rapid parallel processing for state monitoring information of the mass electric power equipment in an intelligent power network environment.

Method and apparatus for shuffling and ordering playing cards

A card shuffling system and method operates with four card hoppers arranged into first and second pairs. In the operation of the system, a first pair of card hoppers holds approximately two halves of a deck, which are then selectively interlaced together and supplied to the other pair of hoppers with the cards interlaced first into one of the second pair of hoppers and then into the other. The cards then are selectively interlaced from the hoppers of the second pair of hoppers back to the hoppers of the first pair of hoppers, with the operation being repeated, if desired.

Non-intrusive mode electrical load identification system and method

InactiveCN105186693AHigh module integrationReduce terminal sizeCircuit arrangementsSpecial data processing applicationsEngineeringSystem building
The invention discloses a non-intrusive mode electrical load identification system and method. The load identification system comprises electrical load, a load identification terminal and a load monitoring main station; and the load identification terminal performs information interaction with the load monitoring main station through modes of optical fibers, an Ethernet and a wireless public network. The load identification terminal, by analyzing waveform characteristics of current, voltage, active power and the like of typical electrical equipment, defines different characteristic parameters based on a steady state process and a transient state process to establish a standard transient library, and then establishes an electrical load identification model by combination of the steady state and the transient state characteristic similarity of the electrical equipment. The identification system module is high in integration level, the terminal is smaller in size, the construction cost of the system is lower, the running and maintaining of the system are simple without affecting production and life of users; and the non-intrusive mode electrical load identification method can realize accurate identification of load types and running states of multiple paths of electrical equipment at the same time.

Parking space management system and management method thereof

The invention discloses a parking space management system which comprises a server, a client side device and a parking lot control device. The server, the client side device and the parking lot control device are connected through a network. The parking lot control device updates parking space information in real time according to the using condition of parking spaces in parking lots, and sends the updated parking space information to the server in real time. The real-time updated parking space information of the parking lots is stored in the server. The client side device is used for sending a parking space query request to the server, and the parking space query request comprises a destination or the parking rate. The server searches for the parking space information according to the parking space query request to obtain a parking space query result matched with the parking space query request, and the parking space query result is sent to the client side device. According to the parking space management system, management and information distribution of the parking spaces of the parking lots are achieved, a user can remotely search for the parking spaces around the destination and book the parking spaces, automatic navigation and automatic settlement can be achieved, and the parking spaces can be managed intelligently. The invention further discloses a parking space management method.
Owner:上海思亮信息技术股份有限公司 +1

Support vector machines processing system

An implementation of SVM functionality improves efficiency, time consumption, and data security, reduces the parameter tuning challenges presented to the inexperienced user, and reduces the computational costs of building SVM models. A system for support vector machine processing comprises data stored in the system, a client application programming interface operable to provide an interface to client software, a build unit operable to build a support vector machine model on at least a portion of the data stored in the system, based on a plurality of model-building parameters, a parameter estimation unit operable to estimate values for at least some of the model-building parameters, and an apply unit operable to apply the support vector machine model using the data stored in the system.

Novel composite ecological cement and product application thereof

The invention discloses composite ecological cement produced by using reproducible biomass combustion wastes, industrial residues and the like as main raw materials (the utilization ratio of the biomass combustion wastes and the industrial residues is over 80 percent). The novel gelling material namely the composite ecological cement is combined with other environment-friendly materials such as a paper honeycomb panel and the like to compound and manufacture a novel environment-friendly building product, such as a novel super-lightweight high-strength inner wall composite partition plate (having a dead weight of about 19 kilograms per square meter) special for novel high-rise and multi-layer frame constructions, a 65 percent self-heat preservation lightweight high-strength outer wall partition plate, an outer wall heat preservation and decoration integrative plate, a novel composite wood building block, a novel composite baking-free brick, novel bubble concrete and the like; and all the products are detected by a national level building material detection institution, reach a related product quality standard, are manufactured in factory by using specified machinery, are mounted and manufactured on site and are efficient and economical. The composite ecological cement uses various reproducible resources and various reclaimable wastes to the utmost extent, protects the environment, saves energy, reduces discharge and the overall comprehensive engineering manufacturing cost, and has important economic and social benefits.

Member for cast-in-situ steel reinforced concrete

A member for in-situ casting the reinforced concrete is composed of two halves, which are fastened together to form a hollow thin-wall member used for in-situ casting hollow floor slab, roof, wall, etc. Said member is made up by die pressing. Its advantages are high strength, low cost, and convenient transportation.

Circulating-current restraining method for three-phase modular multilevel convertor

The invention discloses a circulating-current restraining method for a three-phase modular multilevel convertor. The method comprises the following steps of: processing detected bridge current by utilizing fundamental frequency-doubled rotating coordinates transform based on negative sequences, and then performing signal processing and feedforward compensation link so as to acquire an additional control signal used for restraining circulating current; subtracting the additional control signal from a half of a DC voltage value, superposing an output voltage reference signal on the AC side of the existing converter to acquire a bridge voltage reference signal, and performing pulse width modulation to acquire trigger pulses of various bridges of the converter to ensure that the converter outputs corresponding voltage. The circulating-current restraining method can restrain the circulating current in the converter in a low level under the condition of not increasing the inductance of the bridges so as to basically eliminate the distortion of the bridge current to make the bridge current restored into sinusoidal waveform.

Small wind turbine system

A small wind-powered electricity generation system, providing regulated AC electric power from wind energy to a power system grid, has a wind turbine that produces less than 10 kW of peak electric power in a permanent magnet generator that produces generator power with a frequency that varies with the wind speed. The wind turbine utilizes a cross-wind type rotor having a power coefficient that varies with the operating tip speed ratio and has an optimal tip speed ratio wherein the power coefficient is maximum. A power converter, for converting generator power to regulated electric power by applying a controlled load to the generator controls the operation of the wind turbine rotor such that the operating tip speed ratio is greater than the optimal tip speed ratio in a low wind speed region, is approximately equal to the optimal tip speed ratio in a medium wind speed region, and is greater than the optimal tip speed ratio in a high wind speed region.

Intelligent water resource control platform based on cloud computing and expert system

InactiveCN103489053AReduce communication load and data processing volumeIncrease the number of accessResourcesCloud computingData transmission systems
The invention discloses an intelligent water resource control platform based on cloud computing and an expert system. The platform comprises a site measurement and control station, an internet of things data transmission system and a cloud computing service platform, and is characterized in that the control platform carries out automatic real-time collection on water resource information of a water supply water source, underground water, a water intake, a boundary control fracture surface and a sewage draining exit and site equipment operating condition information through the site measurement and control station, and real-time data preprocessing is achieved by means of an additionally installed site intelligent controller; internet of things data transmission equipment is adopted in the internet of things data transmission system to sent data of the measurement and control station to the cloud computing platform, and data support is provided for water resource management and advanced applications; the cloud computing service platform achieves real-time monitoring on water resources, monitoring on operating condition and remote on-line maintenance on site monitoring equipment and applications on water resource service, and a water resource decision is utilized to support the expert system to achieve assessment, early warning and emergency commanding of the water resources. The cloud computing and the Internet of things technology are applied to the platform, so measurement and control data are timely and efficiently processed, the intelligent computing technology is applied so that intelligent assessment and early warning of the water resources can be achieved, and safety of the water resources is guaranteed to a great extent.
Owner:湖南云控科技有限公司 +1

Multimode signal-based positioning method, system and positioning platform

The embodiment of the invention discloses a multimode signal-based positioning method, a system and a positioning platform. The method comprises the following steps: the positioning platform receives an uplink message sent by a terminal to be positioned after the terminal to be positioned acquires multimode signals at a located position, wherein the multimode signals comprise WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) signals and mobile communication network signals, the uplink message comprises information of the multimode signals, i.e. types and parameters of the multimode signals acquired by the terminal to be positioned, the types of the multimode signals comprise the WiFi signals or the mobile communication network signals, and the corresponding parameters of the multimode signals comprise WiFi parameters and the base station parameters of a mobile communication network; and the positioning platform acquires an indoor position coordinate of a building corresponding to a standard characteristic fingerprint which is matched with the information of the multimode signals, and takes the indoor position coordinate of the building as an indoors positioned result of the terminal to be positioned. The multimode signal-based positioning method, the system and the positioning platform disclosed by the embodiment of the invention can enhance the indoors positioning accuracy and save the cost required by indoors positioning.

Emulsion deep profile/displacement control agent and preparation method of emulsion deep profile/displacement control agent containing gel microspheres of core shell structure

The invention relates to a preparation method of an emulsion deep profile/displacement control agent containing gel microspheres of a core shell structure. According to the method, materials are fed many times to carryout inverse emulsion low-temperature oxidation and reduction to initiate free radical polymerization so that water-solubility monomers (including acrylamide, ionic monomer I, the ionic monomer II and the third monomer) react with a cross-linking agent to generate the emulsion deep profile/displacement control agent containing gel microspheres of a core shell structure. The invention also relates to the emulsion deep profile/displacement control agent containing gel microspheres of a core shell structure, which is prepared by using the method. The profile/displacement control agent is a water-solubility microgel oil displacement material containing gel microspheres from nano scale to micron scale; with small initial grain size, the profile/displacement control agent can enter into the deep part of stratum; in addition, the profile/displacement control agent has high emulsion active component content and good flowability, can have volume expansion and mutual cementation under the actions of formation water and temperature according to the condition whether charges carried by the ionic monomers at a core layer and a shell layer are same or not; therefore the profile/displacement control requirements of different geological oil deposits of oil fields can be met.

Unmanned aerial vehicle for logistical delivery

InactiveUS20050006525A1Safe and reliable and effective and economicalLow costFuselage framesGlidersNacelleRocket
A hollow elliptical-cylindrical hull conformingly houses a hollow rectangular-prismatic cabin whereby the four longitudinal parallel outside edges of the latter make contact with the inside surface of the former. The fully constructed aircraft (either non-powered or powered) includes the integral hull-plus-cabin structure along with nose, tail and airfoil structures that are coupled therewith. The cabin conformingly accommodates hollow rectangular-prismatic modules useful for cargo storage. While the nose and / or tail structure is uncoupled from the integral hull-plus-cabin structure, the modules are inserted into the cabin and the cabin is sealed. The aircraft is lifted (e.g., via airplane, helicopter, rocket or balloon) to a particular elevation and released, whereupon the two wings fully emerge and the aircraft effects controlled flight until reaching its destination. After landing, the nose and / or tail structure is uncoupled from the integral hull-plus-cabin structure, the cabin is unsealed, and the modules are removed from the cabin.

High solid content latent curing polyurethane acroleic acid hybrid emulsion

The invention relates to a method for preparing a high solid content latent cured polyurethane acrylic acid heterozygous latex and an application thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: pre-polymerizing polyester polyalcohol, hydrophilic chain extender and diisocyanate monomer to obtain the polyurethane prepolymer containing a hydrophilic group (carboxyl or sulfo group) and a terminal NCO group; then, neutralizing the polymer into salt and dispersing the salt in water to prepare the polyurethane water dispersoid; finally, using the dispersoid as macro molecular emulsifying agent and reactant to emulsify and disperse the acrylic ester monomer, initiating the polymerization by heating, dropping initiator to perform the latex polymerization, and regulating the pH of the latex by adding a latent curing agent to obtain the high solid content latent cured polyurethane acrylic acid heterozygous latex. The high solid content latent cured polyurethane acrylic acid heterozygous latex has a solid content of above 45%; the storage of the high solid content latent cured polyurethane acrylic acid heterozygous latex is stable; and high hardness film coating can be formed at the room temperature. Compared with acrylic acid latex and polyurethane latex, the high solid content latent cured polyurethane acrylic acid heterozygous latex has better film forming performance, water resistance, alcohol resistance, pollution resistance, dry/wet cleaning resistance and chemical solvent resistance, as well as high hardness.
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