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Data security means protecting digital data, such as those in a database, from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users, such as a cyberattack or a data breach.

Electronic-medical-record sharing system based on block chain

InactiveCN107391944AAchieve tamper-proofAchieve rating reviewData processing applicationsSpecial data processing applicationsMedical recordOriginal data
The embodiment of the invention discloses an electronic-medical-record sharing system based on a block chain. The electronic-medical-record sharing system comprises an identity verification module, a processing module and a querying module, wherein the identity verification module is used for receiving a logging-in account input by a user, identifying the logging-in account and configuring corresponding operating authorization for the logging-in account; the processing module is used for being connected with a pre-established block-chain database, wherein the block-chain database comprises a plurality of nodes, and each node corresponds to a hospital database; the querying module is used for receiving a querying order input by the user, obtaining a corresponding electronic medical record from the block-chain database according to the querying order and showing the obtained electronic medical record to the user. The electronic-medical-record sharing system is established based on the block chain technology in the embodiment, all data can be only preserved in a hospital server generated through original data, only data hash values are stored on the block-chain database so that the aims that data cannot be tampered, is looked up in a classified mode and is retrospective in consulting can be achieved, and the electronic-medical-record sharing system has the advantage that the data security is improved.

System and method to support networking functions for mobile hosts that access multiple networks

An IP-based corporate network architecture and method for providing seamless secure mobile networking across office WLAN, home WLAN, public WLAN, and 2.5G/3G cellular networks for corporate wireless data users. The system includes Internet roaming clients (IRCs), a secure mobility gateway (SMG), optional secure IP access (SIA) gateways, and a virtual single account (VSA) server. The IRC is a special client tool installed on a mobile computer (laptop or PDA) equipped with a WLAN adaptor and a cellular modem. It is responsible for establishing and maintaining a mobile IPsec tunnel between the mobile computer and a corporate intranet. The SMG is a mobile IPsec gateway installed between the corporate intranet and the Internet. It works in conjunction with the IRC to maintain the mobile IPsec tunnel when the mobile computer is connected on the Internet via a home WLAN, a public WLAN, or a cellular network. The SIA gateway is a special IPsec gateway installed in the middle of the wired corporate intranet and an office WLAN. It works with the IRC to ensure data security and efficient use of corporate IP addresses when the mobile computer is connected to the office WLAN. The VSA server manages authentication credentials for every corporate user based on a virtual single account concept. The Internet Roaming system can provide secure, always-on office network connectivity for corporate users no matter where they are located using best available wireless networks.
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