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Systems and methods for securing data in the cloud

A secure data parser is provided that may be integrated into any suitable system for securely storing data in and communicating data with cloud computing resources. The secure data parser parses data and then splits the data into multiple portions that are stored or communicated distinctly. Encryption of the original data, the portions of data, or both may be employed for additional security.

Method and apparatus of streaming data transformation using code generator and translator

A high level transformation method and apparatus for converting data formats in the context of network applications, among other places. A flexible transformation mechanism is provided that facilitates generation of translation machine code. A translator is dynamically generated by a translator compiler engine. When fed an input stream, the translator generates an output stream by executing the native object code generated on the fly by the translator compiler engine. In addition, the translator may be configured to perform a bi-directional translation between the two streams as well as translation between two distinct protocol sequences. Further a translator may working in streaming mode, to facilitate streaming processing of documents.

Secure data parser method and system

A secure data parser is provided that may be integrated into any suitable system for securely storing and communicating data. The secure data parser parses data and then splits the data into multiple portions that are stored or communicated distinctly. Encryption of the original data, the portions of data, or both may be employed for additional security. The secure data parser may be used to protect data in motion by splitting original data into portions of data, that may be communicated using multiple communications paths.

Treatment of hypertension

Treatment of hypertension includes implantation of the discharge portion(s) of a catheter and / or electrical stimulation electrode(s) adjacent the tissue(s) to be stimulated. Stimulation pulses, i.e., drug infusion pulses and / or electrical pulses, are supplied by one or more implanted stimulators, through the catheter and possibly also a lead, tunneled subcutaneously between the stimulator and stimulation site. A microstimulator(s) may also / instead deliver electrical stimulation pulses. Stimulation sites include the carotid sinus and carotid body, among other locations. Treatments include drugs used for acute and / or chronic treatment of hypertension. In a number of embodiments, a need for or response to treatment is sensed, and the electrical and / or infusion pulses adjusted accordingly.

Steerable catheter

A steerable catheter and methods of fabrication including a catheter body formed of a continuous wire braid formed of wires braided over a delivery lumen liner and a pull wire lumen liner distal to a pull wire jacket port, braided around the pull wire jacket port to form a braid port, and over at least a portion of the delivery lumen liner proximal to the pull wire jacket port. A pull wire extends from a pull wire proximal end through the pull wire lumen port and through the pull wire lumen to a pull wire distal end. A band is attached to the pull wire distal end and fitted over a distal segment of the wire braid proximal to the catheter body distal end to fix the pull wire distal end to the catheter body and restrain the wire distal end from flaring away from the delivery lumen liner.

Cryptographic server with provisions for interoperability between cryptographic systems

The invention is a cryptographic server providing interoperability over multiple algorithms, keys, standards, certificate types and issuers, protocols, and the like. Another aspect of the invention is to provide a secure server, or trust engine, having server-centric keys, or in other words, storing cryptographic keys on a server. The server-centric storage of keys provides for user-independent security, portability, availability, and straightforwardness, along with a wide variety of implementation possibilities.

Method and system for automatic control of vehicles based on carrier phase differential GPS

Described is an automatic control system for land (and possible marine) vehicles based on carrier phase differential GPS (CPGPS). The system relies on CPGPS to determine vehicle position and attitude very precisely (position to within 1 cm and attitude to within 0.1 DEG ). A system incorporates a technique to calculate and compensate for antenna motion due to vehicle roll and pitch. One aspect of the system utilizes an intelligent vehicle controller that recognizes and adapts to changing conditions, such as vehicle speed, implements towed by the vehicle, soil conditions, and disturbance level. The system provides the capability to control the vehicle on various paths, including straight lines and arbitrary curves. Also described is a technique for initialization and vehicle control using only a single pseudolite.

Treatment of movement disorders with drug therapy

Introducing one or more stimulating drugs to the vagus nerve and / or one or more branches of the vagus nerve to treat movement disorders uses at least one implantable system control unit (SCU) with an implantable pump with at least one infusion outlet. Optional electrical stimulation may additionally be supplied by an implantable signal / pulse generator (IPG) with one or more electrodes. In certain embodiments, a single SCU provides one or more stimulating drugs and the optional electrical stimulation. In some embodiments, one or more sensed conditions are used to adjust stimulation parameters.

Transformable pressure sensitive adhesive tape and use thereof in display screens

InactiveUS20060100299A1Easy and safe applicationLow level of VOC 'sNanostructure manufactureGas-filled discharge tubesDisplay deviceLight-emitting diode
A transformable pressure sensitive adhesive composition comprised of from about 15 to about 80% by weight of a polymer having a softening point greater than 60° C.; from about 20 to about 85% by weight of a polymerizable resin having a softening point less than 30° C.; a latent initiator in an amount sufficient to cause a reaction between said polymer and said resin; and optionally, a crosslinking agent. The transformable pressure sensitive adhesive has particular applicability in connection with organic light emitting diode display devices, light emitting diode display devices, medical diagnostic testing devices, flexible or rigid LCD display devices, plasma display devices, and electrochromic devices.

Secure data parser method and system

The present invention provides a method and system for securing sensitive data from unauthorized access or use. The method and system of the present invention is useful in a wide variety of settings, including commercial settings generally available to the public which may be extremely large or small with respect to the number of users. The method and system of the present invention is also useful in a more private setting, such as with a corporation or governmental agency, as well as between corporation, governmental agencies or any other entity.

Multi power sourced electric vehicle

ActiveUS20100109604A1Increasing and reducing power consumedAvoid crackingHybrid vehiclesNear-field transmissionElectrical batteryHigher Power
An inductive power transfer (IPT) pad and system for the charging of electric and hybid electric vehicles. The batter of such a vehicle can be selectively coupled to a high power electrical supply for fast charging or a lower power electrical supply for charging using IPT. The batteries of the vehicles are used in a system to control the load demand in an electricity network through variations of the frequency of power supplied.
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