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Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet. Large clouds, predominant today, often have functions distributed over multiple locations from central servers. If the connection to the user is relatively close, it may be designated an edge server.

Task scheduling method under cloud computing environment

The invention discloses a task scheduling method under a cloud computing environment, and belongs to the technical field of computer application. The method of the invention comprises the following steps that: computer nodes register node information from a data center node; the computer nodes transmit health states thereof to a task scheduler through a health state reporting mechanism; the task scheduler allocates tasks to the computer nodes according to the node information, wherein during allocation, the difference between the computer nodes is not considered; computer nodes report the completion of the task to the data center node after each task is completed; the task scheduler allocates a new task to balance the task load between the computer nodes according to the task completion condition of each computer node; the data center node deletes the node information thereof when an abnormal computer node is found, and reallocates the task which is not completed by the node and serves as the new task; and the task scheduler recovers the task which is not completed within a specified time threshold value and reallocates the task as the new task. By the method, the safety for the task allocation under the cloud computing environment can be improved, and the throughput of the task scheduling is effectively improved.

An intelligent network-connected automobile operation system based on vehicle-road collaboration

ActiveCN109714421ARealize data standardization and interconnectionMeet different applicationsParticular environment based servicesDetection of traffic movementHorizonVehicle driving
The invention discloses an intelligent network-connected automobile operation system based on vehicle-road collaboration. The intelligent networked automobile operation system comprises a high-precision map platform, a cloud control platform, a vehicle-mounted terminal platform, a vehicle-mounted computing platform and an information security platform. The high-precision map platform provides a real-time dynamic high-precision map; the cloud control platform and the vehicle-mounted terminal platform are subjected to cooperative management and control through a communication network; the cloudcontrol platform executes data storage, cloud computing and standardized data interconnection; the vehicle-mounted terminal platform executes information reporting; wherein the vehicle-mounted computing platform is connected with the vehicle-mounted terminal platform through the vehicle-mounted Ethernet, over-the-horizon perception data, map data, environment data and the like are obtained, a vehicle driving scheme is formulated through fusion calculation, and the cloud control platform, the vehicle-mounted terminal platform, the vehicle-mounted computing platform and the map platform are allprovided with safety monitors. Common basic services are provided for operation of the intelligent network connection automobile, and national and industrial development requirements are met.

Distributed transaction processing method on cloud computing platform

The invention discloses a distributed transaction processing method on a cloud computing platform. The method comprises the following steps that: at first, start base services in a data storage cluster of the cloud computing platform, and start transaction processing services on a node of a data management cluster; connect a client end to a data management service node by a RPC (Remote Procedure Call Protocol), request a new transaction, and a local transaction manager receives a request to instantiate a transaction object and assign a transaction identifier for sending to the client end; the client end issues a data operation request of the transaction, and the local transaction manager sends the request to a corresponding transaction object for processing according to the transaction identifier owned by the client end; the client end issues a transaction submitting command, and the local manager is responsible for submitting the transaction. The distributed transaction processing method is applied to the cloud computing platform, so that size of transaction logs and log operation times are reduced by caching and combining transaction logs; and moreover, a master lock and lease management solve a blocking problem; a strategy processing failure condition is recovered to maintain data consistency.
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