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A data store is a repository for persistently storing and managing collections of data which include not just repositories like databases, but also simpler store types such as simple files, emails etc. A database is a series of bytes that is managed by a database management system (DBMS).

Multifunctional world wide walkie talkie, a tri-frequency cellular-satellite wireless instant messenger computer and network for establishing global wireless volp quality of service (QOS) communications, unified messaging, and video conferencing via the internet

InactiveUS6763226B1High quality voice and data communicationMinimal costCordless telephonesInterconnection arrangementsQuality of serviceMass storage
World-Wide-Walkie-Talkie, a high speed multifunction interstellar wireless computer / instant messenger communicator, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), coupled with a resilient, robust, VoIP data network and internet server method, deploying multiple wireless networks and protocols such as Voice Over IP, GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth, PCS, I-Mode, comprising a high speed Intel Pentium 4 Mobile(TM) or compatible Processor, to formulate a internet gateway system (99) and network bridge (150) for establishing instant low cost, real time global communications to the Public Switched Telephone Network via the internet (54). A PUSH-TO-TALK-WORLDWIDE button (21) instantly initiates global bisynchronous communications, or videoconferencing sessions. Fax, VideoMail, and unified messaging services are immediately available. GPS and mass memory provides global navigational tracking and data storage. Internet users, telephones, and cellular / satellite phone users can intercommunicate with the invention via VoIP / IM services. The invention provides uniformed global wireless communications, eliminates traditional long distance costs, and operates anywhere on earth.

System for rebuilding dispersed data

A digital data file storage system is disclosed in which original data files to be stored are dispersed using some form of information dispersal algorithm into a number of file “slices” or subsets in such a manner that the data in each file share is less usable or less recognizable or completely unusable or completely unrecognizable by itself except when combined with some or all of the other file shares. These file shares are stored on separate digital data storage devices as a way of increasing privacy and security. As dispersed file shares are being transferred to or stored on a grid of distributed storage locations, various grid resources may become non-operational or may operate below at a less than optimal level. When dispersed file shares are being written to a dispersed storage grid which not available, the grid clients designates the dispersed data shares that could not be written at that time on a Rebuild List. In addition when grid resources already storing dispersed data become non-available, a process within the dispersed storage grid designates the dispersed data shares that need to be recreated on the Rebuild List. At other points in time a separate process reads the set of Rebuild Lists used to create the corresponding dispersed data and stores that data on available grid resources.

Methods and/or systems for an online and/or mobile privacy and/or security encryption technologies used in cloud computing with the combination of data mining and/or encryption of user's personal data and/or location data for marketing of internet posted promotions, social messaging or offers using multiple devices, browsers, operating systems, networks, fiber optic communications, multichannel platforms

A method, apparatus, computer readable medium, computer system, wireless or wired network, or system to provide an online and / or mobile security of a user's privacy and / or security method of internet or mobile access or system, apparatus, computer readable medium, or system using encryption technologies and / or filters to access data, encrypt and / or decrypt data, sync data, secure data storage and / or process data using cloud technology across many different networks and / or fiber optic communications from an endpoint accessed through multiple devices, browsers, operating systems, networks, servers, storage, software, applications or services integrated in a public cloud or a private cloud within an enterprise, a social network, big data analytics or electronic surveillance tracking or some mashup of two or more to prevent the unauthorized collecting, tracking and / or analysis of a user's personal data by a third party and / or for generating relevant advertising, mobile, internet social messaging, internet posted promotions or offers for products and / or services.

Information Infrastructure Management Tools with Extractor, Secure Storage, Content Analysis and Classification and Method Therefor

The present invention is a method of organizing and processing data in a distributed computing system. The invention is also implemented as a computer program on a computer medium and as a distributed computer system. Software modules can be configured as hardware. The method and system organizes select content which is important to an enterprise operating said distributed computing system. The select content is represented by one or more predetermined words, characters, images, data elements or data objects. The computing system has a plurality of select content data stores for respective ones of a plurality of enterprise designated categorical filters which include content-based filters, contextual filters and taxonomic classification filters, all operatively coupled over a communications network. A data input is processed through at least one activated categorical filter to obtain select content, and contextually associated select content and taxonomically associated select content as aggregated select content. The aggregated select content is stored in the corresponding select content data store. A data process from the group of data processes including a copy process, a data extract process, a data archive process, a data distribution process and a data destruction process is associated with the activated categorical filter and the method and system applies the associated data process to a further data input based upon a result of that further data being processed by the activated categorical filter utilizing the aggregated select content data.

Medical treatment system with energy delivery device for limiting reuse

InactiveUS7118564B2Without disabling functionalityControlling energy of instrumentEye treatmentClosed loopLaser surgery
The present invention provides an energy delivery device for use with a medical treatment system for the more efficacious treatment of patients during laser surgery which limits the number of uses or prevents reuse of the energy delivery device after a certain threshold limit has been reached. The energy delivery device comprises a diffusing optical fiber and a memory device having data programmed therein and being operatively connected to an energy generator the optical fiber includes a temperature sensor for generating a temperature signal in a closed loop manner. The data stored in the memory device includes a multiplicity of use parameters, usage limits, usage counts, and count limits all relating to the properties of the medical treatment system. The use parameters may include an elapsed time, a total treatment time, and a number of treatment sites. A main processor is also included for calculating a temperature from the temperature signal and for updating the use parameters in response to data received by the main processor. The main processor is also used to compare the use parameters to their corresponding usage limits. The main processor can create and increment a usage count when at least one of the use parameters exceeds its corresponding usage limit. Thereafter, the main processor compares the usage count to the count limit and disables the energy delivery device when the usage count exceeds a predetermined count limit.
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