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Aluminum-silicon alloy refining agent and preparation thereof

InactiveCN101343699Asimple methodeasy to implement
The invention relates to an aluminum silicon alloy refining agent and the manufacturing method, which belongs to the aluminum silicon alloy refining agent research and development field. The aluminum silicon alloy refining agent is configured of potassium chloride, sodium chloride, zinc chloride, sodium fluoaluminate, sodium fluosilicate, sodium nitrate, graphite powder, charcoal powder, hexachoroethane, sodium fluoborate and potassium fluotitanate. The materials are mixed, smashed and pressed into blocks. The using method of the manufactured refining agent: when the temperature of the melted aluminum alloy fluid reaches 720 to 760 DEG C, the refining agent blocks are put into a melting pot to perform the reaction. The reaction time is 10 to 25 minutes. The floating slag is removed, and then the product is cast. The method of the product is simple, the implementation is easy, and when the refining agent manufactured in the method is used for the casting of aluminum silicon alloy, air holes can not be formed on the cast product surface, the content of oxide inclusions in the cast product is obviously reduced, and the cast product quality is greatly improved. The air holes can be reduced by one to two grades. The level of the oxide inclusions is about the second grade. The aluminum silicon alloy refining agent solves the problem that the prior refining agent and the processing method are not ideal.

Method for preparing porous membranes based on selective swelling of block copolymers

The invention relates to a method for preparing porous membranes based on selective swelling of block copolymers. The method includes the steps of preparing a block copolymer (a block copolymer is formed by a block A and a block B) solution, preprocessing microfiltration basement membranes, coating the block copolymer solution on the processed microfiltration basement membranes, placing the microfiltration basement membranes coated with the block copolymer solution in a drying cabinet for vacuum heat treatment (a block copolymer layer solvent is volatilized to form membranes in the process), submerging the microfiltration basement membranes coated with the copolymer thin membranes in a solvent which has a selective swelling effect on one block of the block copolymer to be processed for a while, and taking out the microfiltration basement membranes coated with the copolymer thin membranes from the solvent for drying to obtain the compound porous membranes with block copolymer layers as separation layers and microfiltration basement membranes as supporting layers. The method is simple to operate, convenient and controllable. Chemical reaction is not involved, the prepared compound membranes have high mechanical strength, neat surface structure, and apparent potential of hydrogen (pH)-stimulus sensitivity, show good separation performances and have broad application prospects.

Fresh water aquaculture method for penaeus vannamei

InactiveCN102415346AAvoid the spread of pests and diseasessimple method
The invention discloses a fresh water aquaculture method for penaeus vannamei. The fresh water aquaculture method comprises the following steps of: preparing a penaeus vannamei pond; desalting penaeus vannamei larvae; improving the immunity of the penaeus vannamei by using Chinese herbal medicines; regulating and controlling the water quality; biologically preventing and controlling; and daily managing and harvesting the penaeus vannamei. The fresh water aquaculture method is characterized by comprising the following steps of: artificially enclosing colored cloth at corners of a fish pond to form a desalination box; artificially configuring chemical raw materials into sea water in the desalination box and gradually desalting the sea water to form fresh water; enabling the penaeus vannameilarvae to gradually adapt to the growth in the fresh water; carrying out health care in the growth process by adopting the Chinese herbal medicines researched by Zhongshan University; and controllingthe water body by using a clarias leather or grass carp to prevent pests from being spread. Under the condition of sufficient feed, the penaeus vannamei can quickly and healthily grow. The fresh water aquaculture method is simple, easy in operation and convenient in popularization and application; according to the breeding demonstration of 68 popularizing demonstration sites with 2000mu in Li county of Hunan Province, 400-600 kilos of penaeus vannamei are produced in each mu, the production value is 12800-19200yuan, the profit is 8000-12000yuan of each mu and the cultivation success rate reaches 100 percent; and the fresh water aquaculture method is deeply favored by local farmers.
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