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Protein stabilized pharmacologically active agents, methods for the preparation thereof and methods for the use thereof

In accordance with the present invention, there are provided compositions and methods useful for the in vivo delivery of substantially water insoluble pharmacologically active agents (such as the anticancer drug paclitaxel) in which the pharmacologically active agent is delivered in the form of suspended particles coated with protein (which acts as a stabilizing agent). In particular, protein and pharmacologically active agent in a biocompatible dispersing medium are subjected to high shear, in the absence of any conventional surfactants, and also in the absence of any polymeric core material for the particles. The procedure yields particles with a diameter of less than about 1 micron. The use of specific composition and preparation conditions (e.g., addition of a polar solvent to the organic phase), and careful election of the proper organic phase and phase fraction, enables the reproducible production of unusually small nanoparticles of less than 200 nm diameter, which can be sterile-filtered. The particulate system produced according to the invention can be converted into a redispersible dry powder comprising nanoparticles of water-insoluble drug coated with a protein, and free protein to which molecules of the pharmacological agent are bound. This results in a unique delivery system, in which part of the pharmacologically active agent is readily bioavailable (in the form of molecules bound to the protein), and part of the agent is present within particles without any polymeric matrix therein.

Natural input recognition tool

A recognition tool according to various examples of the invention intelligently recognizes natural input before it is passed to a destination or target application. More particularly, the recognition tool according to various examples of the invention provides better formatting for text recognized from natural input, based upon the context in which the text is being inserted into a target application. The recognition tool also provides various tools for correcting inaccurately recognized text. The recognition tool may allow a user to select only a part of an inaccurate text, and then identify alternate text candidates based upon the selected portion of the inaccurate text. Further, when the user selects text containing multiple words for correction, the recognition tool provides cross combinations of alternate text candidates for the user's selection. Still further, if the user replaces inaccurate text by submitting a new natural input object, the recognition tool ensures that the text recognized from the new natural input object is different from the inaccurate text been replaced. The recognition tool additionally affects the recognition experience after recognized text has been provided to the target application. The recognition tool provides the target application with the original natural input object for the recognized text, along with the alternate text candidates for that original natural input object. Thus, the target application can use the alternate text candidates to correct inaccurately recognized text. Further, a user can insert the original natural input object for recognized text within the target application.
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