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Cloud security storage and processing method and system for rail transit monitoring data

The invention relates to a cloud security storage and processing method and system for rail transit monitoring data. The system comprises a cloud security control server as well as a client, a data acquisition system and a cloud computing cluster connected with the cloud security control server. According to the method, data are ciphered, and a phenomenon that a user cannot decipher initial data without a public key is guaranteed, so that the privacy of the data is guaranteed; during operations such as access, enquiry and the like performed by the data acquisition system and the client on the cloud platform data, the cloud security control server is required to send requests, while the data acquisition system and the client cannot perform data access with the cloud platform directly; and the cloud security control server can conveniently configure and construct various data security schemes, such as authority management of user classification, backup management of monitoring data, management of different place clusters and the like, and the schemes can be directly completed on the control server. According to the cloud security storage and processing method and system for the rail transit monitoring data, storage and processing security of the rail transit monitoring data can be guaranteed.

Regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system and operating method

The invention discloses a regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system and an operating method. The regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system comprises a monitoring management system and a plurality of monitoring terminals, wherein the monitoring terminals are connected with the monitoring management system through general packet radio service (GPRS); a central processing unit of the monitoring management system is connected with a data transmitting and receiving module, a data analysis processing module, a database management module and a display or a user terminal; the data transmitting and receiving module is connected with a database storing global positioning system (GPS) information, information geographic information system (GIS) and correlated heavy metal concentration information detected by all the monitoring terminals; a master control module of each monitoring terminal comprises an embedded processor, a clock and a GPRS sub-module; a detection module comprises a temperature sensor and a heavy metal electrochemical sensor array. According to the operating method, the temperature and the heavy metal concentration, monitored by the monitoring terminals, of a water environment are transmitted to the monitoring management system to be stored and displayed, and are compared with standard values and historical data through the data analysis processing module; when the polluted water quality is determined or the concentration of certain heavy metal is suddenly increased to a higher level, an alarm is given. According to the regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system and the operating method, the pollution of a water body is timely found by real-time sampling analysis and dynamic monitoring; the monitoring terminals are simple to network and easy to expand.

Network online invoice making method

InactiveCN101894435ASupport online updateSupport offline reportingUser identity/authority verificationCash registersData validationSource Data Verification
The invention provides a network online invoice making method. Based on internet and computer technology, the method provides comprehensive real-time management services for the links of purchase, making, use, inquiry, data application and the like of an invoice of a taxpayer. The method comprises the following steps of: realizing the authentication of a taxpayer identity by using a digital certificate; ensuring the transmission security of invoice data on the internet by using an HTTPS encryption protocol; establishing a security channel between a user and a backstage server; realizing bidirectional data security transmission by encryption technology; generating an invoice security code used for verifying the authenticity and the completeness of invoice face value information by invoice anti-counterfeiting technology. An online invoice making key is a medium for the digital certificate, a face value anti-counterfeiting algorithm and secure storage, and finishes data encryption, data decryption, digital signature, data verification and the like. Therefore, the problems of false invoice, writing false invoice, making an invoice excluding income, filling and making non-standard invoice, declaration data distortion and the like are solved fundamentally.
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