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High performance fan tail heat exchanger

A novel plate fin heat exchanger adapted for high and low velocity fluid flows for dissipating heat from a heat generating component. The heat exchanger comprises an array of fins being affixed to and in thermal communication with a thermally conductive base, wherein the fins are arranged in a fan tail configuration for minimizing flow bypass, and further providing reduced thermal resistance for fluid passing through the fin field. The fins are affixed to and in thermal communication with the base at an acute angle, such that the effective width of the array of fins exceeds the width of the base. The enlarged effective width of the fin array in comparison to conventional heat exchanger provides an increased volume for fluid flow, thereby allowing a greater volume of fluid to enter the fin field and a greater surface area of plate fins for cooling the fluid passing through the heat exchanger. In addition, the heat exchanger comprises a fin density of at least ten fins per inch or greater of base length thereby providing a narrow channel heat exchanger with a fan tail. The aspect ratio of the individual channels between the fins, as compared to parallel fins affixed perpendicular to the base through an extrusion method, generates a reduced pressure drop across the heat exchanger. Accordingly, the heat exchanger of the present invention expands the envelope of cooling performance provided by fluid flow over an array of thermally conductive plates.

Method and device for irrigation of body cavities

A pressure and a vision regulation method and device for irrigation of a body cavity (1), in which method an inflow liquid pump (2) pressurizes the irrigation liquid in a feed line (13) and in which an outflow device (3) or an external suction source (20) drains the irrigation liquid from the body cavity (1) through a tubing (16) into a waste container (17) and in which a control unit (4) controls either the inflow liquid pump (2) only or both the inflow liquid pump (2) and the outflow device (3) depending on an inflow irrigation liquid pressure from a pressure sensor (5), where the first control unit (4) compares the inflow irrigation liquid pressure and flow with pressures calculated to correspond to pressure in the body cavity for the respective flow for a nominal surgical site and that a matching between the calculated values and the inflow irrigation liquid pressures is made by altering the effect of either the inflow liquid pump (2) only or the inflow liquid pump (2) and/or the outflow device (3) and/or the shut off valve. The above-mentioned pressure registration method and the device for irrigation of a body cavity is combined with an method for detecting blood cells, red blood cells, haemoglobin and/or debris in liquid coming from a surgical site so an automatically control and rinsing system is achieved keeping a clear vision in the viewing area of the operational site.

2D hydraulic-power-assisted electro-hydraulic proportional reversing valve

The invention provides a 2D (2-dimensional) hydraulic-power-assisted electro-hydraulic proportional reversing valve, which comprises a valve body, a valve core, a valve sleeve, a linear electro-mechanical converter and a compressive-torsional coupling, wherein the valve core, the compressive-torsional coupling and the linear electro-mechanical converter are coaxially connected; an output shaft of the linear electro-mechanical converter is fixedly connected with an input end of the compressive-torsional coupling; an output end of the compressive-torsional coupling is fixedly connected with the right end of the valve core; a sensitive cavity is formed by the left end of the valve core, the valve sleeve and a left cover plate; a pair of axisymmetric high pressure holes and a pair of axisymmetric low pressure holes are respectively formed on the surfaces of shoulders of the valve core in the sensitive cavity; a pair of axisymmetric sensing channels are arranged on the inner surface of the valve sleeve outside the sensitive cavity; and one end of each receptive channel is communicated with the sensitive cavity, and the other ends of the receptive channels cover areas between adjacent high pressure holes and low pressure holes. The 2D hydraulic-power-assisted electro-hydraulic proportional reversing valve not only has the characteristics of high flow rate, high working pressure, and the like of an ordinary pilot-control type electro-hydraulic proportional valve, but also fulfils a proportional control function like a direct-actuated proportional valve under the circumstance of zero pressure (pressure loss).

Transdermal Delivery of Beneficial Substances Effected By a Hostile Biophysical Environment

The present invention generally relates to the transdermal delivery of substances and, in some embodiments, to the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances by a hostile biophysical environment. In one aspect, various methods for the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances are disclosed. By creating a hostile biophysical environment, beneficial substances may be delivered, according to certain embodiments, through the stratum corneum of the skin into the body. Beneficial substances include, but are not limited to, pharmaceutical agents, drugs, vitamins, co-factors, peptides, dietary supplements, and others. The beneficial effects disclosed include, for instance, relief of pain and inflammation, prevention and healing of ulcers of the skin, relief of headache, improved sexual function and enjoyment, growth of hair on the scalp, improving muscle size and/or function, removing body fat and/or cellulite, treating cancer, treating viral infections and others. A hostile biophysical environment may also be used in conjunction with systems and methods for increasing local blood flow, according to one set of embodiments. For example, by using a nitric oxide donor such as L-arginine, local blood flow may be increased, e.g., by transdermally delivering the nitric oxide precursor. The nitric oxide donor may be the sole cause of increased blood flow, or it may be supplemented with an adjunct such as theophylline.
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