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2001results about How to "Increase blood flow" patented technology

Joint / tissue inflammation therapy and monitoring device

A device is provided, in direct skin contact, surrounding an injured area for the light and heat treatment, reduction of joint inflammation, edema and excitation of neural and muscular stimulation associated with human and mammal tissues. This therapeutic light and heat source includes multiple tiers or layers, e.g., three or four layers and a multiplicity of light emitting diodes (LED's) found in the ranges of 250 nm to 20,000 nm and fiber optic connections. A neoprene type material or other non-allergenic material will be used to set the LED's and fiber optics in layers consisting of contact with the skin to a few centimeters from the skin tissue. (Distance between the layers of LED's will vary from contact or near contact with devices to several millimeters of separation.) Each LED array will be independently controlled allowing for optimal modulation of light frequencies and wavelengths. Technology will be integrated allowing for biomedical feedback of tissue temperature, biochemical changes in tissue and other statistical information. A low voltage, portable power supply, will be integrated into the device as well as an analog/digital, input/output connection device. The design will be created for continuous wear, flexibility and comfort. The tiers or layers can be individually programmed to turn “on” or “off” as required by the physiologic condition to be treated. A device for light and heat treatment is contemplated using polarized film or a light guide accepting white light.

Methods and apparatus for adjusting blood circulation

Embodiments of the invention include a method and a device for increasing blood flow and controlling the temperature of a mammal by applying a desired pressure to extremities of a mammal. The device generally includes one or more collapsible and pliant body elements, capable of expanding from a first volume into an expanded second volume so the device can receive a portion of an extremity of the mammal therein and then be reduced from the expanded second volume into a pressurized third volume to conformably enclose the portion of the extremity. One or more thermal exchange units can be positioned in the one or more collapsible and pliant body elements. Accordingly, the temperature of the extremity of a mammal can be regulated by providing a heated or cooled fluid medium or electric thermal energy to the one or more thermal exchange units. Next, by evacuating the region in which the extremity is enclosed the contact surface area between the extremity of a mammal and the one or more thermal exchange units is increased, due to the external atmospheric pressure acting on the pliant body elements against the skin of the extremity of the mammal. The application of pressure assures that sufficient contact and thermal heat transfer (heating or cooling) is provided to the extremity of the mammal.
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