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Preparation method of silver-loaded meso-porous silicon/collagen/polyvinyl acetal antimicrobial dressing

The invention discloses a preparation method of a silver-loaded meso-porous silicon/collagen/polyvinyl acetal antimicrobial dressing. The method comprises the following steps: vibrating meso-porous silicon in a silver nitrate solution to obtain silver-loaded meso-porous silicon; preparing a collagen solution, and mixing the silver-loaded meso-porous silicon with the collagen solution to obtain a silver-loaded meso-porous silicon/collagen blend solution; dissolving polyvinyl alcohol into boiling water, cooling, mixing with the silver-loaded meso-porous silicon/collagen blend solution evenly, so as to obtain a silver-loaded meso-porous silicon/collagen/polyvinyl alcohol blend solution; dissolving polyvinyl alcohol, adding lauryl sodium sulfate, a formaldehyde solution and calcium carbonate, stirring, adding hydrochloric acid and stirring to obtain polyvinyl acetal; and adding a polyvinyl alcohol/silver-loaded meso-porous silicon/collagen blend solution, and solidifying to obtain the silver-loaded meso-porous silicon/collagen/polyvinyl acetal antimicrobial dressing. The medical dressing prepared by the method is long in silver ion release cycle, has effective antibacterial ability, simultaneously is capable of promoting wound healing, has good mechanical strength, air permeability, hygroscopic property and foaming ability, and can be applied to wound treatment.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic toothpaste

InactiveCN110101638AAntibacterial effect wound healingPromote wound healingCosmetic preparationsToilet preparationsAnti-inflammatoryPeriodontitis
The invention discloses an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic toothpaste. The toothpaste is prepared from, by weight percentage, 2-8% of chitosan oligosaccharide, 0.6-5% of a pinellia tuber extract,0.5-1.2% of a cortex llicis rotundae extract, 0.4-6% of a rhizoma cimicifugae extract, 20-30% of a humectant, 40-50% of an abradant, 0.6-2% of a thickener, 1.5-2.5% of a surfactant, 0.1-0.5% of a sweetening agent, 0.1-0.5% of a preservative, 1-1.5% of essence and the balance deionized water, wherein the total weight percentage is counted as 100%. The invention also provides a preparation method ofthe Chinese medicinal toothpaste. By means of a compounding technology, the toothpaste has the effects of relieving gingival periodontitis symptoms such as inflammation and bleeding while the original functions of cleaning the oral cavity and refreshing the breath are achieved by the toothpaste, the effects of preventing and treating dental ulcer, toothache and tooth sensitivity are achieved, thetoothpaste is used for alleviating the stimulation caused by cold, heat, sourness and sweet from the outside to the teeth, the environment of the oral cavity is gently nursed without damaging the teeth, the components are safe and effective, and a broad application prospect is obtained.

New method for treating wounds of fruit trees

The invention discloses a method for treating wounds of fruit trees. Hydrophilic or water absorbent material into which water-retaining agent is added serves as a carrier dressing, chemical liquid containing sterilization and wound healing promotion substances is added, the chemical liquid contains, by mass, 0.4% of ethylicin and a mixture of 200ppm of cytokinin beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound and 70ppm of naphthylacetic acid beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound, when the chemical liquid is used, a proper size of carrier dressing is cut out of the carrier dressing adsorbing the chemical liquid in a saturated mode to be applied to the surface of a wound, and then the wound is bounded and sealed with a plastic film. The method has the advantages that sterile proper-moisture environmental conditions capable of stimulating cells around the wounds to generate callus fast are provided for the wounds of the fruit trees, the callus will not root, and the wound healing rate is high; after the water-retaining agent is added, the carrier dressing loses water slowly, and long-term moisture preservation can be achieved in combination with replenishment of outside rainwater through fine and dense holes in the surfaces of the trees. The method for treating wounds of fruit trees is good in effect and high in wound healing rate, and the healing time can be shortened by 20 days compared with a conventional method under the same conditions.

Medical foam dressing and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN104399110APromote wound healingGood mechanical and physical propertiesAbsorbent padsBandagesChemistrySodium carboxymethylcellulose
The invention provides a medical foam dressing and a preparation method thereof. The medical foam dressing comprises base cloth, a colloid layer and a peeling-off layer, wherein the colloid layer is arranged on the base cloth, the peeling-off layer is arranged on the colloid layer, and the colloid layer comprises alginate, polyurethane foam, gelatin, carboxymethyl chitosan, carboxymethyl cellulose sodium, rosin resin, kaolin and vegetable oil. The preparation method comprises the following steps: melting the polyurethane foam, the rosin resin and the vegetable oil in a reaction kettle, adding the rosin resin after the polyurethane foam, the rosin resin and the vegetable oil are completely melted, and performing heat preservation; uniformly mixing the alginate, the gelatin, carboxymethyl chitosan, carboxymethyl cellulose sodium and kaolin, slowly adding the alginate, gelatin, the carboxymethyl chitosan, carboxymethyl cellulose sodium and kaolin which are uniformly mixed to the reaction kettle, after uniformly mixing, lowering the temperature, and defoaming; uniformly coating mixtures to the base cloth, lowering the temperature, and covering the peeling-off layer on the coated colloid layer so as to obtain the medical foam dressing. The medical foam dressing disclosed by the invention has favorable mechanical and physical properties, the preparation technology is simple, the cost is low, and the industrialization is easy to realize.
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