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Removable wound closure

A system and method for the temporary closure of a wound, especially an abdominal wound, to facilitate re-entry, final closure, and long term healing of the wound. An abdominal wound dressing and methods of use are described that enable the application of negative pressure to the wound site in a site healing promoting manner while also limiting the formation of adhesions that would prevent the removal of the dressing. The dressing comprises a layer of porous foam material (36) enclosed by sheets of elastomeric material (38) punctuated by a number of appropriately placed holes (34). Multiple layers of porous foam may also be used. A suction tube connector (16) is provided on an upper surface of a layer of foam (12) for connection to a negative pressure source. At least one layer of foam is enclosed in elastomeric material and is placed in direct contact with the tissue within the open wound. Fluids are drawn by negative pressure through the holes positioned in the elastomeric envelope, and through the foam. If multiple foam layers are employed, the lower layer(s) of foam are of a finer porosity while the upper layer of foam is coarse. An adhesive elastomeric sheet (14) covers the entire wound dressing and seals the edges to the skin surrounding the wound. An appropriate vacuum device is attached to the suction tube connector.
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