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Object detection system for vehicle

An imaging system for a vehicle includes an imaging sensor and a control. The imaging sensor is operable to capture an image of a scene occurring exteriorly of the vehicle. The control receives the captured image, which comprises an image data set representative of the exterior scene. The control may apply an edge detection algorithm to a reduced image data set of the image data set. The reduced image data set is representative of a target zone of the captured image. The control may be operable to process the reduced image data set more than other image data, which are representative of areas of the captured image outside of the target zone, to detect objects present within the target zone. The imaging system may be associated with a side object detection system, a lane change assist system, a lane departure warning system and / or the like.

Apparatus and method for creating, maintaining, and controlling a virtual electrode used for the ablation of tissue

The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for producing a virtual electrode within or upon a tissue to be treated with radio frequency alternating electric current, such tissues including but not limited to liver, lung, cardiac, prostate, breast, and vascular tissues and neoplasms. An apparatus in accord with the present invention includes a supply of a conductive or electrolytic fluid to be provided to the patient, an alternating current generator, and a processor for creating, maintaining, and controlling the ablation process by the interstitial or surficial delivery of the fluid to a tissue and the delivery of electric power to the tissue via the virtual electrode. A method in accord with the present invention includes delivering a conductive fluid to a predetermined tissue ablation site for a predetermined time period, applying a predetermined power level of radio frequency current to the tissue, monitoring at least one of several parameters, and adjusting either the applied power and / or the fluid flow in response to the measured parameters.

Electronic discount couponing method and apparatus for generating an electronic list of coupons

A method and apparatus for distributing, generating, and redeeming discount Virtual Coupons TM , rebate or gift certificates or the like which may be used on conjunction with a frequency card program or the like. Virtual Coupons TM may be distributed electronically, for example, in the form of a diskette or CD-ROM software. Software on the diskette or CD-ROM may prompt a consumer to call a 1-800 number for a validation number or code. During the phone call, telemarketing personnel may request consumer demographic and or identification information which may be entered into a centralized database. Once the software is validated, a consumer may print out a list selected Virtual Coupons TM displayed on a Graphical User Interface (GUI). When a product is purchased, the UPC code of the product may be compared electronically with a list of Virtual Coupons TM authorized for a particular consumer. An appropriate coupon discount may then be applied and the Virtual Coupon TM may be considered "redeemed". Once redeemed, consumer ID information and Virtual Coupon TM information may be retrieved electronically and used to update a central database. Accurate data may then be produced illustrating which consumers or groups of consumers are redeeming which Virtual Coupons TM . Such data may be used for marketing purposes or to generated further diskettes for distribution targeting specific consumers or groups of consumers with specific classes of Virtual Coupon TM offerings. The use of Virtual Coupons TM eliminates or reduces fraud, and allows a frequency card discount to be applied only a limited number of times.

Monitoring, predicting and treating clinical episodes

Apparatus (10) is provided that includes at least one sensor (30), configured to sense a physiological parameter of a subject (12) and to sense large body movement of the subject (12), an output unit (24), and a control unit (14). The control unit (14) is configured to monitor a condition of the subject (12) by analyzing the physiological parameter and the sensed large body movement, and to drive the output unit (24) to generate an alert upon detecting a deterioration of the monitored condition. Other embodiments are also described.
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