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System and method for hydronic space heating with electrical power generation

This invention provides a system and method for cogeneration of electric power and building heat that efficiently interfaces a liquid-cooled electric power generator with a multi-zone forced hot water (hydronic) space heating system. The system and method utilizes an electric generator with an electric output capacity (kW) that is near the time-averaged electric power consumption rate for the building and with a heat generation capacity that is useful for meeting building heating needs. This generator is operated as the priority source of heat for the building, but normally only when there is a demand for heat in building, with the intent of running the generator for long periods of time and generating a total amount of electric energy (kWhs) that is significant in comparison to the total electric energy consumption of the building over time. The actual onsite time-variable power demand (kW) is met by a combination of the cogenerated electric power produced on site and quantities of electric power from the public electric power grid or another external power source. Hence, useful electric power is generated on site as a by-product of the required generation of heat for space or water heating. The generator is run at a speed/operating condition that is appropriate to maintaining a long operational life.
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