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A bottle is a narrow-necked container made of an impermeable material (clay, glass, plastic, aluminium etc.) in various shapes and sizes to store and transport liquids (water, milk, beer, wine, ink, cooking oil, medicine, soft drinks, shampoo, and chemicals, etc.) and whose mouth at the bottling line can be sealed with an internal stopper, an external bottle cap, a closure, or a conductive "inner seal" using induction sealing. Some of the earliest bottles appeared in China, Phoenicia, Crete, and Rome.

Electronic Atomization Cigarette

ActiveUS20070267031A1Reduce cancer riskRespiratorsNervous disorderVapor–liquid separatorTar
The present invention relates to an electronic atomization cigarette which only contains nicotine without harmful tar. The electronic atomization cigarette includes a shell and a mouthpiece. The external wall of the shell has an air inlet. An electronic circuit board, a normal pressure cavity, a sensor, a vapor-liquid separator, an atomizer, a liquid-supplying bottle are sequentially provided within the shell, wherein the electronic circuit board comprises an electronic switching circuit and a high frequency generator. A stream passage of the sensor is provided on one side of the sensor, and a negative pressure cavity is provided in the sensor. The atomizer and the liquid-supplying bottle is in contact with each other. An atomization cavity is arranged in the atomizer. A retaining ring for locking the liquid-supplying bottle is provided between one side of the liquid-supplying bottle and the shell, and an aerosol passage is provided on the other side of the liquid-supplying bottle. The air inlet, normal pressure cavity, vapor-liquid separator, atomizer, aerosol passage, gas vent and mouthpiece are sequentially interconnected. The advantages of the present invention include smoking without tar, significantly reducing the cancerogenic risk. Furthermore, users still feel as if they are smoking and experiencing the same excitement, and the cigarette is no need to be lit and is no fire risk.

Resealable vial with connector assembly having a membrane and pusher

InactiveUS6168037B1Prevent inadvertent withdrawalCapsClosure using stoppersElastomerBottle
A resealable vial featuring a connector assembly having a membrane and a pusher for selectively opening or sealing the fluid passageway between the bottle and the connector end of a luer hub. The connector assembly includes a body disposed on said bottle, and means for communicating fluid such as a luer connector hub which may be separately provided with the body or formed integrally therewith. The luer connector hub features a connector end open for access by medical delivery instrument, and an opposed end which is disposed for fluid communication with a recess defined by the body. The body defines a recess having a fluid path with the open top of the bottle. A membrane, preferably formed from an elastomeric material, is secured across both the recess and the open top of the bottle, and may be retained between the top surface of the bottle and the body. The membrane preferably includes a central area sealing the recess from the open top of the bottle, with one or more fluid openings defined on a portion of the membrane outside of the central area. A pusher is located in the recess. A force exerted on the pusher deflects the membrane towards the interior of the vial, urging the membrane and fluid openings away from the body to open the fluid path between the bottle and the recess. The pusher may be structured to include one or more fluid pathways so as to facilitate fluid flow through the recess. A sealing rib may be provided around the portion of the periphery of the recess to enhance sealing contact between the central area of the membrane and the recess.

Inventory control and prescription dispensing system

An inventory control and prescription management and dispensing system including a dispensing vault for storing and dispensing prescriptions, the dispensing vault in communication with a central computer system that, in turn, communicates with prescription providers, insurance companies, and other third parties; the dispensing vault including robotic means for randomly accessing pre-filled prescriptions within the vault, with the vault further including RFID, bar code, and other means for verifying the content and internal location of pre-filled prescriptions; a customer interface that uses customer biometrics to ID a customer to ensure that prescriptions are only dispensed to the correct person; a patient registration system in communication with the central computer system for collecting insurance, doctor, biometric, and other information to facilitate transactions; a labeling system for labeling pre-filled prescriptions with customer specific information upon dispensing; transport container that integrate into the dispensing vault and provide secure transportation from a pharmaceutical manufacturer or repackager to the dispensing vault, security provided through RFID tags which communicate with the central computer to verify that the transport container contains the correct formulary and that the integrity of the container (temperature range, time in transit, tampering) has not been compromised; a payment system integral to the dispensing vault that is in communication with third party banks and pharmacy billing management systems, credit agencies and the central computer; a verification system for ensuring that pre-filled bottles received from the manufacturer (before they are placed into the storage locations inside the vault) have not had their integrity compromised, with this system evaluating each container's weight, size, moisture content, shape, velocity change, color, pattern, and physical integrity (all comparisons made against standards stored in the central computer).
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